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Two car body bugs to report


I discovered this when I was going in to edit one of my cars with the 00s mid engine sports body. As I started to improve it, I changed one setting and the weight shot up to over 9000 for no reason. I thought maybe it might be a bug with an old design or the car save, but after trying to design a new car with the same body, the same result happened. I went through the settings and I could find no explanation for why this happened.

The second bug was with the 09 sedan 2.6m, this one isn’t specifically in automation but in Beamng. After exporting, going into beamng the hood is missing. the fixtures are there but the hood is just a white square.


Could you send us (upload here in a reply) the .car file for the offending cars? That would help us quickly address the issue :slight_smile: Cheers!


Heres the first car from above:
R(2014) - -.car (39.1 KB)

the second body with issues from the OP:
Gamma(2016) - S.car (39.4 KB)


Thanks for that, I can confirm the behavior happens here too, but does not occur in editor. That means that we either have fixed it without knowing it, or it is a build issue, which wouldn’t be good. I’ll check when the next build is being made.


Yeah, when your in sandbox the body the gamma uses is fine, but in beamng its not. Come to think of it, thats the first I’ve ever seen of a body panel missing in beam for an automation export vehicle.

I hope you guys can solve this quick for the first car so I can get back to work on it among other vehicles that use the same body. Cause with the 9000 weight bug, sorta can’t build and tune it effectively until its fixed(or test drive in beamng).


Can confirm, multiple people are having problems with this body in sandbox:


It appears to be a general thing regardless of material or build decisions. A car that in previous build should be about 1400kg is now 5400kg :thinking:

Model 1 - Trim 2.car (16.3 KB)


Yes, that’s fixed in our internal build already :slight_smile: will be fixed with the next patch.


Did the hood bug I showed get fixed or is that something the beamng guys will have to look into as well?


Yeah, that one is fixed now as well.


I registered to talk about the weight issue with the '00 2.7m coupe. Glad to see this has been identified and will be fixed next patch!


same here