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TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 6) : Courtney private detective


It might depend on which fixture you choose. I had to resize mine slightly larger in order for it to look right. Since we can’t really measure size in the game it’ll come down to whether or not it looks correct enough I guess. Just remember that single headlights are larger than dual headlights… and look at some real life inspiration to try and get the size right. Just my take on it.


More on the Headlight questions. may a bit too Premium


Though regular will probably make it less conspicuous


In order to help you control the size of your headlights, you can use this chekerboard.

As you can on this picture below, it measures approximately 8 inches, that is to say around 20 cm.

However, I will be tolerant on this point.


I will take the age of the car into account when comparing prices.


With what methodology?
Older is cheaper? Newer is cheaper?
This is apparently a round set in the current using older cars… so I would presume the Later and more Prestigious cars will hold more value, with what appears to be current mint or near mint conditions.


The wet finger? :wink:

I am thinking about it.


Do tell when you have finalised thinking.


I made a decision : the price is no longer a judgement criteria but a requirement. The Automation approximative cost can’t exceed $ 20,000. It is a hard limit whatever the model year is.


Prepare to get some very spartan or very very slow and crudely engineered cars


$20,000 is very low…
And I could image Courtney being in a Mid-top Spec Mustang or LTD… which would be about 35,000-45,000.


$35,000-45,000 for 1973-1982? Are you taking the piss? This round ask for Peugeot 403 and 505, not a bloody Rolls Royce.

My car has Galvanised chassis, DW/STA suspension. It’s overhead cam and fuel injected V6. The 0-60mph is sub 10 seconds which while not the fastest will pretty much outrun nearly all of the example cars. It has 4 wheel disc brakes, good tyres, decent interior, standard safety and a few quality points. In fact, it might be even a little bit too fancy.

All of this comes out at $18,200. If I wish to put a V8 and give my car Mustang 302 level of acceleration I can also do it within $20,000. Easily. Hell, if I make it shit exactly like a Mustang? Remove all the good stuff from it? It can be a hella cheaper than $18,000.

Have a go at it first. Because I think you guys have not.


Keep in mind the inspiration cars included an American Ford Escort and a Dodge Omni. Cars not even in the same caliber of Charlie’s Angels and their Mustang II (though I’m sure you could duplicate even that within the price limit). I’m not sure how you spend so much money on a realistic car. Mine is almost done already and I’m just cracking $16,000.


And of course I keep forgetting the slight price difference between US and Aussie dollar
Okay… maybe 20,000 or 25,000…


Don’t forget to design a realistic style and technology for a popular car. $20,000 are more than enough.

Consult this website to help you : automobile-catalog.com .


Stuck in between the '70s and the '80s, it’s the 1980 Armor Fennec.


yeah Yuro has returned

Yuro A3000 T-top



1980 Kurskian Cassowary

Power. Style. Price.



1974 Centauri Raider 350 sport coupe


77’ Alba 170K (Not turbo)



1976 Marksman TC [2nd Facelift] Sabre USDM

While the Quezon Laguna is not here… [Because Yuro] here’s it’s distinctly Aussie Rival, in Mid spec trim, in Coupe.

Even has a cool visor…