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TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 5): The Transporter, Final Mission


Dear participants,
My laptop is currently being fixed. It has a problem with the battery. So unfortunately, I cannot give the binning today. I will tell you guys when I have my laptop back.


So apparently my laptop is actually broken and cannot be saved. So I guess I cannot host anymore. I’ll hand over tmcc5 to the 3rd winner of tmcc4.


Ya up.


(Unless someone apparently wants another S-cop round…)
S-cop don’t get your hopes up…


I guess I could try and do cars again…

Unless you have an idea you want to do?



It’s probably really bad, but hear me out…

@Aaron.W can probably get the links to the cars for this TMCC and give them to someone else to judge.
Realistically someone who was a Runner up in TMCC4: Comet-Trails and hasn’t entered TMCC5: The Transporter

Someone like abg… or FallingComet. Besides, the issue occurred after the deadline, and after a substantial amount of cars Engineered, Designed, and Entered with some effort.

Just tossing an idea… It’s probably really bad


I could judge on the current rules with those cars and obviously ignore my car since I’m next. But abg was the person after me and like you say didn’t enter so that’s not a terrible idea.


Given the fact that I did not enter this particular round, I will happily take over judging duties if no other user is willing to do so.

Update: It has been confirmed that I will now judge the entries for this round. Please wait while the situation unfolds.

Update #2: I have received and downloaded a car each from all 9 entrants for this round. Reviews and results will be out in 24-48 hours from now.


So it’s confirmed that @abg7 will be in charge of the judging of this round. I’ll PM you the submissions hopefully by tomorrow. Cheers…


TV & Movie Car Challenge Round 5 - Judging

Note: @Kyuu77 and @nicholasrams774 showed ads for their entry on this thread, but they won’t be considered due to their failure to submit the corresponding .car files before the deadline. They didn’t look good enough for John’s tastes anyway, so they would have been binned regardless.

After a hard day of testing, John and Travis took one at the nine cars that they had just driven for the purposes of determining which one would be used by the main character in the latest installment of The Transporter, dubbed Final Mission. Their verdicts were as follows:

Part 1: The Wall of Shame

Each of the vehicles in this section violated at least one of the eligibility criteria.

@Kursk - Ghiacco Coltonna

This car was the wrong body style (specifically, it was an estate when the rules stated that it had to be a saloon). Ignoring that fact, Travis would’ve been massively disappointed by the driving experience; its regular electric steering and hydropneumatic suspension would have severely torpedoed its chances. Eventually, he proposed that it would be used solely as a static background prop - to be destroyed by gunfire in the final chase.

@variationofvariables - Quezon Laguna 5.0 Rizal

This car has only 605 litres of cargo space, just short of the required minimum of 620 litres, and costs $116,000 - 500 more than the maximum allowed budget. To make matters worse, it’s more difficult to drive than the Beta, especially with its severe propensity to oversteer, and drinks even more fuel. It isn’t very safe, either. Unsurprisingly, Travis decided that he would want to get rid of the Quezon as soon as possible - by having the main character use it for target practice with various small arms, and later blow it to bits with a bazooka.

@FitRS - Lagora BiTurbo

No photo of the submitted car was provided in the ad, so I had to take one myself.

This user sent in a completely different entry from what was shown in the ad. John was shocked to discover that instead of a futuristic concept car-esque wedge, all he got was a relatively bland, big, black three-box saloon - and had to immediately reject it for having too little cargo space. Ignoring those obvious negatives, the Lagora wasn’t sporty enough for Travis’ tastes either - so John decided that it would also be destroyed during the target practice scene along with the Quezon.

Part 2: The Final Reckoning

With a few cars out of contention due to technical violations, the following vehicles were now the only ones still being considered. This made John even more anxious: How on earth was he going to get a car now? Fortunately, the solution to his problem would not be far away.

@mgobla - Beta Julia Quattroporte

John: It looks like an extended new Giulia superficially, but the nose is quite plain and the tail is too sporty for a flagship luxury car. It is quite comfortable, though, and immensely safe thanks to its all-carbon structure. However, its naturally aspirated V10 is quite thirsty and would be better suited to an actual supercar.

Travis: It’s trickier to drive than most of the other cars in the final five; on the other hand, it’s fun and agile on the limit. It’s definitely quick off the mark as well. And as you have just told me, it’s as comfortable as I hoped it would be. It’s a shame that it didn’t look enough like a real luxury car should, though. In short: A supercar trapped in the shell of a supersaloon. All heart, no head.

The Beta Julia Quattroporte leans much too far toward the sporty side for John’s taste, but at least Travis loved driving it. As such, it will not be featured in the movie at all.

@nialloftara - Centauri Brougham Highline GTZ

No photo of the submitted car was provided in the ad, so I had to take one myself.

John: It’s ugly, quite frankly. A truck nose doesn’t belong on a luxury saloon, especially when all the proportions are so wrong.

Travis: Overall, not that good to drive either. Even if it were, those questionable aesthetics, as you just mentioned, would have killed its chances of inclusion stone dead straight away.

