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TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 9): Amateur Hour [COMPLETE: WINNER & SCRIPT ANNOUNCED]


You probably shouldn’t have called both trim levels High Performance Limited… I wouldn’t hold out for less power and an automatic being the saving grace.

And, yes, they definitely crossed that line by a wide margin, especially considering the big rule I had for engineering was “realism.”


Fair enough… i dont think i DID call them both HPL… To think i actually found the engineering on them to be rather restrained and conservative compared to what could have happened, the other one is more comfort oriented than the 400 bhp lunatic mobile. i was actually inspired by the rather more radically engineered R/R Silver Shadow with its Styling and Engineering


The file names are slightly different, but they are both HPL on your post in this thread.


What is with my cars? Are there any news so far? Thank you for clarifying! I was quite surprised that you have used 4.16 but not 4.24 which would make way more sense.


Like most challenge results, I’m going by order of submission, with the exception of S31’s cars that I can’t find a PM for. Which means the first of your cars will be next.


oof. mine will be a hot mess if it’s put into 4.16 instead of 4.24. I use way too many mods for my own good. might be better to use promo pics or i can always do a studio shot for you if need be


Hang on, 4.16? How old is that, the previous version of automation was on 4.21 even. I’m sure they meant 4.24 since I don’t think cars built on it even open in older versions of the game now.


I didn’t even think 4.16 was a thing… if it was… it was when I was still using Kee’s legacy mode…


Alright, jesus, everyone stop obsessing over what version I have. I have been using what is currently called openbeta, for some reason I thought it was called 4.16; I was typing from my phone and couldn’t look it up.

And like I already said it doesn’t matter if your car turns out a mess due to lack of mods (even though I installed everything I could find even if it was incompatible) if you posted photos on here I know what it is supposed to look like and didn’t count it against anyone. So PLEASE stop complaining.


Capitol Pictures HQ, Hollywood, California, Office of Prop Procurement - Present Day

Whitey Walters and Elton Brand are back in the office… early the next morning.

1968 Phoenix Centaur V12 Limited

WW: This looks like it’s the same car as last time?
EB: No, it’s the same person listing it, but this is a normal performance version; same engine, but a lot less power, plus an automatic.
WW: I suppose that makes it more usable for us, looks like slightly better mileage too. But the design…
EB: Yeah, again, same problem, an odd mix of a muscle car and a Bentley.

The engineering on this is more reasonable than the High Performance version, so it does not disqualify it in and of itself; but the styling is busy, with the American/Australian muscle body conflicting with the European luxury cues.

1987 Zephorus XRT

WW: Wow. This car looks like it was designed on cocaine.
EB: This car looks like it is cocaine. It’s fast as hell, too. Very 80s, very Miami Vice.
WW: I don’t know how well Luis will fit inside… but Shane really, really needs to see this.

The Zephorus performs well for a fairly reasonable price, but the styling is the highlight. Incredibly obnoxious, distinctively 80s, and if not necessarily ‘scary’ it certainly screams ‘crime lord’. It will continue to the finals.

BillyJoe_Red you neglected to save your cars in the proper file format but this will not affect my judgement here or in the next round with your other entries

1982 Jupiter Lafayette Imperial 2 Door Hardtop

EB: Here we go, finally a personal luxury big boy. We should give the director the choice of at least one chrome boat.
WW: It does certainly look like a pimpmobile, but It’s a little… gaudy? Our character certainly isn’t going to be the paragon of fine taste, but there’s as much chrome on here as on the Phoenix.
EB: Yeah, I’m not in love with the look. Plus, while it’s still faster than the girls’ car, this is definitely the slowest car here.

The Lafayette Imperial, while comfortable and easy to drive, is over-styled even by American standards, has lackluster performance (quite literally 9.9 seconds to 60) at a somewhat high cost.

1987 Starling Gran Coupe

WW: Hey, this looks like it’s in nice shape. Lots of chrome; maybe not scary, but the chrome grille has a bit of a grimace going on.
EB: It seems to perform well, is reliable. I’m not seeing anything truly amazing, but there’s nothing wrong either.
WW: Maybe we can have somebody get impaled on the hood ornament? Let’s give it a chance.

The Starling Gran Coupe may be the most realistically styled car in this challenge, and fairly well engineered to boot. The chrome and vinyl cues and restrained size that make it realistic also impact its ability to intimidate negatively, but it will carry on to the finals.

