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TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 10): Low Skill and Fast Cars [Results!]


2016 Edelgard Wyvern GT

ngl I made this a while back and it just fits I spent all my time on csc instead


Helping Karens into Tight Spots since 2012!

Great visibility, smol footprint, automatic transmission and easy to get in and out of.
The mk3 Tina was designed to appeal to urban buyers as well as the old offroad crowd.
As they rarely go offroad (intentionally), 2wd (rwd) variants are also available. The 2.0 turbo provides reasonable fuel economy and adequate power to survive on the highway.

To our knowledge no unmodified Tina has ever rolled over, even in factory tests. No driver could be that bad. We dare you to prove us wrong on National Television!



Sorry, that’s just sexist…but…



Thanks for submitting. Results will be up soon


Davalos Ballista

In 2018, the Davalos Ballista was given an extensive facelift with new front and rear fascias and more sports-oriented suspension tuning.



TMCC10 Results!

“Hi there everybody. Welcome back. Today we will be searching for your hero car! For that our panel of expert will be judging each car”

“First we will have our ex-policeman look if your cars are even roadlegal and our psychotherapist Shyamala will then judge the design. After that our driving instructor Tim will take the cars for a spin and see how they drive in normal conditions. Lastly our high speed instructor will take a spin with the remaining cars to see how they hold together with hard driving. And if there is something left, I am allowed to pick the shiniest one, exciting!”

Round 1

:policeman:‍♂️:“Aight. This is something new, normally we judge the people driving, not the thing they are driving”
:woman_facepalming::“Yeah its whole new oppertunity to live through”

With that the first car, the Armor StreetHawk 353 (@GassTiresandOil) rolls into the studio.

:policeman:‍♂️:“First to come, first to stay i dont see anything wrong with this.”
:woman_facepalming::“Maybe. But the design is somewhere between ‘a good idea’ and ‘didn’t quite work’. And if we have to question ourself, it is a no from me.”

Next in line is the Mons Ikarus ST (@cake_ape)

:policeman:‍♂️:“Woah. Who parked their boy racer in here? Somehow this fits the limits.”
:woman_facepalming::“Buuuuut, like you said this car looks very boyracer. And that front is not flattering. Thats a no.”

With the Ikarus driving out, the GMD LS 200SE S-Line (@george_m997) rolls in.

:policeman:‍♂️:“There we go! But there is something. This uses a Dual Clutch gearbox. Real fancy stuff, but questionable for our task.”
:woman_facepalming::“I think thats clever, people should still be able to drive it at least in Auto mode. For the design, its sleek and modern, i would probally drive it myself”

With that the GMD gets parked on the studio parking lot for further testing.
The Bogliq Bazooka Touring (@HighOctaneLove) rolls in…

:policeman:‍♂️:“Arn’t these always blue? Well i can’t fail it for color choise”
:woman_facepalming::“But i can for design. It looks like something from 2005 and those wheels look mismatched. Overall a very… ‘smooth’ car, but not in the good way”

Next the DMC Pryme (@Jaimz) get drivin in.

:policeman:‍♂️:“A rear engined car, here? Can that be safe? Not a reason to fail it though”
:woman_facepalming::“When i saw the car coming in i was very pleased, but that rear end is a big no from me”

The DMC gets quickly replaced by the Mauser - 3 LITER (@OME)

:policeman:‍♂️:“Mhhhh. Weird. But thats not my category. From a paperwork point it looks good”
:woman_facepalming::“Somehow this screams identity crisis. Somewhere between Muscle car and Luxury Coupe. And that front… looks unfinished? I say no.”

Infront of the judges the Hosher Interceptor (@randomtuner) drives in.

:policeman:‍♂️:“Well this is a looker, but sadly this still has the issue of self destructing conrods. We cant have a car fail on itself here”
:woman_facepalming::“Thats a shame. Really liked this design”

The Hosher is slowly drivin out. The warehouse gets filled with ear bleeding engine noise. After the engine shuts down a Atlantan Toreador RT (@Reizei) sits infront of the judges

:policeman:‍♂️:“Jeeeez. Does this car have a tuner exhaust underneath it? Its extremly loud. We will wake the neighbours 1 mile away from here.”
:woman_facepalming::“I agree. We can’t have something this loud on the show. It would probally scare some of our drivers. Again shame. Standing there it looks very good. But again. I dont think we have the budget for extra audio techs.”

