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[UE4] ASCAR - 1987 season. Race 5, Bristol!


did you resubmit your car after @Mr.Computah told you to?


this is not real though.

and i saw the car, it looks nothing like the production variant. in any creditable fashion.

just for reference this is the tail of my car

yours was maybe 40% of that. like it or not, it wasn’t good enough.


Very nice write up, appreciate the effort but it’s a bit difficult to follow because there’s no reference for the car positions at the start.

It would be great if you could put the qualifying/starting positions ahead of the race report.


your not being singled out for that. at ALL. you are being singled out because you put no effort into making your care resemble the road car. when people did the photo edits, the cars underneath at least had some detailing on the rear. if you can’t see that the road car and race car bare little resemblance to one another, then I don’t know what else to say, really.


Simply put, your production car has a bent nose, the race car doesn’t.


Um, yes you are. The rule was that the only obvious morph difference from the production car should be the wheel arches. As in the other morphs should be as close as possible to the production variant.

Also, please avoid double posting. It clutters the thread.


Don’t douple post. please.


Team Sinistra Racing

“Twenty-fifth place. Given the circumstances, not a bad overall finish.” Luke Sinistra said to the reporter. “I have no prior racing experience, at least not in stock-cars. This car is as different as it could possibly be from what I’m used to driving. But, it held together, and I had a good bit of fun, even if it’s a bit of a handful on the track.”

“So, how different is the Senator we can buy from the Senator on the track?”

“Oh, about the only thing we share between the factory Senator and this thing is the body panels. Underneath, they’re as different as physically possible. You know the regs for the stock cars, so when I tell you that the Senator’s a front-wheel-drive, inline-6 powered family cruiser, with a unibody frame and independant rear suspension, it’ll tell you just how different they really are.” Luke replied.

“So, why not the Sinistra Savage?”

“We couldn’t make the engine small enough. The Savage uses a massive V8, 662 cubic inches. These need a 5.9 liter V8, so… Yeah, we couldn’t sleeve and de-stroke it enough to make it work. That said, the legacy lives on. Our racing engine is an all-aluminum beauty.”

“Isn’t that a bit risky?”

“It’s the material of the future. Give it a decade and every car will have at least an aluminum head on it. Give it two decades and every car will have aluminum alloy blocks and heads to shed weight. We’ve even got a few experiments going regarding the use of aluminum in body panels. Aluminum’s not to be feared, they make planes out of the stuff.”


Due to circumstances regarding the production of the track-car Takemi wasn’t able to participate in the ASCAR '87 Season’s famous premier Daytona 500 race. However we hope to be able to enter the season in the second race, the Conke-Cola 100.

Kanta Takano’s #42 Takemi Power 280-GXR-ASCAR-Spec

Hope good luck to everyone in the 2nd race!


Leeroy Racing Garage

Post Daytona 500

Chief Engineer’s Office

CE: “So, Vlad is it? Talk to me about yesterday’s race, in your own words…”

VB: “What do you want to know?”

CE: “Tell me about the car, your feelings about it and how you went in the race”

VB: “Uhh, OK. The car is great! Solid, stable and reliable. I was able to avoid any accidents and I was agile enough to score a couple of places from a sneaky draft maneuver!”

CE: “But you then lost those places… Why was that?”

VB: “Uhhh, the truth is that the car is too slow. The front runners are quicker than me by five whole seconds!”

CE: “Yeah, our data gathering concurs with your assessment. Unfortunately we don’t have the budget for a new engine at this time so… We need you to do a few, uhh, advertising opportunities for us…”

As seen on TV a few days later
VB: “Hi everyone! My name is Vlad, Vlad the Impaler and when I want to protect my country from Muslim invaders I go to Bob’s skewered Beef!!! The tastiest flamed grilled beef in all Florida!!!”

VB: “Whether you need to impale just yourself, a couple or a whole country of peasants, Bob has the best value and the best quality bar none!”

VB: “So, you don’t need to be a winner at the Daytona 500, there are plenty of Bob’s skewered Beef restaurants throughout the good 'ole USA!”

VB: “Get down to Bob’s and skewer yourself a bargain today!!!”


GBSC-Bepis Garage, Post Daytona

FUCK.” Danielle was not pleased. She threw her helmet across the garage, hitting a pit hand, and storming out. Crew chief & team owner Grey Lawrence followed her out.
“You did good.” Lawrence said once he caught up to her. She stares down Lawrence, a cold, hard, angry stare. “So, no interviews I take it.”
“Fuck no. Take your interviews and shove them up your arse.”
“Fine, fine.”