The Centaur Brougham Highline GTZ will not be featured in the movie at all, either: its looks put off both John and Travis immediately. Such was their revulsion that they decided to send it straight to the nearest scrapyard, where it was broken up and parted out.

@mart1n2005 - Knightwick Solace Royal

John: It looks stunning - just like a modern luxury car should be; a fusion of Ghost and Flying Spur from some angles. It’s also very safe and comfortable, with decent economy, and has the most boot space of the top four cars here…

Travis: …but why settle for something safe and comfortable when you can get something sportier at this price point? It may get to 60 from rest in just 5 seconds flat, but the speed limiter (set at 155 mph) is a killjoy and should be omitted altogether. Also, the suspension tune is just too soft and understeery for my liking. In short, this is a pure luxury car, but not a sporty one at all - it’s all head and no heart.

The Knightwick Solace Royal will not be used by the main character; however, it will be featured in a short scene in which a supporting character will drive it, with the main protagonists inside, to a hideout where they will receive details for the titular Final Mission.

@That-S-cop - Marksman-Garrison Broadsword

John: Not quite as stylish as the Solace, but not too bad either. Comfort and safety levels for this one are just what you’d expect for this kind of car, and it returns decent economy too. However, it has barely enough cargo capacity for the role we have in mind.

Travis: It matched the Solace for drivability and was more fun to drive, but in that regard, there are still better choices out there among the top five. 5.8 seconds from 0 to 60 mph is almost too slow for our main character. Let’s move on to the next car, shall we?

The Marksman-Garrison Broadsword will not be used by the main character, but it will instead be driven by the main villain’s henchmen, to be picked off one by one in a hail of gunfire during the final chase.

@donutsnail - Turból Loncil TTR

John: This is an imposing-looking beast, with good stats across the board, although it’s the least reliable of the top four. Surely it has to be the winner, right?

Travis: What can I say? It’s quite fun to drive, and friendly at the limit. It’s not as comfortable as the remaining cars here, though, which is a pity, and in a luxury car, that’s a deal-breaker. For that reason, despite looking like a winner at first glance, I’m afraid it has to settle for second.

The Turból Loncil TTR just barely misses out on the top spot, but will be used by the main villain of the movie in multiple scenes, including the final chase sequence, where it ends up being destroyed in a huge rollover crash.

@Arn38fr - Lacam D80 S

John: After finding fault with nearly everything else in this gathering of big saloons, surely this one definitely has to be our winner, right? It’s sleek and understated, especially in solid dark grey - just the ticket for the main characters. While it’s not as safe or comfortable as the Solace or Broadsword, it matches them both for economy, and exceeds our minimum cargo volume requirement. It’s also more reliable than the Loncil as well.

Travis: Out of the top three cars, this was among the most fun to drive, second only to the Loncil. 5.5 seconds from 0 to 60 may not seem like much of an improvement on the Broadsword, but it’s still fast enough for our main character, and easier to drive as well. It’s also remarkably agile considering its size and weight, and more comfortable than its subdued styling suggests. In short, it may not look as flashy as the Solace or Loncil, but it has most of the advantages of both, and few of the drawbacks of either. So, as you just told me, is this really going to be our winner, then?

John: Definitely.

The Lacam D80 S will be chosen for use by the main protagonists, and will feature more prominently throughout the movie than any other car deemed worthy of inclusion, especially in the climactic final chase scene.


The Transporter: Final Mission premiered on September 30th, 2020 to rave reviews, earning hundreds of millions in box-office returns in its first week alone. Much of the praise was directed at the chase scenes and gunfights, which left viewers breathless and on the edge of their seats. With the Lacam D80 S being featured on posters and getting lots of screen time, it was no surprise that sales of the model increased significantly in the wake of the movie’s theatrical release. As such, Final Mission ensured that the franchise would go out with a bang instead of a whimper, leaving John and Travis chuffed about their experience, to say the least.

Congratulations to @Arn38fr for winning this round!

2nd: @donutsnail
3rd: @That-S-cop
4th: @mart1n2005

Many thanks to @Aaron.W for creating the original premise for this round, and allowing me to take over as host when he sadly could not continue… And thanks to all the participants who submitted their entries!


the rules clearly stated RWD

The rules clearly stated only no FWD… there are many AWDs in the examples…


Oops, my bad. I moved the AWD cars (of which there were exactly two) off the instabin list after realizing my mistake.

The reason for my earlier faux pas is that I mistakenly thought AWD and FWD were both banned, but as it turned out, only FWD was prohibited, while AWD was allowed - so I corrected my error in due course.


Thank you for taking the time to judge these cars. No thought that this thread will be abandoned but no. The community is so helpful. I’m so grateful for it.


:rofl::rofl: I sent the wrong car by accident and didn’t even realize… :man_facepalming:t4:

Btw thanks for taking up the judging of this competition. Congrats to the winner too.


Alright, in my defense, I was trying for a shooting brake, but there wasn’t any good bodies for it.

Honestly, didn’t expect much outta this one.


That is the 2nd time the Broadsword has returned as an enemy car.
Anyways, congrats @Arn38fr


This is a big surprise. I wasn’t expecting it to win. I take a few days to think about the next round. I’ll be back as soon as possible.