With the Toreador being loaded on a Flatbed, a Zephorus Warrior (@Sky-High) enters the hall.

:policeman:‍♂️:“3 nice cars in a row. And this one even came here in time! Everything checks out too”
:woman_facepalming::" Yep. I also got nothing to add. Great look, the other two will have their fun with this."

With the Zephorus being parked next to the GMD. The next contender rolls in, a Sigma Break Prestige '20 (@S31)

:policeman:‍♂️:“Thats diffrent. A wagon. A very modern one… so modern its a brand new car. That thing has probally still warranty, Not what we are looking for”
:woman_facepalming::" Sad. Could have been an interresting wildcard"

Next: The Airman Shrike GT (@nightwave)

:woman_facepalming::" hmmm. Is it okay?"
:woman_facepalming::“There was an idea.”

With nothing more to add, the car got replaced by the Knightwick exxc (@mart1n2005)

:policeman:‍♂️:“Nice and golden. Nothing wrong from my site”
:woman_facepalming::“Same here. Looks very expensive. Maybe the drivers will even be more careful with this one”

The Knightwick gets parked on the parking lot and in its place a BKOO Senner GT (@conan) stands

:policeman:‍♂️:"… I mean its not breaking any rules"
:woman_facepalming::“Its not really there. It has a lot of deadspace and everything just looks small.”

The Toyhatsu Tina mk3 2.0TSP-2 (@Ludvig) gets rolled in

:policeman:‍♂️:“This is diffrent. I don’t know how well a shot wheelbase, high center of gravity car will hold in any quicker situations… but it is legal on paper”
:woman_facepalming::“Also will be interesting to see how your driver will feel in this small box. But its cute enough to go through”

With that the Toyhatsu gets easily pushed on the parking lot.
A Davalos Ballista 8R Sport Fastback [A] [FL] (@titleguy1) stands infront of the judges.

:policeman:‍♂️:“Back to usual business. Check all out and looks apart”
:woman_facepalming::“Sleek and sporty. Perfect in every way”

The Ballista gets pushed on the parking lot next to the others.
Leaving a spot open in the hall for the RCN Vaile 43s 8AT (@Vena.Sera423 / @66mazda)

:policeman:‍♂️:“Again one of these smaller coupes. But its all okay”
:woman_facepalming::“It really give a ‘Please drive me’ aura from it. The other two judges will like this”

The RCN gets parked next to the test field and a Vector Contra V6 (@vouge) drives in

:policeman:‍♂️:“Green light from me”
:woman_facepalming::" A more toned down design. Thats not a bad thing. Our drivers dont need to most powerful version of a car"

The Contra gets parked next to the others and a Edelgard Wyvern GT (@Xepy) rolls in

:policeman:‍♂️:“Another car, another pass from me”
:woman_facepalming::" While there are 2 things which are a bit weird about this design, mainly the short headlights and very slanted rear. Its still a looker"

Another car lines up for the test track
And the IP Celestia 2000 GS4 (@Knugcab) drives in.

:woman_facepalming::" …"
:woman_facepalming::" Sure"

Round 2 Low Speed Driving

:red_car: " Well. I see i got quite the collection to work with. Where should we start"

:red_car: "Lets start with the GMD LS 200SE S-Line : Interior is nice and the car has some good safety features, which makes the car, probally because of its size, still a bit less safe than others. It also runs very lean for whatever reason. The Dual Clutch works, but is a bit weird for people who never used this. The real kicker is the reliablity. All this fancy tech has a toll, and this is it.

Then i drove the Zephorus Warrior one of the most expensive cars here. It did drove a bit easier, but thats probally because of the wider stance. But it comes with an worse interior and is only slighty more safe than the GMD. Is this better then the GMD? Not really. Is it worse? No really? A case for out stunt driver."

With that both the keys for the Zephorus and GMD land in a gasmean colored bowl.

"Next on my list was the Knightwick also one of the most expensive vehicles to buy here. But the high price didnt really show. Yes its nice to sit in than the Zephorus, but not really nicer to drive. Also its is as unreliable as the GMD, but the GMD is also almost 4000 bucks cheaper. So i dont think we will go further with this.

“Tooo the Toyhatsu Tina mk3 2.0TSP-2. It was… nice to drive. Like really nice. And its cheap. And every other point is at least midship. Sure, i dont know why this needs sport tyres, but yeah. Driving it around was nice and easy”

The key for the Toyhatsu gets placed in the bowl

"It time for the Davalos Ballista 8R Sport Fastback driving it was nice. Sure it wasnt as nice as others but it still drives nicely and its safe. Like best of class safe. Yes it uses a bit more fuel but nothing really extreme.
A very good baseline to test everybody else with. Maybe we should turn off the Launch Control though.

