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TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 2) - Operation Incredible


I’m getting some Aussie vibes from this


It kinda looks like an MG, more specifically, the MG XPower SV.


Launching the newly facelifted Marossa Espada, now in a new trim: SP, for Sport Performance.



You are right. The front end is closer to that of an MG ZT, though, and hardly any part of it resembles an AU Falcon XR8.


Introducing the new, facelifted 1999 Nikara Kazuki RS.

312hp of Japanese yellow MR sportiness.

Get yours today from just $29,300.

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Ah shit if you’re entering with this, I better fix the styling of mine


That thing better have back-up cameras, lol


In 1999, it was impossible to find this technology on any road car on sale - it wasn’t until 2002 that you could get such a device regardless of region, and even then, only on certain Nissan models. That said, the JDM Toyota Soarer (specifically, the UZZ31/UZZ32) did offer this technology, but only until 1997.


I can back this up. We got JDM Soarers directly imported from Japan. I was astonished to see some of the Soarers, which were completely unmodded and had no parts added or swapped, had proper back-up cameras with a large enough screen.


Vector XSL 37TT

384 horsepower Twin Turbo V6 powered track-spec car turned road-spec. What else can be cooler than a track spec car, with an all glass roof (of course underneath it isn’t all glass) and the sweet sound of turbo whistle blowing, to all the teens watching your show?



I appreciate the info, but I was aluring to the fact that car lacks a rear window entirely, so it’s got a worryingly big blind spot.


Functional rear windows are for peasant vehicles.


Try to look out of the rear window on nearly all supercars.
There is only rules/laws for outer mirrors, not any inner.

And how many delivery vans have you seen with a rear window at all?


Final reminder: The deadline is in just under 3 hours.

If you have already posted an ad for your entry, please submit the corresponding .car file to me via PM before then.

Edit: The deadline has now passed, which means…

Submissions are closed.

Reviews and results for this round will be posted in 72 hours or less.


MCC2 - Preliminary Reviews

Before I start, I have to announce that the following entries have been disqualified for the following reasons:

@Rise_Comics - Innovation 909: Drivetrain was AWD instead of RWD as required by the rules.
@Kyuu77 - KGB Prodigar X: .car file was not submitted even though an ad was posted.
@Fletchyboy100 - Brantan Forge: Original car did not meet regulations due to insufficient body drag. Although a chance was given to resubmit with a different body, the new .car file (with a replacement body) was not submitted.

The Verdicts

Although Mark had only received nine cars by the end of that warm March afternoon, he was still very satisfied with the test drives for the cars he had been provided with. That evening, he presented his findings to Mike and Francis for analysis. Here is what he had to say for each car:

@nicholasrams774 - FM Phegeus GCI

“It looks too much like the GEC - in other words, discreet to the point of blandness - and in addition to being under-braked, is hamstrung by an electronic speed limiter set at a pitiful 130 mph. Overall, not what Danny and Jessie are looking for.”

The FM Phegeus GCI is no longer under consideration.

@conan - URABUS 70ATB

“This is more like it - elegance enhanced by sporty aggression, and with ample power to boot. It may in fact be overkill, as evidenced by strong wheelspin off the line, but very little can stop it when it gets going.”

The URABUS 70ATB remains under consideration.

@Hilbert - Kiran Jinosu

“A bit on the small side, but otherwise looks OK. However, being rear-engined, it’s more challenging to drive than it should be, especially with its stiff spring rate. What really kills it, though, is its extremely long gearing and open diff; as such, it struggled to perform some of the more demanding stunt sequences. All things considered, not the right kind of car for the lead role.”

The Kiran Jinosu is no longer under consideration.

@DoctorNarfy - Shromet Dragon Spyder

“Oh great, another one of those boulevardiers. At least this one’s a convertible, but it understeers considerably (a deal-breaker when attempting some stunts), primarily because it weighs a lot more than we liked. It looks better than the Phegeus, though, but not by much. Overall, it’s still not what we’re looking for.”

The Shromet Dragon Spyder is no longer under consideration.

