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TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 10): Low Skill and Fast Cars [Results!]


I originally had made up a coupe using the Polestar body that I was mildly okay with. Then, on a whim, I checked the thread for entries and noticed that all four had used the Polestar coupe as well. That first entry went into the Circular File and then this was attempt two. I present the 2015 Airman Shrike GT, shown here in Vitamin Orange.


2019 GMD SL200 SE S-Line
A Small little sports car with economical engine and decent 0-60 time

The Car Gallery



S-Line Package Include :

  • S-Line Special Rims
  • Top of The Line model Headlight and Taillights
  • Projector Fog Lamp
  • Small Spoiler
  • S-Line Badge
  • Sunroof and Black Roof
  • Top of The Line Rear Bumper
  • Better Safety
  • Adaptive suspension parts

All for Approx. $36,400 MSRP


DMC Pryme

Baseline model with 2.0L, inline 4, rear mounted.
0-60 - 4.7s
Top Speed - 155mph (limited)


The 2018 Armor StreetHawk 353 (it actually has a 352 cid V8, but 353 sounded cooler).


2015 Bogliq Bazooka Touring

Hey guys, where’s my tumeric? I left it near the paint mixer… Hey, this isn’t funny guys, where’s my medicinal tumeric you assholes!!! - Bogliq Paintshop circa 2015

Performance: “Fit for purpose”
Looks: “Like a Bogliq”
Seats: “two people and, maybe, one obnoxious TV presenter!”


2019 Mons Ikarus ST

Secretly, you all know the best hot hatches are RWD. We improved on the classic formula by equalizing the number of cylinders and seats. Yours for the cheap price of less than $10,000 per cylinder (or seat).


It has 8 seats!?!?


the Mauser 3 Liter, straight six, proper power and all the faux carbon fiber you don’t need.




2015 IP Celestia 2000 GS4
Our classic sports sedan, now reborn once again into its 11th generation.


The Hosher Interceptor

More Pictures


I suspect that, in the case of your car, Mauser is not the same company that manufactures weapons such as the 27mm cannon that’s fitted to the Eurofighter Typhoon. (Un)fortunate coincidence(?) aside, it looks strikingly menacing, especially in bright green with contrasting dark stripes.


We tried to fit 16 seats, but alas, even in a double-decker configuration, they just wouldn’t fit.


MAHG SIgma Break Prestige '20


Facelifted version from the 2012 model, this estate vehicule is equipped with a brand new 3.4 straight 6, producing 340+ hp!

Matted with a 7spd auto, this car can get to 60 in around 6sec even at 1.9tons!

This new version comes fitted with the latest safety equipement, hydraulic power steering, active aero and premium interior.

All this kit for 39 400$!



With around 20 hours left, here is a list of cars i have received.
If you are not on the list, please DM me


I dont have anything from


In collaboration with @Vena.Sera423

actually fuck file size limits while I kill myself working on the front


It’s on the way, don’t worry :slight_smile:


Get a Senner for your sinner.

BKOO Senner GT


Sorry Sky High and GetWrekt01 for borrowing the car's name, hopefully you ain't mad.


In collaboration with @66mazda

“The 2019 RCN Vaile 43S”