1987 GMD Rogue GSR

WW: Hmm, I know we’ve looked at things that are outright super cars, but this seems to be going for both sports and luxury.
EB: I’d love one of these for myself, but between the size, style, and cost, it seems a little too youthful for this application.
WW: Doesn’t quite match the luxury as most of the other cars, either.

The Rogue GSR, while well styled, lacks a particularly imposing presence, mostly due to its small size. The pricing is highly competitive, but it shows in the lack of luxury appointments.

1987 GMD Rogue XSR

WW: Is this the same car as the last one?
EB: Same performance and interior… seems like it’s just a sedan version.
WW: Well, I do like these… do we need any other cars besides the villain?
EB: We don’t have anything for the guy’s goons yet… though mostly, they’re just going to be headlights in the dark.
WW: Well maybe we can use this… looks like there’s two for sale, actually.
EB: Depends on what we use for him, I guess… but we can repaint them black easily enough.

The same concerns that apply to the GSR also apply to the very similar XSR. However, as implied in the post, it will be considered for the honorary position as ‘goon car’.

1985 GMD Mojave XLT

WW: Looks like another listing from the same user. This is the first SUV we’ve seen; something I hadn’t considered.
EB: I can see an SUV working. They weren’t very popular yet in the 80s, but gettig there. Not sure about this one in particular though.
WW: Not sure if it’s the color, but it’s a bit sedate for our guy.
EB: Well, we can keep a lookout for another SUV, but maybe this can work for the goons, instead of the other car?
WW: Again, depends on what the villain’s car is. Probably want to repaint it black, though.

The Mojave (especially in this color) looks more like a family vehicle than a crime lord’s ride, but it is reasonably attractive and engineered (though I would expect an automatic instead of a 5 speed) such as to be considered another ‘goon car’. In black of course, based on whatever complements (or contrasts) the villain’s final choice.

1986 IP Ocelot Turbo

WW: Are we sure this is from the 1980s? It looks a little new?
EB: Must have been just redesigned for 1986. The engine is pretty advanced, looks like a nice V6.
WW: Well, that aside, while it’s pretty good looking, it’s not precisely intimidating. Let’s keep looking.

The Ocelot has decent engineering and styling (before the morphs reset, haha), but like the DMC Shryke, it looks more like a 1990s Japanese sports car with an engine to match.

1986 Katsuro AR-15

WW: Okay, now the website must be wrong. No way this is from 1986.
EB: Yeah. Custom bodied, mislabeled, something like that. Shame, because it is pretty beautiful and intimidating.

While the Mercedes SL class is certainly a great inspiration for an intimidating villain car for a movie - just look at Jackie Brown - and the AR-15 has an entertaining name to boot, it seems like it is from the early 2000s, not the mid 1980s.

1984 Valiant Royale Turbo

EB: I knew one of these would come up, I was looking for a car like this.
WW: I don’t know. Besides being black, I don’t see what all is imposing about it.
EB: I was thinking more about the performance - a big turbo V6, this thing will kick ass.
WW: Is it the fastest car here so far? Even the fastest four seater?
EB: No…
WW: Eh, I’m just not wowed by anything.

The Grand National/GNX was a very natural choice for this challenge, and I am surprised there were not others that went this route. While the engineering is reasonably solid, the styling execution on the Royale leaves something to be desired.

1972 Neko Pure X-Series Coupe

WW: Well this is certainly different.
EB: This looks like a JDM sports car, light, small, with a smaller, high revving engine. Nice enough, but really not suited to our guy.
WW: Yeah, maybe in a different sort of movie, but this seems kind like kind of hte opposite of imposing.

I am not sure if the Pure X-Series is supposed to be a JDM import or not based on the badging, which would be against one of the few rules, but ignoring that, it doesn’t exactly suit the challenge goals. Lacking size and luxury, it would better serve in a street racing movie than as our crime lord’s ride.

1979 Pfeil Vogtland Schneller Breitbau

WW: Wow, this thing is… mighty low to the ground. Convertibles are pretty tempting for LA. Fairly good looking too, apart from whatever is going on with those headlights.
EB: Problems homologating the the US, would be my guess. It accelerates pretty damn fast, too. But I’d bet it’s mighty hard to drive.
WW: Look here… it says it doesn’t even have a top that you can put up, just a temporary tent? That probably wouldn’t be a big selling point for our gangster.
EB: There also might be, you know, rain during filming?

