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[UE4] ASCAR - 1987 season. Race 5, Bristol!


But they’re also true, and in this community truth always comes first. Also I don’t think you know these forums very well. In here you can not post a car that took you all of 5 minutes to design, expect nobody to notice and then to keep quiet about it.



“Truth comes first” is a pretty crappy way of excusing insulting comments. They could have very well written it in a productive and helpful manner.

How do you know it only took 5 minutes to design? Could it possibly be that they aren’t as experienced? Could it possibly be that they have only just gotten into the game? They might only be 10 years old for all we know.


I dont’ see an insult in her comments.

I know a guy who spent 11 hours replacing his brake pads. It doesn’t mean it’s not a 1 hour job.


Submissions will be closed in a bit over 24 hours.

If you want retouch your cars before sending them go for it before it’s too late!

@Nicholander your car passes regulations but it needs to have a design at the rear. I can’t accept a car with no fixtures at the rear at all.


You say retouch. That means we can fix our sent cars and then send it right?


One time, sure, but please no more than that :sweat:




I can say at this point I had engines that developed remarkable power and had 0.54 laps on Daytona and ditched them for an engine 30 HP less that didn’t run 0.54 on Daytona.


Team JHW/8 Motorsport.

Driver: James Dunne

Age: 29

Background: Former British Saloon car racer looking for a new challenge

Car: 1987 JHW Archer Phase II ASCAR

Base Car: 1982-1988 JHW Archer 2800i


After talking about the criticism on discord I see that my prod. car design didn’t fix the era so I’ve changed it and the ASCAR model. Also sorry that I wasn’t really acceptant of the criticism at the time yesterday on discord. Entirely my fault there, I’ve gotten some rest and I think I see what you guys meant.

Think that should fit a mid 80’s era more, though If there’s anything still more 90’s-ish please let me know.

Put taillight cluster decals on and made the rear spoiler a bit larger. Rest of the info is the same regarding the team and the team and driver info.


Maybe a little bland still but you got the idea


Looks reasonably 80’s to me. A little plain, but there were plenty of bland and boring 80’s cars, so there’s nothing outright wrong with that. Has the vibe of a small mid-to-late 80’s sports coupe, at least to me.


Oldman Enters ASCAR

Team Name: Oldman
Driver: Maxine "86" Smart

Primary Sponsor/Livery: Washington Comics criminal mastermind "The Jester"

Oldman (read it like Gary, not two words… be nice to me) a manufacturer of cars in Melbourne, Australia, since the 1940’s, had recently signed a new head of marketing. The new boss figured that with a nearby, high-profile banked-oval circuit hosting both ASCAR and a similar local formula, he could improve sales numbers by joining this race scene, not just at the local level, but also by taking the fight back to the sport’s homeland.
The decision was made to drag a 1987 Darwin family sedan past the design and engineering departments.

This is what happened to it…

Oldman Racing now had a reliable driver with a few years of Karting and local Sports Sedans under her belt
Maxine Smart, who the guys in logistics had taken to calling “86”, applied to have this as the car number but it was taken. The team was allocated number “87” by ASCAR officials… in 87. Wondering what the number will be next year.


I can imagine the Darwin competing as a more sporty 80’s Fairlane :stuck_out_tongue:


Daytime Trim

Nighttime Racetrim


Ok, I changed the front and added elements. I like the original, cleaner version still better.


Because the photo mode didn’t completely bug out, here you can see part of the rear I already had made on the original car.


@Mr.Computah Do I have to send the car in again for the updated looks?


The germans were told to meet up at the new offices… alot of food trucks already arrived, but noone else was there

There was a tough talk and discussion about entering a racing competition, an american. This caused a lot of uproar in the whole department but the bosses and marketing guys thought it was nessecary. So it was time to convert this relatively tame sedan into a fullbred racing… car.

After the lost BRC1976 there was a big “racing depression” - the racing department has been closed after the championship, and apart from a few failed tries they did nothing in the racing scene. But this should change now.

