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TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 4): Comet-Trails, Finished


Hydropneumatic suspensions are very complex, using hydraulic fluid in lieu of actual springs, which are all electronically controlled. They’re notoriously complex and often unreliable, and are usually found only in cost-no-issue applications like ultra-luxury cars, or treaded military applications, the latter of which is still uncommon.

If the electronics controlling the Hydropneumatic suspension fail, or the system is physically damaged or for any other reason the system loses pressure, the suspension collapses. Look for pictures of old Citroën’s in disrepair; since their suspensions have lost pressure, they sink to the ground like a low rider. Not good for lengthy expeditions in the Aussie brush, especially considering, unlike physical springs, unless you carried a ton of extremely specialized tools, there’s basically no fixing a broken hydropneumatic suspension if it breaks on trail.


Oh my! This is my first time going into round 2 of any competition in a long time!


Thanks for explaining this to me. I got confused however because the service costs for the vehicle is relatively low, so I’m guessing now that automation’s service costs doesn’t factor in suspension setups.

But from what you’re saying about it being impossible to fix on a trail, is that what @That-S-cop referred to as being intended for on-road use, because of the fact that the setup is unreliable off-road and prone to breaking even though in theory “good” for off-roading?


I suspect what’s meant by the on-road comment would be that with a hydropneumatic suspension, it’s probably intended to be a luxury SUV, so, regardless of its actual capability, it won’t often be used off road because the typical buyer of one has no need or desire to, and would be tuned for road manners accordingly.


As suspected.

Thanks man.


Actually that’s most Modern SUVs, LC200s seen all sorts of places, but not all are off-roaded, all used as family vehicles.


fuck every single challenge, im mad now.
0/10 will never try challenges again


With some… time constraint issues… present…

  • Just show the results and Build the Comet-Bars Later
  • Allow for Comet Bars to be Built and have Results in a day’s time.

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It’s really not that serious man. Chill.


Well, thanks for helping me make my Decision…
I both do and don’t know what I’m doing

TV & Movie Car Challenge 4: Comet-Trails Final
These took so much of my Sparetime to build
Looks, fit and finish, also comparason.

Gareth and the team at the Comet-Tourers and Vehicle Conversion start looking at the Shortlist and start picking up the Chosen 4 at their Dealers. The Knightwick at the City Prestige Dealership, the GEC at the American Import specialist, the Tanaka at the well-staffed Tanaka dealer Ship and the Suisei at the Marksman-Suisei Dealership that the team always go to get the Marksman Tomahawk for the Comet-Tourer builds, and an extra one at the American Import specialist

Marksman-Suisei referring to

this disaster of a showing CSR114 - A Vision of Luxury

Special Mention

Boulder Bison Sport 4XR Package @donutsnail

It looked good, it deserved some form of Comet-Bar… so the team hooked it up with a Hoopless Workman Bar.
it works well… it’s Gareth’s Weekend punter

and to the finalists.

In 4th…
GEC GX8 5.6 4x4 @abg7

While engineering is good… lacked… the spice… really it was a mix-up between this and the 3rd place of whether Comet-Bar wanted looks, or grunt… and frankly, Having the lowest Fuel economy out of the finalists at the highest price point, wasn’t cutting it nice. But… being a Premium truck, that came in black, so the Regular Comet-Bar Black Steel wasn’t going to look nice, We gave it a Chrome Stockman-Bar and gave it away in a Raffle.

In 3rd
Knightwick Savannah V6 @mart1n2005

Good Fuel eco and Dashing Chivalry looks, the Air Ride and typical British reliability was what bought it down. Mind you, Stephanie in administration wanted this one to show up every other mum named Karen at the Prestige Boys School but still come along for the Comet-Trails expeditions, so yeah… we got a Stockman Bar on it, with the Soft Bumper add ons, because precious little children. Also… Mart1n, your Front Facia was a nightmare to work around with your secondary lights ya know…

In a very ever so close 2nd Place
Tanaka Biome 1500 4.0 G @Aaron.W

Good Truck… good bold looks, peaky engine… and only better seats than the Yama Yosan from stock… at like… an extra 10k, not even an entertainment upgrade. Mind you, it’s got a Stockman Bar, and it’s ready to be the 3rd Vehicle in the Comet-Trails expedition. it was way easier to build a bar for this one I tell ya

And Finally 1st Place.
Suisei AC Yama Yosan Chassis-Cab Flat-bed Upfit @Falling_Comet

Fleet Truck, Bolsterous Looking Truck, low price with just enough of what you need, Loads of money to leave to mods, you don’t expect Luxuries, you expect Workhorse, however this thing is only slighty less equipped than the Tanaka at a way workable cheaper price. And being a fleet truck means you have enough budget to see what happens when you strap a 'uge Turbo and retune the ECU. We got the guys at BDE to get a Turbo Tune on this thing, and we have a Signature-Bar on this Vehicle, and after a trip through the Simpson, The Comet-Bar Suisei AC Yama Yosan Comet-Tourer [Yama Yosan Comet-Tourer] will be finalised for sale alongside the Comet-Bar Marksman Tomahawk Comet-Tourer [Tomahawk Comet-Tourer].

Also… gee… way to use my Technique in my Challenge

@Falling_Comet wins TMCC4: Comet-Trails

Wait, Comet won Comet... this seems rigged... but it wasn't I swear

Final Leader board for Reference to pass if we even need to get pass abg for any reason
@sausageyeeter look… you didn’t fuck up as badly as you think you did
@WALL be very ashamed



One more… Poll

  • Open up a Thread for Comet-Bar Off-road Accessories and register in Car-Company Directory, if even possible
  • Open up a Thread for Comet-Bar Off-road Accessories and don’t register because they don’t make Vehicles… But the RiftVhaun does exist…
  • Don’t open up a Thread for Comet-Bar Off-road Accessories

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I’ll take that along with a fourth-placed finish - although its price (both to buy and run) ultimately let the side down, it was otherwise well-engineered and had plenty of kit to justify its price.

And many congratulations to you for hosting one of the best rounds of TMCC we’ve ever had so far, and Falling_Comet for winning! Just to remind you, if all of the top three entrants pass, I will have a chance to host the next round.


Wait, I can host the next one. Just need to see if @Falling_Comet can do it first…


Indeed ill be passing it onto @Aaron.W,


Just a different approach…
do tell you liked most


TMCC5 is open!