The awesome McCoolname is a good performer and I can appreciate the meticulous care put into the styling, but as implied by the description the comfort and driveability are somewhat lacking. The chopped top (I was joking about the roof story) and downright cheerful looking headlights also detract a little from the intimidation factor. Don’t worry Mikonp7, wait until next round…

WW: Have you had breakfast yet?
EB: No, actually. Unlike you, I drank a lot of water and got to sleep early to shrug that sake off.
WW: Well, I feel like some flapjacks and sausage would do us some good.
EB: Hey man, I’m game as long as you’re buying.

Congratulations to @Sky-High and @GassTiresandOil (again) for continuing to the finals.


Fair enough, I wouldn’t say that the Ocelot looks too modern for 1986 since that was also when the Ford Taurus came out. Composite headlamps and Aero bumpers was something you had to have on a newly released car that was supposed to be a techfest. The car itself is a bit influenced by the late 80s Nissan Leopard and its VG engine.

On the other hand I can really understand the need for an 80s looking car to get the right feeling in an 80s movie. The Ocelot does not really cut the mustard there, as it was more a glimpse of what the future would offer than a good representant for its era.


Patridam, that’s kinda strange you considered Lafayette being overstyled (look at Lincolns, Chryslers and Cadillacs) of the same time period. They look identical and are as heavy in style as mine, very much glorified and elegant. Meanwhile, they were not fast and were very expensive. Therefore, it is a little bit unfair to recieve this kind of feedback, it could be more pointed. However, I appreciate all of what you do. Thank you for judging.


I am of course very familiar with the Lincolns and Cadillacs of the period. However your submissions are all overstyled even compared to the the most obnoxious real life model I can think of, the Lincoln Mark V. The performance itself, whilen certainly realistic and not a disqualifier unto itself, is merely just noteworthy as quite literally the slowest possible within the confines of the rules.

Being as this challenge has innumerable different types of cars submitted, and very subjective standards applied on top of that with merely “balance” being the focus of the stats analysis (e.g. are the poor stats at least traded off for good opposing stats), any review is going to be incredibly subjective. Your review is, if anything, more conclusive than many others.


Fair enough. My design wasnt the most easy on the eyes. It wasnt the best mix of European luxury and americanist muscle ever made… in hindsight probrably should have used a more European Body instead of the cut down americana body i went with. at least it wasnt the engineering that killed it this time


Is everything alright? It’s been 10 days.


Yes, I am fine and this will be finished. My work only lets me dedicate much time to this on Fridays & Saturdays and my last weekend was consumed by a rush job for Generations.


Capitol Pictures HQ, Hollywood, California, Office of Prop Procurement - Present Day

Whitey Walters and Elton Brand have returned from an impressively long brunch.

WW: That was nice… but we really have to finish this list today.
EB: I could tell you were serious when you only had 3 mimosas.
WW: Hey, I paid for your meal, I think I am entitled to freedom from judgement. Lets wrap this up to get the list to the director.

NOTE: The Cabrera Whirlwind from @Petakabras was not submitted to this thread so it will not be included. The MAHG entries from @S31 were submitted late by way of message (failed to attach the first time), but they did not reach finals so it is not a concern.


WW: I hadn’t thought about a pickup truck for this. It is an interesting thought…
EB: This looks to be engineered very oddly… rear disc brakes and unibody construction. It has a lot of power though… but with the amount of weight it’s not exactly fast.
WW: The look is pretty clean, I like the front, but I don’t think it exactly looks as expensive and luxurious as it is.
EB: This would be good for a certain type of villain… but not this one.

The Gamma is an impressively engineered if not necessarily realistic truck, but the fundamental type and to a lesser extent the styling do not suit this character.

1960 MAHG Tsi Coupé Prestige Rapide

WW: This one is from the same company… but from 1960. I like the style, for certain.
EB: It has pretty good performance… A lot of power even for a 6 liter… Ah, an overhead cam V12, that explains it. Also explains the price, but it’s still not as expensive as the newer sports cars.
WW: There are just so many sports cars on this list though… I think the newer 80’s models have been suiting the challenge better.

The Tsi has an impressive engine, and otherwise reasonable engineering. Unfortunately while I understand the limitations of the body, I don’t see styling touches that would set it apart from a real corvette.

