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Tyres blowing (Old Game Engine)


I have an issue with my game and that is my tyres always blow on any cars with even remotely impressive power even at max width possible with +15 quality
What’s causing this? I have a 2005 car with 1000 HP and +15 395 tyres all around and they still blow, the exact same thing has happened to 2020 cars with the same set-up (1000 hp and maxed tyres).


What kind of tire profile are you running?


Well I’ve tried anything from huge tyres to small tyres, all sorts of rim combinations too but they are usually 18-20 but nothing seems to fix it when I mess with the tyres.


So what happens when you just put on reasonable every-day tires, like 205/55 R17?


They still blow as long as I have above average power, one thing I’ve noticed is that if I limit the top speed and make it a lot lower than the theoretical / actual top speed the tyres sometimes survive.

This issue has only started happening recently too which is weird since I recently reinstalled my game.


No idea what it could be then, never seen or heard of that issue before. Previously that happened if you made a car that would do wheelies, but I assume your car is not rear engine?


Not rear engined, this only happens to FR and MR (Especially the latter)