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TV & Movie Car Challenge Round 11 (TMCC11): For the Spirited Driver in All of Us [Submission period closed]


1988 Hinode Tempest
Horsepower, horsepower, horsepower. Is that all that these “sports” sedans have to offer? Not always.
Introducing the 1988 Hinode Tempest GT, a real sports sedan. Its 215hp engine may not sound much to the average bloated, “powerful” sports sedan, but one should remember that that power is coming from a 2.0l turbocharged straight-six, and that the Tempest GT weighs only 1153kg (with 5-speed manual transmission, 4-speed automatic available)

Sure it may be light. But that’s because the Tempest GT has basically no amenities, right? Not really.
While it is true that the Tempest LX (Luxury model) has a better stereo system, the Tempest GT retains the premium seats and trim that traditional Tempest buyers know and love to ensure that you, the driver, can drive in comfort, along with three other passengers. The standard Tempest stereo system is the standard for premium stereo systems, anyway.

Pictures: interior of the Tempest GT (yes it is a mirrored RHD car interior)

So how does it handle? Unsurprisingly, very well. Definitely better than any sports yacht out in the market.
The Tempest GT is equipped with the latest of the latest from the land of the rising sun. The GT, as with all Tempests, features independent double wishbones with gas shocks on every axle. In addition, the Tempest also features mechanical LSD and ABS, both of which will significantly improve the driving experience of the Tempest. The GT also comes with 15 inch alloys and Kamurocho Sport 205s for better grip, taking the car from 0-60mph in just 5.8 seconds (5-speed manual model).

As time goes on and manufacturers continue to create bulky, psuedo-sports cars, the true meaning of the word “sports car” will inevitably start to wane away. The Hinode Tempest GT is a testament to a real sports, and it is going to be the beacon of hope for true sports sedans. It’s also gonna stand toe-to-toe with an M5.

The Hinode Tempest GT. Yours for $33700.

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More pics

It's 1988, and the Kurskian Blizzard will sweep through the nation.

Your eyes do not deceive you. This, is a rear-engine, rear wheel drive, flat 6, sports car. And unlike the competition, Kurskian designed, built, and drove the Blizzard. It is refined, as one would take sweat and blood to make their passion a reality. Kurskian make cars for more than the pavement; we make cars that speed on all roads, come gravel, ice, dirt or asphalt.

And in the two years since the release of the Blizzard, the Kurskian Motorgoup have continued to hone this sports car for the consumer. Now, in 1988, there will be speed, there will be comfort, and the Blizzard will not simply roll over and succumb to the whims of journalists. No man should be unable to drive a car, through rain, shine, and snow, to the office and complain. Take the reigns, and control the Blizzard.

The Kurskian Blizzard Sport. Starting at $29,200, with 209hp and a top speed of 157 mph. Come test drive today!

The Kurskian Motorgroup



Less than 3 hours left…


1988 Seikatsu Prince 3.0GT Turbo-F

More Information

New for the 1988 model year, Seikatsu's "PRINCE" midsize sedan debuts a brand new profile that's low-slung, sleeker, wider, and smoother than all generations before it, reflecting its almost bipolar nature that can seamlessly blend sport and luxury into a stable, refined package.

The same twin-cam turbocharged inline 6 found in the GR sports car and Regalia luxury sedan can be equipped in the Prince. With multi port fuel injection and a ball-bearing system, response time and power is massively increased. 280hp to all four wheels rests right under your feet, harnessed through either a four-speed automatic with overdrive or a five-speed manual transmission. The sprint to 100kmh is under six seconds, and with a top speed of 250kmh it'll keep up with even dedicated sports cars. Adaptive magnetic suspension can change handling characteristics on the fly. For a perfect combination of premium and performance, the Prince is the only choice.

The Prince is lavishly equipped with luxury amenities as it is with technological marvels. Oscillating AC vents evenly distribute cooled or heated air around the cabin. A voice-activated system responds to your commands and can send or receive calls, manipulate sound system controls, and lock or unlock the doors, to name a few. Power windows, seats, and sunroof come standard for your convenience.

More Pictures

A Look Inside


No new entries will be accepted from this point on
However existing entries will be given the opportunity to correct any potential rule violations.

EDIT: Because I was an idiot and did not put my deadline on a Friday, I will do the rules auditing on Friday evening.
Actual judging will be delayed until after 11/20/2020


I see that quite a few of you put TMC or TVMCC instead of TMCC
I will let that slide


I’ll be sticking to stable for this


As promised here is your paper made for tOSU COMPSTD 2341

paper thoughts finally get trolled COMPSTD 2341 technology biography.zip (2.6 MB)

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what is this?


lol were we supposed to write something for this challenge? I’m not sure that has anything to do with this…


That file is an essay Mazda had to write for school about how consumers perceive automobiles, and he’s going to judge our entries based off what he discussed in it. IIRC he was even going to mention some of our entries in it. So it’s tangentially related.


I tried to do that, and failed terribly, as it wouldn’t meet the regulations. But the concepts I used were applied to the paper.