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TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 9): Amateur Hour [COMPLETE: WINNER & SCRIPT ANNOUNCED]


That thing would most likely be what KITT could have been based on if it were mid-engined - and the show continued for another season or two.


That makes sense. This doesn’t have an over-the-top super pursuit mode though. X3


People on radwood are debating whether your car is real lol. Good ads will do that sometimes.


HAHA, I saw that one too.

1984 Rigore Anubis 329 GT Sedan Fuel Injection

The second-generation of the Anubis was unveiled in 1983 - the new, boxy shape had mixed reviews upon release, but it was praised for its greater luxury content as well as its newfound athleticism. In 1984, Rigore’s first V8 engine debuted in the Anubis saloon, kicking the door down with 5.4 liters and almost 280 horsepower.


1985 Rigore Imperium 329 Sport Coupe

Photo taken from two-page brochure spread.

Relying on the same platform and V8 engine found in the Anubis, Rigore’s second generation Imperium gets major performance upgrades compared to the more formal sedan including a limited-slip differential, firmer suspension tuning, and a 5-speed manual, among other sports-oriented gear.



Lemme just reserve this space for a sec…


Alright everyone, submissions are now CLOSED. If you haven’t sent me a PM already, sorry! If you have but have yet to leave a post here, that is fine.

It will be quite a while until the binning let alone the finals come out, my work schedule has been an absolute mess and shows no sign of getting better.


The year and is 1977 and Bianca Jagger's birthday at the worlds most famous nightclub... studio 54 is plastered on the front covers of new papers and magazines but let us remind you that although she had a white horse she arrived in only the finest in comfort, the great golden eagle it's self the golden eagle




Damn. I didn’t realize it had reached that far already.


If you guys could link me to said discussion, that would be nice. I’d like to see the mayhem I’ve been causing. X3




The page decided not to load correctly for me, but it should be easier to find now that I know it’s on facebook


What’s on facebok?


Capitol Pictures HQ, Hollywood, California, Office of Prop Procurement - Present Day

Prop Director for Amateur Hour, Whitey Walters, is sitting in his office hunched over his computer, with owner of Movie Magic Motors owner Elton Brand sitting next to him.

Apologies in advance to everyone whose cars are missing features, I have installed everything I could find on the steam workshop and yet I am still missing parts on most of the cars. This won’t be held against you. Don’t take the binning personally, there were so many great entries I had to be very picky.

1986 Bernitelli Vortice V12

WW: Hmm, this looks neat. Sporty, could definitely outrun the girls car in the chase scene.
EB: Good lord, that is a hell of an engine in a car this small…
WW: It’s listed as $33,000… is that a good price?
EB: Hard to tell, we’ll get a better idea as we run down the list. Is cost really that big of a concern on a movie this big?
WW: Not really…anyway, I don’t care about the engine, but given the size, this car isn’t precisely “intimidating”… next.

The Bernitelli Vortice V12 is an attractive and high performance car, but not quite as evil as the studio is looking for.

1987 MAG 232Ti

WW: This is pretty similar to the last one in size and market, but notably more expensive. Maybe a little more evil, but kinda subtle.
EB: I like the engineering on this one. Fast and efficient from a turbo six - very teutonic. Hmm… why does it say 232Ti when it has a 3.5 liter engine?
WW: Why are you asking me, of all people?
EB: I forgot you’re a man in charge of prop cars that doesn’t actually know much about them…sigh…anyway, this seems like it might be too subtle.
WW: Yeah, maybe if it was a little bit bigger; but right now this says stock broker more than crime lord.
EB: Yeah, but aren’t stock brokers pretty damn evil?
WW: Alright, we’ll see what the boss thinks…

The MAG 232Ti is an well engineered and rather sinister looking car, and while somewhat lacking an imposing presence, it will carry on to the finals.

1985 Gatto Gepard Felino Coupe

EB: Are you sure this is from 1985? It looks rather modern.
WW: That’s what the listing says… if you look at the interior, its very ahead of its time in there, too. Hell, it’s even got an airbag.
EB: Well, we aren’t planning on crashing it, at least not with anyone inside. But that would explain the $50,000 pricetag. It seems like a pretty nice car, but it looks more like the rental they upgrade you to at the airport instead of a villain-mobile.
WW: Hey, I thought I was supposed to be doing the colorful comparisons?