And this is the result - the MSL Sport, a car that has would be impossible with a lot of sponsorships. Will this bring back the old racing performance? Or is it too focused on european racing? Only time will tell.




Vitorino entry:

Vitorino/Gamma Racing Team

Driver: Daniel Rodrigues
Age: 22
Prior racing background: Young brazillian racer that race at local events, this is his 1st international event
Background: Brazillian local driver, commonly race modified versions of Vitorino’s and Gamma’s cars, so was called by the official team to race at this international event.
Car: Vitorino Colosseo
Number: #42

Team background: Gamma is a brazillian manufacturer know at local racing tracks for starting the company as a modifying garage and got help from Vitorino to start it’s road car division. Since Vitorino doesn’t have racing experience but has interest at the american market and Gamma has interest in expanding they racing territory, they decided to make a partnership and create a racing team together.


The Daytona 500

(Note: even if I’m posting this a Saturday, lore wise it takes place on a Sunday)

Race report:

Laps 1-35

With the green flag out the cars accelerated from their rolling start. With a correctly placed draft, the Saber took the lead during the first turn, only to be overtaken by the Celero, Radiant and Mytheme. The Scorpio then took the Mytheme on the outside after some drafting, claiming the third place during the fifth lap. The Radiant would soon lose the lead to the Celero after a dummy overtake at the back straight, using the extra momentum and excelent tune to beat the Shromet in the turn in for turn 2.

Further at the back the Eezeemove fought for the place with the Deshevo and Sabre, but both cars managed to block its attempts to overtake draft after draft and tuner after turn. Hollerhausen then started driving more defensively, trying to come up with a strategy in the long run; meanwhile, from lap 23 to lap 30 the MSL and the Traveller had an intense dogfight with some paint sharing. However, the fight was ultimately won by the ACA, taking the lead after a draft followed by a quick dummy overtake.

In lap 34, the Cannonball Special bumped into the GBSC, taking MacRoye out of her line and taking her place; however MacRoye regained control of the vehicle in time to avoid getting overtaken by the Colosseo that was already getting ready to dodge the Bepis-sponsored vehicle and take the place. Sivutuuli, Bonkarenko and Roberts where in a pack without many events, appart from the occasional draft and attempt to overtake each other, with the Wallys National a bit ahead of them.

Leading the last pack was the Bogliq Maverick, comfortably repealing the attacks from the Dragoon and Senator. The Bromine, Bugbear and Fallwing were struggling to keep up with the rest, closing the grid.

Laps 35 - 70

The Cannoball Special went back at it; letting the car rest on the side of Eric Jonrosh’s car, #13 gained its place after the turn. Some action was taking place at the rear as well, with the Bogliq gaining two places from an excellently placed draft that allowed the blue car to have more momentum than anyone else during the front section.

More action in the midpack: the Traveller took advantage of a mistake the Eezeemove made that allowed the ACA to take the interior before the former could correct its line; a few places were lost during that mistake, now sitting in the midpack, but the driver soon rejoined the action with no intention of falling behind.

The Celero kept the lead with the Radiant behind, with no opportunity for the Shromet to overtake though. Taking a better line, the Saber overtook Connaughan on the outside in turn 2, now placing itself fourth overall and behind the Maine Motors.

Laps 70 - 105

With the first few pit stops underway, the cars mounted fresh tyres and more fuel to burn; the first three didn’t switch places this time; the action was once again in the midpack. With the Mytheme fighting the Sabre back and taking its place again, the Stallion was now left running fifth overall. Taking advantage of the pit stops by stopping early, the Eezeemove recovered quite a few places, running eighth at that point.

The Archer was being harrassed by the Traveller, wanting to go up another place, without any success; the Traveller was unable to fool the Archer’s driver, nor was it able to outgun it. Right behind the Traveller a fight took place between the Regal and the MSL; outgunning the Regal, the MSL took the outside in turn 1 and got the place. MacRoye gave Cannonball a taste of his own medicine, slightly bumping him to get to complete the overtake; Cannonball recovered from that before spinning out.

