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TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 7): 777 [Results!]


Sturgeon Galactica GT (Foreground) and Galactica Turbo EXP Prototype (Background)
Definately not a Pontiac Ventura.


The original Earl Eagle of 1960 offered American style and value in a compact package. Then, in 1970, with the midsize Earl Jupiter squeezing it from above, the Eagle was reinvented again as a car with the space of a compact in a subcompact wheelbase - real, 5 passenger space unlike the competition. But it was engineered to a price - $1,999 for the base model coupe.

The new Eagle was a sales, if not a reviewer success. Earl dealerships however wanted a more upscale small car to sell, even though the Silverhare Siesta covered that segment. The company obliged, adding a high quality tape player, air conditioning, automatic transmission, console, woodgrain trim, rear center armrest, deep pile carpeting, embroidered vinyl bucket seats, power brakes and steering, manual metal sunroof; and outside, a Maduro grain vinyl roof, color keyed rub strips, color matching wheel covers, whitewall tires, and exclusive badging. All this to make the company’s cheapest, smallest car into a miniature brougham, transforming a penalty box into pleasant place to spend a commute, at a modest upcharge.

And what did they decide to call it? The Earl Eagle POS - standing for Premium Option Selection.

So the name and concept are most inspired by the Ford Maverick LDO, however there are also Nova LN and Valiant Brougham cues thrown in. Dimensionally it is a subcompact, most directly comparable to a Plymouth Cricket. The back seat is ahead of the rear wheels unlike in a Vega or Pinto.


Are you thinking about opening this up under the open beta since a lot of the mods are updated or still hanging on


Yes, over the next few days the deadlines for Trafikjournalen, taste for convertibles, and CSR will pass; once they do I plan on opening the submission window.


It is time! Submissions are now open through noon EDT of the 26th.

Changes from original: for the sake of variety and clarity, now accepting cars from 1974-1976.

Keep in mind, realism and style are primarily what I care about here. Stats are not worth nothing but are far less important.


I will definitively try to enter this, I think that this is the type of cars I can do the best. Just a question, can model year be earlier if trim year is 1974-76, or does it have to be introduced in 1974-76?


Trim should be 74-76. I’ll update to clarify.


BTW, when speaking of realism, crossplies and front drum brakes really were on their way out in the mid 70s, if it had been late 60s for budget american cars, yes. But if we look at Ford’s cheapest offerings for 1976, the Pinto and the Maverick, yes, they had crossplies on their lowest spec models. Radials were standard on the V8 Maverick though, and both the Pinto and the six cylinder Maverick could be optioned with them. Both of them had standard disc brakes up front though. So, I really think that’s kinda low spec for 1974-76, other than that I see no problems with your requirements.

Anyway, have the 1974 Hillstrom Talladega Speedback GTE!
Taking the boredom out of small cars, with a powerful 219 cubic inch V6, 4 on the floor, hideaway headlamps, bucket seats, vinyl roof, styled steel wheels, 8 track player and sliding sunroof.

But GTE? No quirky fuel injection, right? Nah, just your standard 2 barrel carb. GTE is short for “Gran Turismo Eurostyle” because we’re totally america and know much better what europeans like than they do themselves.

(I tried interior mods, I am fairly new to them so I might be missing something, but the tutorial said that they don’t work in all the bodies, and I could by no means place the dashboard on a good place in this body. Hence the black windows but if someone has succeeded, I would gladly hear what I have done wrong)


My comments on brakes tires and brakes have been a point of contention from a few people; I have updated the rules about them accordingly. Radials and front discs will be allowed, but should only be equipped on larger engined and higher trimmed cars.


Well, at least you gave me an excuse to start a new car brand so…that’s good. :wink:


1974 Denver Crusader Quaglia

With the collaborations from Italian car company, Quaglia, Denver released this car to the public, 1974 Denver Crusader Quaglia. From a big muscle car to a premium subcompact car, they are meant to compete with Japanese manufacturers that was invading in the America.

Crusader was equipped with smooth 3.0L V6 that is capable producing up to 104hp, 185nm of torque. The engine is also pretty reliable and easy to fix on as it was shared parts with other Denver line-ups at the time.

Climbing inside of this car featuring a floor-mounted 3-speed automatic fat lazy Americans smh and premium interior and premium 8-track. It can be seated 5 adult comfortably at the front seats and rear seats.



Unfortunately Automation can be very picky about bias-ply tire sizes, so, for the sake of simplicity and fairness, please use Radial tires.


Introducing: the 1976 Trident Garnet


In the third revision of this car, here is the final Valiant Efinity

The Efinity was the product of a tie-up between Valiant and Knightwick motors. The Valiant Efinity was in essence an Americanisation of the Harris Steed with a new front and rear end for the American maket.

The model shown is the 1974 2 door with the “sport pack” it comes with a 3.0 v6 and a 4 speed manual transmission. 14" alloy wheels are fitted along with power disc front brakes.

and just for the hell of it since i’ve been working on them both here is the car shown with the Harris Steed


1976 “Concour by Cheval”
If you are looking for luxury in a compact package or if you just want to look semi-decent for once in your life, visit your nearest Cheval dealer and check our Concour by Cheval.

Its best you don't look


Welp, the woodgrain mod didn’t make it through the update, so I went in a different direction:

Celebrating two-hundred years of American Independence, Armor Motors is proud to offer you this 1976 Sunburst in a Limited Edition, “Spirit of America” trim. The special model gives you a four-barrel carb, t-tops, rallye wheels, and All American graphics.


1974 Direcdon Misla

It’s a simple car but I think that’s the beauty of it.


1975 Quezon Laguna SUPER EAGLE

A special, North American-exclusive limited edition Laguna featuring a SUPER EAGLE-exclusive Aero kit, SUPER EAGLE-exclusive paintwork, SUPER EAGLE-exclusive 5-spokes, and SUPER EAGLE-exclusive tuned suspension for better handling characteristics.

fuck you it gets 10mpg you can kiss my American influenced Asian ass


is that…a vintage Quezon!? :eyes:


This is The Horseshoe, a one off american 3 door wagon. Reasonable power, reasonable economy, reasonable price, what more could you ask for?

(model shown in pictures is not release model)