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Twin I-Beam Front Suspension


Looks like there is a precedent for mass produced consumer vehicles that used I-Beam front suspension. One immediate example are Ford trucks from the 80s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99uAss0EKxQ


It was only used on ford trucks, and basically can be done in automation with MacPherson strut suspension.


It’s not at all like MacPherson. There is more similarity between double wishbone and MacPherson than MacPherson and Twin I-Beam


You seem pretty passionate about this… what are the advantages to using a Twin I-Beam front suspension over some other configuration? I’m just curious. Ford only made them from 1980-1997 - that’s a very short span considering the game runs from 1946-2020.

Thanks for sharing the old commercials though. Always fun to watch!


Maybe it was only limited to Fords as far as production vehicles go (I-Beam is also used in some heavy duty off road trucks), but Ford did use it from 1965 to 2016 in some variation according to this article: https://www.blueovaltrucks.com/tech-articles/ford-twin-i-beam-suspension/