In the back pack, the Maverick was overtaken by the Usurper and the Champion, blocking the attempts from the Barrier at the same time. The Senator gained a place but still struggled to follow the pace of the rest of the contenders, which had lapped Sinistra by that time.

Laps 105 - 140

Nothing changed during this period at the front; the action was exclusively in the mid-rear pack. The Regal, MSL and Darwin went past the Special, followed but not with the same success by the Ares and Colosseo, who couldn’t get past.

MacRoye understeered into a wall by accident, letting the Special, Ares, Birmingham and Colosseo past before being able to regain control. The back pack remained the same for the most part.

Laps 140 - 175

Some changes were finally seen at the front during this segment: the Celero nearly lost control due to its worn tyres, having to stop, an opportunity both the Radiant and the Scorpio took to overtake it; however the Maesima was quickly out of the pit lane and recovering its third place from the Mytheme and Sabre.

This time around the midpack was the place that was devoid of action; however, the Regal could overtake the MSL back and the Maverick recovered its place from the Usurper. The rest of the grid was either running away or in packs with not many events taking place. However, in lap 173 the differential of the Tariuz started making weird noises and smoking.

Laps 175 - 200

During the last stretch of the race the Celero managed to overtake the Scorpio, taking the second place. A long lasting battle between the Radiant and the Maesima was now taking place as they approached lap 200 and the white flag indicating the last lap was waved. The Maesima managed to overtake the Radiant at some point, taking the lead which would be kept until the checkered flag, winning the Daytona 500. The Regal was yet again overtaken by the MSL, and the most notable event in this segment is the Tariuz’s differential breaking down in lap 176, forcing the driver to drop out of the race.

The final results for the Daytona 500 and current championship standings are the following:

  1. Dale R. Thomas (Maesima Celero). 20 points.
  2. Joseph Biffle (Shromet Radiant). 15 points.
  3. Ayrton Wallace (Grehet Mytheme). 10 points.
  4. Oliver Ross (Maine Motors Scorpio). 5 points.
  5. Marc Donovan (Stallion Saber). 4 points.
  6. Mike Connaughan (RM Dermott). 3 points.
  7. Vlad Kostyrov (Deshevo). 2 points.
  8. Martin Hollerhausen (Eezeemove CTFM) 1 point.
  9. Ryan Mitchell (ACA Traveller). 0 points.
  10. James Dunne (JHW Archer). 0 points.
  11. Michael Fußmacher (RAM MSL). 0 points.
  12. Adam Spront III (RCM Regal). 0 points.
  13. Maxine Smart (Oldman Darwin). 0 points.
  14. George Titcomb (Cannonball Special). 0 points.
  15. Eric Jonrosh (LMC Ares). 0 points.
  16. Daniel Rodrigues (Vitorino Colosseo). 0 points.
  17. James Peech (Wallys National). 0 points.
  18. Marvin Callaway (Birmingham 6000). 0 points.
  19. Danielle MacRoye (GBSC V590). 0 points.
  20. Tuomo Sivutuuli (Amerigo Champion). 0 points.
  21. Vlad Bolovic (Bogliq Maverick). 0 points.
  22. Barry Bonkarenko (PMI Usurper). 0 points.
  23. Luke Roberts (Allendale Barrier). 0 points.
  24. Buddy O’Brien (IOS Dragoon). 0 points.
  25. Luke Sinistra (Sinistra Senator). 0 points.
  26. Hruck Bugbear. 0 points.
  27. William Moore (Bramble Bromine). 0 points.
  28. Takumi Kakayama (TSR Fallwing). 0 points.
  29. Parizon Tariuz. 0 points.

Times spreadsheet: (it’s an Excel file this time around, as it is quite big).