1982 STAG MTMWV Civilian

WW: Damn… this is amazing. It looks like a tank, or an armored car. Is this even road legal?
EB: Says it is, this is the civilian version - the real army version has a gun turret. This is actually decently fast considering the size… has a huge six cylinder with a turbocharger.
WW: Only has a moderately nice interior… not as luxurious as most of the other vehicles.
EB: It’s basically a tank, man, what did you expect? What matters is that it’d be damn cool to see this hunt down a subcompact in a car chase. This is definitely on the short list.

The MTMWV is very unique in this challenge, and would seem ridiculous were there not similar real life vehicles. While hardly practical or a high performer, it is certainly very intimidating and will carry on to the finals.

1985 Tevian Seraglia Executive L

WW: This is nice too… probably the best looking sedan we’ve seen.
EB: I think the bigger size makes it more threatening. Plus it’s got some power… it looks like the tires might be aftermarket though, they’re a bit far out. But that’s nitpicking; it’s reliable and efficient too.
WW: Not the cheapest… but it’d be a crime not to show this one.

(Some grille features have seemed to disappeared but that does not influence my opinion). The Seraglia has good engineering - notably having some of the best mileage among these entries despite the large size - but it is fairly costly for a sedan. The real wow lies in the styling, howevver. It achieves a good look through a not-insane amount of features, looking like a mix of a Mercedes and a BMW without looking as awkward as that would sound. It will move on to the finals.

1983 JESA Bianchi Gecko

WW: This is a cute sports car… A little small, though.
EB: Yeah, it has some interesting engineering, kinda focused around be a light tossable thing. A little more expensive than most of the mid engined rides I’m thinking of though.
WW: I don’t think it’s very scary though… not as imposing as the supercars.

The JESA Bianchi is a very attractive car, in particular with the gold accents on black paint. There are some interesting engineering choices like minus quality fiberglass body and staggered tires, but the result is very good mileage and fair acceleration. But there are numerous sports car submissions with better performance, and greater comfort from a larger size that also makes the vehicle more imposing.

1973 Turból Avignon

WW: Hmm… Would you call this a luxury car, or a muscle car?
EB: Yes.
WW: That doesn’t help. I think the grille and rear are handsome but the two toning is kind of distracting.
EB: The mechanics are nothing to write home about, what I would expect… but yeah, the styling is kinda all over the place.
WW: Maybe if it was all black?

The Avignon is an attractive car for sure, though it does dawdle a bit between muscle and luxury styling. The front end is excellent, the rear is nice, but the roof line and side stripe are somewhat awkward. The engineering is realistic and the end result is a good all around performer, but nothing sets it apart.

1983 Lucara-Ciambella m68-83

WW: This is another cool one - very low and lean, not real big but it makes it look bigger I think.
EB: It’s pricey, but so are the other supercars… the performance is certainly there. But why do so many of these cars have those wheels?
WW: Focus on the rest of the car maybe?
EB: Ah, yeah. I like it, very sleek but has enough character with the vents and such. The gold wheels with the red paint is a little distracting but…
WW: Shut up about the wheels, lets put this on the short list.

The Lucara is not exactly the most original design, but executes the Pantera concept well in styling and engineering. While expensive it performs well and has surprisingly good mileage. The wide stance and low squat appearance make it fairly mean looking despite a moderate footprint. It will continue to the finals.

1985 Tristella Accipiter 350QVi

WW: Another sports car, this one is very wedge-y. I like the black and gold though.
EB: Damn… I know it’s no subcompact but this looks like the most expensive car on the list… And it doesn’t seem like it’s going to outperform the competition.
WW: I’m sure if the style was there, we could get the budget for almost anything… but I’m not in love with this one. It seems almost bland.

The Accipiter combines a wedge shape and gold-on-black to create a very 80s looking machine. However it is not the best looking super car entered, and on top of that it has the highest price of any of the entries by a fair margin without much performance to show for it. It is a pleasant entry but is surpassed for less.

1970 Jupiter Capo Mafioso GrandVille Limousine

WW: Good lord that is a lot of chrome…
EB: Don Domingo is supposed to be driving himself, right? No chauffer, then… so why would he have a limousine?
WW: So… so much chrome…

The Verymuch Longname is… excessive, by any measure of automotive styling. There is more chrome on this than any modified car I’ve seen let alone a factory land yacht. The engineering is mostly realistic with the exception of a 60 degree V8. Add to that the fact it is a limousine while the character is mentioned to drive himself, this entry will not be continuing on.