@Arn38fr - Decarlis Adriatique

“Another small sports coupe, but this one looks much better than the Kiran - or anything we’ve had so far, for that matter. A bit under-braked, but otherwise a strong performer despite having only a naturally aspirated V6 engine for propulsion - I think it’s because it’s so light that it doesn’t need a bucketload of power to stand out.”

The Decarlis Adriatique remains under consideration.

@mart1n2005 - Abingdon SVR 450

“Two words: Boy racer. That’s what I thought when I first saw it. Sure, it has the performance to back up its steroidal appearance, but Danny’s no boy racer; he wouldn’t want to be seen dead in this thing.”

The Abingdon SVR 450 is no longer under consideration.

@V4guy - Marossa Espada SP

“Yet another small sports coupe, but this one’s front-engined, rear-drive. However, it’s not as fast as the Decarlis, and although a pretty car in its own right, doesn’t quite look as good either. Overall, it’s the automotive equivalent of a little boy trying to do a big man’s job, and it doesn’t quite pull it off.”

The Marossa Espada SP is no longer under consideration.

@TheTechnoVampire - Nikara Kazuki RS

“Another small, yellow, mid-engined coupe? Actually this one looks decent enough, but it’s not very comfortable at all - blame that on the wonky suspension tune. That aside, the severe turbo lag (inevitable with a turbo flat-four) and absence of a rear window make it less practical for stunts than I’d hoped. Overall, a case of beauty being little more than skin deep, and inferior to the Adriatique.”

The Nikara Kazuki RS is no longer under consideration.

@GetWrekt01 - Vector XSL 37TT

“At last, a proper mid-engined supercar, and one that looks the part. It may only have a V6 under its rear deck, but those twin turbos give it more than enough thrust to keep up with the bad guys - and it handles well to boot. As icing on the cake, it’s comfortable enough for daily use. I think they’ve saved the best for last, and it shows.”

The Vector XSL 37TT remains under consideration.


The top three contenders were parked in a hangar at the southern edge of the backlot, while all the other cars were slowly taken away. Mike and Francis already knew that they could potentially have a tough time choosing a winner, but they also had another problem: What would happen to the entries that weren’t chosen? That evening, they began discussing their fate.

Mike: “There were quite a few cars that didn’t make the cut. What on earth are we going to do with them?”

Francis: “I have an excellent idea. The Abingdon, with its pumped-up looks, would be great for the henchmen.”

Mike: “I can agree on that, but what about the others?”

Francis: “Maybe they could all be used as background objects… to be blown up in the gunfight just before the chase.”

Mike: “If that forces Danny and Jessie to run towards the car that we will eventually pick as our winner, that’s fine by me. In the meantime, we’ve got three cars to examine further - the Urabus, the Decarlis and the Vector.”

To be concluded…


After discussing with peeps in the Discord, I knew the suspension would be my downfall. However, I had already submitted by that time and therefore couldn’t resubmit it with the changes. Fortunately, I did see reason and alter the tune for when I inevitably sort out a lore thread for my company

And yeah. Until the forced induction revamp comes, allowing for single turbos on boxer 4s, turbo lag is definitely going to be a problem.

Overall, a fair critique of it. I wish good luck to those who made it through.


I can’t really argue here, my car is clearly standing out quite a bit compared to the others


I understand exactly why a flat-four does not lend itself well to turbocharging as of now:


Of course it does, but not for the right reasons as far as the film’s lead role is concerned. Danny’s a classy kind of guy, and the boy-racer aesthetic you opted for is at odds with that. But at least it looks intimidating, which is exactly what the henchmen want - hence the fact that it was picked for that supporting role.


@TheTechnoVampire I gotta tell you if it weren’t for your car, my car was both looking and performing a lot worse than it is now :stuck_out_tongue: So, thank you lol

PS: @abg7 thanks for the positive and well written review, man. I genuinely appreciate it. Glad that I’ve come a long way with styling since my entry to your AGC1 :smiley:


Dang! I don’t know what I was thinking when I set the top speed, anyways, congrats to those who made it.