The Gatto Gepard Felino is a little too expensive for what it is, and a lot too sedate for this movie.

1987 DMC Shryke

WW: Okay, this doesn’t look like it’s from 1987 at all. What am I missing?
EB: It looks like a pretty competent sports car, and not at an awful price either. But I see your point…
WW: Even if it is historically accurate, it doesn’t seem like it is, and it’s going to distract the layman viewer.
EB: You mean like you?
WW: Hardy-harr…

The DMC Shryke, while atractive, looks better suited to a late 90s street racing movie than an 80s crime caper.

1987 Steurmann Persona

WW: Well, at least this one looks like an 80s car. Plus it’s the cheapest so far by a large margin, only $23,000.
EB: Yeah… but a a 2.6 liter straight six, under 150 horsepower? This might be a “luxury” car, but it seems more of an efficient commuter machine.
WW: Maybe for Garcia’s lawyer or something… somebody who uses coke instead of selling it, haha.

The Steurmann Persona is a pleasant middle-class sedan, but lacks the prestige or fear factor desired by our criminal mastermind.

1984 Denver Boulevard

WW: Ooh, this is an attractive car, this could definitely work.
EB: Yeah, but I’m not in love with some of these specs. I feel like a new 1980s design could have done better…
WW: Yeah, this one hurts to give up, but if you say so, we’ll have to let it pass.

I would really love to let the Boulevard carry on to the finals, but as much as I like the styling, the engineering flaws are difficult to overlook. This is mostly a styling challenge but some credence must be given. Expensive and inefficient, without much to show for it, this car could have afforded to use some more of the tech of the real Mark VII, like multipoint injection or four wheel disc brakes.

1971 Armor Streethawk SC

WW: Hmm, this one is different. I’d thought of sports and luxury cars, but didn’t think about him having a muscle car… were old muscle cars considered classics by the late 80s?
EB: Ah yeah, they were cool, but so cheap…those were the days…
WW: Were you even born yet in 1987?
EB: No, but that’s not the point. This car performs pretty well, is pretty cheap, and isn’t all that hard to drive.
WW: I suppose it just matters what the director thinks, it’s a pretty unique direction, but one worth considering.

The Armor Streethawk, while it could be slightly more intimidating, is an excellent execution of a unique solution to this problem, one worth the director’s consideration. It will continue to the finals.

1972 Escariot 350

EB: Hmm, they didn’t put any of the stats for this car up; the cost is 1234 and no info on power or anything, plus based on the plates, it looks like it’s in Europe.
WW: Are… are you ignoring the… uh, styling?
EB: I’m trying.
WW: i think we can safely rule this one out.

I never received a file for this one as far as can tell; and while I understand some new people can’t PM you might have wanted to remind me to send you my email or something. But, not to be harsh… no manner of excellent stats would have made up for this car’s… interesting appearance.

1986 Marina Mako Deluxe

WW: I know it’s silly to see faces in cars… but this looks like somebody squinting with a massive chin.
EB: No, it’s not silly, I see it too. Not exactly the most handsome or intimidating front end. But look at that 0-60 number, wow…
WW: Better yet look at that back seat. Who or what in the hell is supposed to fit in there?
EB: Drugs?
WW: Very funny.
EB: It has some other weird things, like AWD and air suspension on a sports car, for some reason? The price is somewhat reasonable considering all of that, though.
WW: Alright, between that front and the oddball engineering, I’ll call this one a pass.

The Marina Mako has some odd engineering decisions that I can let slide, but while the design is mostly attractive the front end clashes with the rest of the car and makes it look more goofy than aggressive.

1986 Marina Humpback Deluxe 1986

WW: Good Lord…
EB: Here I was thinking the Marko was a weird car.
WW: I can’t believe this a real production car? It looks like something out of cyberpunk or science fiction…
EB: You do gotta admit the front and rear are a bit intimidating… but the suspension, which is hydropneumatic of all things, lifts the damn thing up into the air so far it looks kinda goofy. That’s not the least of it… it has a twin turbo V8 in the back and a live front axle!
WW: I don’t know how big of a deal those things mean, but I take it you aren’t approving?
EB: This car could be hilarious in a more comedic situation, but I don’t think it’ll work for this role.

The Marina Humpack is very unique, and would be somewhat intimidating (from certain angles at least) if it wasn’t so high off the ground. But, even without that, one of the fairly few restrictions was to maintain a semblance of realism.