1973 Jupiter Marquee Le Baron Diplomat Hardtop Fastback Coupe 331 CODE (Acidic Beetroot)

WW: This name must be a glitch with the website… it can’t possibly be that long. How would they fit it in a brochure… or on a sales receipt?
EB: Maybe pay attention to the car instead of the name?
WW: Well, this one has a lot going on, though not nearly as much as the last one… I kinda like the color, though it doesn’t exactly say ‘drug lord’. The front end is also rather odd looking… single hidden headlights?
EB: Yep… with some oddly placed signals. The chrome and the paint stripe on the side kind make this a confused mix between a muscle and a luxury car.
WW: Well, lets pass up on the indentity crisis then.

The Evenlonger Chryslername runs into a similar problem in being overstyled… alongside some questionable design decisions like the indicator/headlight arrangement. It is an odd mix between a luxury car and a muscle machine - not that that cannot be achieved but it is a fine line that even real automakers failed at. It also has a huge pricetag, but poor comfort and only moderate performance to show for it.

1987 Faolan Fenrir Zagato

WW: Oh, this is a sleek machine here. It’s like if greased back hair was a car.
EB: Very modern looking… has some pretty modern engineering too, manages good mileage for the power it puts down.
WW: I think it might actually be too subtle. Too tasteful… like our guy would pick something more ostentatious.
EB: Just not as ostentatious as that limousine, haha.

The Fenrir has a very subtle sport look, one that could be from 2000 as much as 1980. I also laughed at the location of the door handle. The large V8 is surprisingly efficient but the rest of the engineering is neither anything to write home about nor to complain about. Its sleek design does make it look a little villainous but does not leave as much of an impression as the other supercars.

1984 Rigore Anubis 329 GT Sedan Fuel Injection

WW: She’s a brick… house…
EB: Haha, yeah, especially in this color I am getting brick vibes. But such was the 1980s.
WW: I have a hard time putting this car’s attitude into words… it’s not angry… maybe, stoic? Bored? It’s got the size to impose, yes, but maybe not the style.
EB: It’s pretty powerful and performs alright, but I agree, it doesn’t look like its sport or like it’s all that luxurious… it just looks… there.

The Anubis post is definitely correct about the boxy shape giving mixed reviews. Though there’s nothing necessarily wrong or unrealistic about the look, indeed it is very Volvo-esque, (and yes, I realize the grille had some issues, I’m not judging by that) but it looks downright dour rather than intimidating. There’s neither anything wrong nor anything impressive with the engineering, either.

1985 Rigore Imperium 329 Sport Coupe

WW: I’m glad we’re almost done… I think I’ve been doing this too long, I’m seeing faces in all of these cars. I’m imagining this car as a short man glaring at me with pursed lips.
EB: While oddly specific, you’re not crazy. At least, not about this; beacuase I see what you mean. It looks sporty and aggressive but I’m not sure it suits the body.
WW: A lot of square edges and curves in disagreement… though at least it’s black, I guess.
EB: It’s a good performer but just as expensive as most of the supercars, too. I think I’ll pass.

The Imperium is somewhat expensive for its small size, but it does at least have the stats one would expect for this price with good scores essentially all around. The flared fenders and hooded lights certainly make for an angry looking car… but the smaller size makes that anger look a bit comical. I know I keep coming back to size, but being large does make things more imposing.

1985 Zacspeed F35

WW: Did we see this car already… but white? Or was it black and gold?
EB: There’s a lot of wedge cars from the 80s, it was the style… I don’t even think they were all that aerodynamic but a fad is a fad.
WW: Well, I think the white one we saw early was a bit more dramatic looking, plus I liked the color more. I could see maybe a more pastel yellow but this one is almost mustard colored.
EB: This one also costs more and basically has racing tires on it, too… pass.

The F35 is very similar to another car submitted, the Zephorus XRT, looking like off brand Countaches. But while the F35 has slightly higher sportiness and is ever so slightly faster than the XRT, it is generally inferior. In engineering it costs far more but has worse mileage and comfort, and tries to use semi slicks on a road car - whille not a rule I outlayed, I feel it falls under a realism concern. The styling, while fairly well executed, is slightly less impressive and distinct, and the color is a little less fitting.

