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TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 6) : Courtney private detective


And of course I keep forgetting the slight price difference between US and Aussie dollar
Okay… maybe 20,000 or 25,000…


Don’t forget to design a realistic style and technology for a popular car. $20,000 are more than enough.

Consult this website to help you : automobile-catalog.com .


Stuck in between the '70s and the '80s, it’s the 1980 Armor Fennec.


yeah Yuro has returned

Yuro A3000 T-top



1980 Kurskian Cassowary

Power. Style. Price.



1974 Centauri Raider 350 sport coupe


77’ Alba 170K (Not turbo)



1976 Marksman TC [2nd Facelift] Sabre USDM

While the Quezon Laguna is not here… [Because Yuro] here’s it’s distinctly Aussie Rival, in Mid spec trim, in Coupe.

Even has a cool visor…


Introducing the new-for-1982 Silverhare Chupacabra Turbo.

Fitting in among the full pony car line of the base Chupacabra, the luxurious Chupacabra LE, and muscular Chupacabra 357 Magnum, the Turbo pursues those otherwise considering a car from Europe or Japan.

It features a comfortable interior, sport tuned suspension, optional 4 speed automatic transmission, and naturally, a turbocharged 3 liter engine producing 155 hp and 200 ft/lbs of torque.


3 hours left, right?


About 9 hours left based on the countdown link.


If someone wants to participate and need one or two more days, please let me know!


If you could add a couple of days that would be great.


OK, I’ll close this challenge on wednesday April 8th 2020 at midnight (yours). Please enjoy… at home!






The all new Legion Gull. The new flagship of the affordable Legion lineup. This coupe was jointly developed by Turból Corporation partners in Europe, Japan, and right here in the USA. It features modern, crisp styling, fully independent suspension, front wheel drive, and electronic fuel injection. A fuel efficient, OHC 4 cylinder engine is standard; a more powerful 6 cylinder will be available soon. Commemorating the launch of the all new Gull is the Gold Edition, featuring a premium velour interior, moonroof, and gold styling accents inside and out.


The 1973 Knightwick Bravo V8


1982 Hitomi 280X

Here is a clearer photo


Bardot 200T

If you are into big panel gaps, turbo lag and big stickers… Go home and pick 20.000$
If you haven´t noticed it, it features a new TURBO engine, cracking up to 150 horsepower while still keeping your pockets safe from gas consumption.


Today is the last day until your midnight!


Guess Who's Back?

The Anhultz Dione

*credit to Private_Miros

i nicked the pic off of another thread due to time constraints…
car may not depict current design and/ or trim level choice