With a plink the Davalos key gets dropped into the bowl

“Then it was time to fold myself into the RCN Vaile 43s 8AT Again. A very nice drive. Compared to the GMD it is a more expensive, but better alternative. Compared to the Davalos its a bit more expensive to run.
Again this will something for Philippe.”

Another key gets dropped into the bowl

“Up next the Vector Contra V6 the biggest problem with the Vector is, that it likes to lose the rear, even on lower speeds. Its not a widowmake, but enough that the wrong person might juuuuust be able to turn this around somewhere unexpected. And therefore its out”

“Lastly the Edelgard Wyvern GT quite frankly and short. Its just not the best driving car here. And also the least safest. That alone is enough to not take it.”

Round 3 - High Speed Driving

:racing_car: “Well time for my part. I tested the cars in some for hectic and faster situation”

“Best way to test this batch was to compare two of each: We start with the GMD LS 200SE S-Line and RCN Vaile 43s 8AT, the smaller coupes here. Both of these are zappy and quick. But the RCN is much quicker of the line, and more important, to stop. Again the RCN is also just nicer to drive in general and the higher price tag is justified. Therefore the RCN is a contender for our Hero car”

“Also we have the two bigger coupes, the Davalos Ballista 8R Sport Fastback and the Zephorus Warrior. On the first runs there was only small diffrences but where the Warrior wins is exactly in these quicker sections. Only being 0.1 secs slower to 100km/h and while caaaaan be a slight problem, it stops even quicker with that. Thats why my choise is the Warrior.”

"And then there is that thing… the Toyhatsu Tina mk3 2.0TSP-2 the slowest car here, and also the unsafest here. The thing is already running on Sport tyres but can’t hold a candle to vehicles with ‘worse’ compounds. And also of cource the fast that thanks to the slim car with high cabin it likes to swing from side to side. You could probally roll this, if you try not so hard enough. But i wont try it, and the bad drivers shouldnt too.


Andrew:" How cool. I am now allowed to pick between the small mouse and the big elefant. I wonder what i should take…"


The winner is @Sky-High and the Zephorus Warrior, for having a balanced, quick car which doesnt compromises on cabin comfort and crashablity!

-1) @Sky-High
-2) @Vena.Sera423 / @66mazda
-3) @titleguy1
-4) @george_m997
-5) @vouge

And there it goes. The first challenge i activly had to put values into an excel. Hope people had fun. I gonna go do pictures for CSC now


Really didn’t expect high score, by putting the only cheap enough RWD modell in the lore to the test so no Hard feelings here… :joy:


haha, i guess i forgot to up the AFR a bit ( or it didn’t get saved and still runs on 14.1 ), it wasn’t supposed to be a N/A after all ( it’s a recycled engine ), though isn’t 13.7 high enough for N/A cars though?? or is it still too lean, still trying to find the ideal numbers here


says hi in 14.7 unless vena bakka also modified the afr
I also think 13.7 is a bit rich. I think at least 14 is more like it.


kay, thanks for the input, will try some new configuration for the next competitions engine


Thank you so much Mikon for hosting and congrats to Sky-High for winning! It was a really fun round!


A bit disappointed with the instabin

I thought a fast wagon could be a cool car!

But the coupé was the way to go!

Great job nonetheless!!


I hope you can read, unless there was an error in file


I know a coupé was a requirement, but I thought… Why not a fast wagon?


I think your issue was that you had 2020 model year, while max model year was 2019.
There were technically no body style requirements.


Oh sh** lmaoo

Thanks for hosting Mikon, I know you’re busy still but great job. I’m actually going to my first day of college today, so I’ll pass down to @Vena.Sera423 and @66mazda


I’ve been in contact with Vena. Initial impressions seem to suggest that we are picking between two topics.
Thanks for a good comp Mikon P7 | Designer at Silver York




We’ll see if we’ll be able to come out with something later on today. Hopefully we’ll come up with something interesting for you guys. image


One of the topics have been confirmed.
here is a hint for you guys. Pictures from evo magazine. We’re trying to make it friendly for csr126 and atfc participants

Basic outlines have been finished. A new post will be up by this week


Expect a post by next Monday (September 28, 2020).