1977 Silver York Margrave Studio 54 Edition

EB: Now THIS is a car. A mighty landyacht to sail the seven seas!
WW: I’d be sailing the Hollywood Hills, in this case. A bit of a disco pimpmobile by the 80s, maybe, but I can see the Don driving such a large, ostentatious, impractical car.
EB: Not a terrible price, and it’ll perform adequately for the chase… this seems like the best American luxury machine we’ve seen, we’ll have to give it a chance.

The Margrave is, in Silver York tradition, a very impressive piece of styling. In fact… this is as close to properly rendered as I could get it without my fairly powerful computer glitching. Barring that, it is just different enough from any real world land yacht to have a personality all its own. The black and brown color combo (oddly common in this challenge) is surprisingly attractive and fits the disco theme… though said theme would be a little out of date for our character. Engineering is unimpressive, thanks to being mostly realistic (other than no reverse lights as far as I can tell?) and reasonably priced, but that is to be expected, and this is a style challenge, so it will carry on to the finals.

EB: Well, it looks like that was everything within 100 miles. Unless you want to expand the radius…?
WW: NO! we have… uh… eight picks to send to the Blaine, that is enough. He won’t want to look at any more than that. In fact, he mostly prefers binary choices… we might want to arrange this as a head to head in some categories…
EB: And how would you propose we divide them?
WW: Hmm…

Alright everyone that is the qualifying rounds finished. Thank you to everyone who entered, whether you placed or not. There were a lot of good entries that certainly would have carried on to the finals in a smaller field.

Congratulations to the following users who have carried on to the finals:

And yes I am going to be splitting finals into two rounds because I have to design the hero car and am writing entire scenes of the movie to reward the winner for waiting so long.


So… It was necessary to make an ad for the cars?


I quote from the edit history of the OP:

Submission are now open. The deadline is Noon EST, Friday, July 24th. Please name your model and family “TMCC9 - yourusername” or “TMCC9 - yourusername - #” with multiple submissions, and PM them to me as well as make note of it in this thread.

It didn’t need to be an advertisement. As you can see, many people just put a picture and a description. I already forgave everyone who made errors in their naming conventions.


Capitol Pictures HQ, Hollywood, California, Office of Prop Procurement - Present Day

Whitey puts together an email with all of the potential cars, sending it to the director Blaine Shack. He and Elton have chosen to put the 8 potentials into head-to-head challenges to help the notoriously … succinct… director give useful feedback. Be prepared for short, pernicious feedback folks, this is a film director we’re taking about here.

Blaine, we are choosing the car for the villain right now, we’ve put it down to a few choices, we’ll need your input. As a reminder, here is the girls’ car we picked a few weeks ago:

Please give us input and let us know if you need to see the cars in person. We need to decide within the week.

CHALLENGE 1 (MODERN LUXURY): Tevian Seraglia Executive L vs. MAG 232Ti

MAG is kinda small, too sleek. I like the Tevian more, big and brawny, but I don’t need to see it. Get two for the mooks if you can, but neither are quite right for the big man.

CHALLENGE 2 (TRADITIONAL LUXURY): Starling Gran Coupe vs. Silver York Margrave Studio 54 Edition

The Margrave, hands down. I’ll have to see one in person. The disco thing runs a fine line between classy evil and pimp mobile. Offer whatever you have to for the owner to rent it out till I can decide.

CHALLENGE 3 (SUPER CARS): Lucara-Ciambella m68-83 vs. Zephorus XRT

The Lucara is pretty but it’s not exactly gauche enough… the XRT has a slight edge because of the sharp lines. Very 80s, very drug dealer. But we’ll have to get one to see in person, as well as to see if Luis will even fit in the damn thing.

CHALLENGE 4 (OTHER): Armor Streethawk SC vs. STAG MTMWV Civilian

The musle car is nice and all but that truck is something else. Kinda stretches the limits of disbelief but then again the guy is kinda a stereotype. I gotta see that STAG in person too.

So, @Mikonp7’s STAG, @ProfessorP3PP3R’s Silver York, and @Sky-High’s Zephorus are the contestants for the absolute winner - which will be revealed by way of scripts and scenes recreated from the movie. Sorry to continue dragging this out folks.