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TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 9): Amateur Hour [COMPLETE: WINNER & SCRIPT ANNOUNCED]


I’m not sure, I think it’s after 5 days, so just keep checking. If you are on the discord, you could send it to @patridam there. (Only tagged so you’re aware lol)


I think you just need to reply to a couple of posts and like some things to unlock PM’s


Thanks again. I guess I’ll send screenshots for now


1986 Marina Mako Deluxe
Featuring an additional seat row to fit in t̶h̶e̶ ̶h̶o̶s̶t̶a̶g̶e̶s̶ some more cargo.

Decided to remake a previous Automation build of mine with some adjustments to make it look more, well, classy. Still can’t submit it, though.

Edit: In case the Mako isn't intimidating enough:

1986 Marina Humpback Deluxe
Bearing the MAko’s engine, but with a twin turbo. No additional seat row for this one, though.


1970 Regency Wyvern. A four seat, four door convertible powered by a 342 cubic inch V8 with mechanical fuel injection.


1987 DMS Aurelia Twin Turbo


Right, how do I submit? DO I dm these to you or are these suppose to be shown here as well before the deadline thing? Thank you!


As far as I understand from this, you PM the .car file as well as posting something about your car in the thread


I can not DM… at least, I don’t see this feature. How?


If you’re a new member, you might have to reply and like some posts to be able to message, but you’ll have to wait for some time until you can attach files. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who still can’t PM the files :wink:

If you’re not, just click the icon of the user you want to PM and there should be a “message” button.

Edit: by “some time” I mean around 5 days, I guess?


Not bad… but could be a bit more stylish and less chunky in the front. Otherwise, it’s solid!


Can I submit 4 cars if possible? Is there any strict limit of how many can be submitted? Also, curious to know, what does it mean “no warnings”? I will take care of the quality of builds and the requirements. I have one care that is exactly 1970, should I put it on unleaded or keep it on leaded? Thank you!


Because a bad man can have several personalities, MAHG shows two suggestions for this case.


Based on the '78 model ,then facelifted ,this truck looks ferocious in the rearview mirror, is capable of jumps without damage and thanks to its huge turbocharged V8 can outpace many of these small and so called sports cars!!

Then, for the more stylish swindler, we can put to your disposal the Tsi from the 60’s!

Powered by a prestigious V12, this beauty will enhance your soundtrack thanks to its quad exhaust, add style thanks to its two-tone body and pop-up head lights!


I have a vehicle that I very much want to submit for this, but the wait time to be able to direct message people is kinda annoying. Hopefully I can get that dealt with before the end of the challenge.


I do have a legit question for the host of the challenge though. Are you wanting us to give the “hero” version of the car (the version that would be used for close up shots) or one of the stunt cars? The main reason I’m asking is that I don’t want to go through the tedium of doing the cut outs for the interior if I don’t have to.


And maybe since you have so many pic of the cast and inspiration ideas, could we get a pic of what the girl’s convertible looks like? so we know what car the villain’s will be playing against?


The original post has the answers to every of your questions. Except the “no warnings” part, though, is it only red warnings (fix) or all of them (note (blue) and consider (yellow) as well)? @patridam


I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a blue note on an engine before, but that wouldn’t be a problem. Certainly do not have red warnings, but yellow ones will be considered - I don’t want to see knocking or valve float but as I understand it turbos and other things can produce non-harmful warnings which will not disqualify you.


You do not need to create windows for the interior. Do put effort into the other styling though, enough for close-ups; since this is a challenge primarily about style.

The girls were going to have a knockoff VW Cabriolet, but I am having some trouble making an attractive one, so I may have to fall back onto a YJ Wrangler.

I will PM you my email if you are in a rush to submit.


Thank you for answering on this. Now it’s all clear but still curious, can I go for 4 or 5 cars to submit?