Damn man, that extra point of drivability more than made up for the small difference in lap time. I saw no mention of the Radiant’s damage but it appears to have 2, what would that mean?

edit: nevermind, I took a look at the spreadsheet and may have spotted a technical issue, actual RP and commenting will wait for later

The battle between the real Americans and the (weirdly Brit aided) Communists will continue!


After the race, team Maesima/Armada Racing found a strange picture taped to their garage…


Not until you explain how you ran the last 56 laps of that race on literally no gas :joy: :ok_hand:


Real Americans can find and the oil wherever they are. :eagle: :sunglasses:


Fenske Racing

Powered by Stallion

The now infamous privateer racing team that has made it's name in various sports and endurance series around the world is rejoined by the now aging Marc Donovan, backed by factory support from Stallion calling on their contacts of dealerships, parts makers and engineering companies to boost presence using the 1987 ASCAR season and catalyse sales of new models coming out after the recovery of the post-energy crisis economic difficulties. This will likely be the 50 year old Donovan's last outing in the world of competitive motorsports after a long and illustrious career spanning everything from sports car to open-wheel racing.

One of the cars promoted at the events: the soon-to-be released (for '88) Stallion Saber gen3 Afterburner.

Entering the challenge is a 4 door sedan version’s shell (as no regular 2 door coupes exist in the body styles for the model, only a hardtop as seen above) with the production 366ci-based de-bored and heavily retuned to a 360ci V8 pumping out 423hp. That shell has been modified (the rear doors are non-functional) and interior stripped, then fitted over a tubular steel spaceframe chassis. Using a beefed up race-spec 4 speed manual, the V8 sends power through a locking differential to the rear wheels.

The Stallion Saber ASCAR in racing form

Read the true story behind this team

So I think a fair few of you will have cottoned onto who my team really are: it’s Penske Racing and the driver is of course the incredible Mark Donohue. As many of you will have heard from me by now, Stallion is an homage to AMC, who went racing in NASCAR with the Flying Brick, the Matador coupe, under Penske. The thing is that by 1987 Mark was already dead by this time but I’m just going to RP this a little differently by making him go to NASCAR at the end after his F1 episode and then lay the character down. The Saber mk3 is a modernized Spirit stretched up to the size of a Concord, and the Afterburner is something that visually mimics the Spirit AMX but actually goes more for something like a GNX in terms of performance. More on that soon. That V8 used here is something like a gen3.5 AMC V8, but again, it’s all Stallion. Anyway, so hopefully it does as well as the Matador did in real life :crossed_fingers:

The 2018 Summer Automation Collector Car Auction Challenge (AUCTION CHALLENGE HAS ENDED, THANK YOU ALL FOR PARTICIPATING!)

Has the race started?


Scroll up


At the VGRT boxes after the race:

Team manager: “16th, huh? Not great, but not bad either, it’s our first time at a oval circuit.”

Daniel: “Yeah, it wasn’t a bad race.”

T.M.: “And how was the car?”

Daniel: “Not bad, it isn’t hard to drive and can corner quite well, but the engine/transmission need some better tunning, our acceleration and top speed are average at best.”

T.M.: “What about the next race? What do you think?”

Daniel: “The Begginer’s Course? It’s a really short circuit, so acceleration and short cornering are important. I wouldn’t bet too high, our acceleration isn’t so good, even if our cornering is. But being optimistic… with some luck… we may get a top 10.”

T.M.: “Well, it’s something. Go take your break, we’ll check the data we’ve got from this race for now.”


info: v
[somebody is doing stuff]
“somebody says stuff”

things happening at Eezeemove:

time: directly after the finish line
[Martin crosses the finish line, not really knowing where he had finished]
[Martin starts a radio conversation to the pit crew]
Martin: “Is it over now? Where did i place? I wanna know where i finished”
Pit Road: [puts on a very calm, almost non-emotional voice]
“Everything is good over here, you finished P8, P8 is where you are at.”
Martin: [taking the foot of the throttle in confusion]
“wait… did we score points?”
Pit Road: “yeah… we did get one single point for your performance”
Martin: [plants the foot onto the floor again, but releasing it soon after to avoid any collisions]
screams into the microphone, full of joy and relief… nothing can be understood here
Pit Road: [multiple people throwing their head-sets across the garage]
“it´s alright, calm down, Martin, calm down… we know you are happy and stuff and we are proud of
you for the job you did out there, but you do not have to deafen us right now, just scream around in
happiness when you are here…”
Martin: [starts singing “quietly”, but still hearable in pit road as he left the radio on]
“Thüringer Klöößeee,
Die mag ich sehr,
Sie schmecken mir am besten,
Egal wo ich auch immer bin…”
[Finally realizes the radio is still on and turns it off]
Pit Road: “at least he can song somewhat well…”