1970 Regency Wyvern

WW: Another muscle car, though this one looks more luxurious.
EB: A big four door convertible, these are pretty rare. Surprisingly fast considering the automatic and the size… ah, it has mechanical fuel injection. Probably aftermarket.
WW: I think I’m more distracted by that massive chrome schnoz on the front, and to a lesser extend the sides. Even for 1970 it looks a bit excessive.
EB: Yeah, I’m not seeing anything here that wasn’t better covered by the '71 Streethawk.

While there is nothing terribly wrong with the Wyvern other than perhaps the use of chrome, it doesn’t leave much of an impression.

1987 DMS Aurelia Twin Turbo

WW: Finally, a supercar. I figured they deseved equal consideration to luxury cars, even if Luis is going to have trouble fitting into any of them.
EB: This looks pretty modern for '87, but then again it is brand new. More expensive than what we’ve seen so far, but that’s to be expected. Not really a bad deal for 430 horsepower. But…
WW: But what?
EB: Between a small turbo V8 and that fully clad underbody, this car would be hell to fix if something went wrong; I’d hate to hold up filming.
WW: Are you really that concerned about it? It looks to be in great shape.
EB: Nah, but just something to consider.
WW: Well, it looks like there are quite a few other supercars, including ones more obnoxiously 80s, so we can scroll on.

The Aurelia is well engineered car and a very pretty combination of a Testarossa and an NSX, but there are so many wonderful sports/super cars submitted that I unfortunately have to draw the line somewhere.

1968 Phoenix Centaur V12 High Performance Limited

WW: Wow… just, wow. There is a lot going on here.
EB: That’s a lot of chrome accessories.
WW: It says here it has a 500 horsepower fuel injected V12 and four wheel independent hyropnuematic suspension, five speed manual, in car record player, and handmade leather interior…
EB: Radial tires, four wheel discs…What goddamn country is this car even from? Is it a muscle car or a luxury car? It must be customized or something; one of these things alone would be wild for a 60s car, let alone all of them put together… and of course, because of al it, it ends up with a grand total of 7 miles per gallon.
WW: Besides the engineering… what do you think of the look?
EB: It’s not bad, not like the engineering, but I don’t know if american muscle was ever meant to be crossed with European luxury. Pass.

The Phoenix Centaur receives the dubious distinction of the nuttiest engineering in the whole challenge. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the styling per se, but it’s not enough to cancel out the 100% stats driven engineering decisions.

WW: Damn, it’s already noon. We’ve been doing this for four hours…
EB: How far are we through the list?
WW: About a third of the way.
EB: Damn… How about a lunch break?
WW: You read my mind. I could kill for a spicy tuna roll right about now, there’s this great Hibachi and Sushi place on Van Dyne…
EB: They got the guys that flip shrimp into your mouth?
WW: Yes…
EB: Sold!

As I said before, work has been keeping me very busy, so no telling how long it’ll be until the next set of bins, but in the meantime thanks for everyone for participating, and congrats to @GassTiresandOil and @conan for advancing to the finals.


For that I can hold my head up high - if the main villain can’t use it in the final chase, then it might be used as a prop in a background shot instead.


My car made it! @patridam looking at your pic of my Streethawk, it seems the morph for the front edge of the door and A-pillar reverted to it’s default setting. I’m not sure how much it will matter, but the windshield wipers, vents, and side mirrors will line up better if you push it all the way forward. If you choose not to I completely understand, I’m just glad to have made the cut.


If you look at the screenshots I posted… and the ones on the judging… I think the morphs could have reset on my car, and some mods were missing… the headlights and fog lights were messed up and the door handles were missing. I thought a fake Maserati front end would have enough road presence… but oop.


Bruv if you read the message literally right above your entry I said despite the fact that I installed every 4.16 steam workshop mod I could find many of the cars were missing mods here and there - but also that I didn’t count it against anyone.

Your car is just kinda small, and the front end (in your photos) has more soft, rounded shapes. The engine also really doesn’t suit the car all that well, not even in terms of realism, but the end result performance metrics.


Also, it’s MDHL that’s missing from the car.


Im going to assume that its just the HPL Version of my car thats been binned as of right now and not its more… restrained and luxurious brother?.. and my cars are British and supposed to be a tiny bit sophisticated and clever… even though they may cross the line between ‘sophisticated and clever’ and ‘downright batshit mental’…