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[UE4] ASCAR - 1987 season. Race 5, Bristol!




Is anybody having problems with the sellability?I know it doesn’t matter but…


i have 0 in all classes, so yes


thats fairly impressive, but there must be a reason to cover reliability


Is anybody having problems with the sellability?I know it doesn’t matter but…

Name: Imperator Augustus

Age: 2081 (born 63bc) Technically 38, bung from 27bc to 2016 via time machine

Prior racing background: Raced chariots around the Circus Maximus in Rome.

Augustus was brought into the modern era when NFNS (NotFast NotFurious) decided it was a good idea to bring one of Rome’s greatest Emperors forward in time. Still believes everyone around him must bow down to him. Will behead anyone who annoys him, makes a pretty good driver though.

Team: NotFast NotFurious (NFNS)

Car: Heavily Modified NFNS Bolero


The original NFNS Bolero was a simpleton’s car, made for the common audience. However when the old CEO was given the boot and the position was given to an eccentric scientist turned car enthusiast, things took a weird turn…

More to come soon


Well, sellability is gonna be low because driving a nascar daily would be extremely uncomfortable and deafening. I wouldn’t worry about it.


Team Taco Bell-Coleman Racing.

The car: 1986 Maine Motors Scorpio.

A “muscle” car from the late Malaise era, known for its 225hp 5 liter v8, the Maine Motors Scorpio quickly became a favorite in the drag strips of the USA. However, in 1987, it was picked as the car of choice for Coleman Racing to take part in the ASCAR series during the season that would take place the same year.

After putting the shell on a spaceframe chassis, stripping out the interior and leaving only the racing essentials, the livery was the next step for the team; only Taco Bell decided to be their main sponsor…will they win the confidence of the fast food chain or will they lose the sponsorship at the end of the year?

The driver: Oliver Ross.
Age: 19
Why are they taking part in the ASCAR?: As a dirt oval racer for two years, and still considered “a kid” by many veteran racers, Oliver has yet to prove himself in professional racing. Will the ASCAR be his final test to be recruited by a bigger and more influential team? Only time will say.

Taco Bell-Coleman Racing wishes every team good luck.


Let me ask why is the competition runner entering?

Isnt that going to cause plenty of problems?


Team Birmingham Factory team
The car: 1986 Birmingham 6000P

a faux-luxury 80s coupe with a gutless v6 for standard, however it makes good sales and fits the ascar criteria perfectly. This special P variant has a 5.9l V8 making 416bhp and 540nm of torque. it also has a galvanised space frame and coil suspension front and back.

The sponsor, randall steel provided the necessary metals for this car for free and therefore got a free sponsorship.
The driver, marvin callaway was a young oval racer in the 60s so has gained a lot of expertise over the years, and hopes to bring back his 1st big prize this season


Team: Seabeast Motorsport
Driver: Eric Jonrosh
Age: 21
Base car: LMC Ares S

Engine: welp, I hope 423hp is enough.

Edit: Needed more stripes for speed

The LMC Ares S was LMC’s somewhat boring premium coupe in the mid 80’s. With 160 hp, it wasn’t terribly fast, but at least it was easy to drive. In an effort to help the Ares stand out in the crowd, LMC created a racing team to enter the '87 ASCAR season.


Name: Tuomo Sivutuuli
Age: 31
Prior racing background: banger racing, demolition derby, rallycross
Background: Born in Laitila, Finland. Moved to USA a few years ago, lives in Duluth, Minnesota.

Team: Amerigo Motorsports
Car: Amerigo Champion SuperSport


Read pls.

You’re fine.

That’s some real spaff :weary::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


LHE co would like to patition the ASCAR governing body for a chance to enter our production engine with an induction handicap (limited to one 4bbl) carb.

Unit specification are 92x98.7 SOHC 3v (5.2L)

We at LHE belive that Stock car racing should be representitve of our actual product.

Please let us know if this would be acceptable.

(Asking for lore reasons)


-P-M-I- will in due time reveal their entry into the ASCAR 1987 season.

We can already share with you the vehicle on which the entry car will be based, both the body as well as the engine: the '87 special Police Interceptor version of our PMI Usurper.


Team Katana Racing

This is the 1987 TSR Fallwing Turbo. It’s very popular among tuners. It’s engine is a turbocharged V6 making 350HP. It’s engine is capable of making 500HP. This car is from Japan designed by the Europeans. It has been putting shame on muscle cars and with its AWD, it can beat the Buick Grand National. The first model year for this generation is 1985 and the facelift in 1987 which introduces the Turbo trim. Team Katana, the team for TSR for racing used this car to prove that Japan can be in the ASCAR. And the car uses its iconic flaked red paint.

Driver: Takumi Kakayama
This driver has been a driver for team Katana in racing. He’s a professional racer. He reckons he can win together with the TSR Fallwing Ascar.


Unfortunately, no. The rules state no use of SOHC, DAOHC or DOHC. Even if it is for lore reasons.

Besides, if you allow one person to do so, then whats stopping others from doing so to? This essentially negates the rules laid out by @Mr.Computah who would have spent a significant amount of time making these rules


I only asked to be selfish, and I’m not expecting an answer of yes, I just have a very strict adherence to my fictitious lore whenever possible.


Introducing the 1987 Cannonball Special:

Custom-built by Cannonball Garage, under the leadership of team owner and driver George “Cannonball” Titcomb, the Cannonball Special is a one-off special, drawing on George’s extensive experience building cars for stock car races all over the southeastern US.

Driver: George “Cannonball” Titcomb
Age: 46

Background: George was born in Tennessee in 1940, to a family with speed in their blood. From an early age, George helped out on the family farm, and very quickly showed an aptitude for all things mechanical - not just driving, but building them too. Good thing too, because the Titcomb family were the most notorious moonshiners in all of Tennessee - they needed vehicles and drivers that could outrun and outsmart the police, to ensure that their, umm, product, could make it to their thirsty customers.

Naturally, with George’s talent, he soon was drawn into the world of dirt track racing, where his cars soon dominated the local racing circuit, and he built a name for himself as both a ferocious competitor and as a talented car builder and mechanic…and also for a rather casual relationship with the rulebook. This served George well, as he soon set his sights on the biggest stage of all - ASCAR. Entering his first car in 1965, George found success very quickly in the series, with innovative (and often questionably legal) cars that pushed the very limit of what was possible.

George is one of the more beloved personalities on the ASCAR circuit, with his trademark porkpie hat and a corncob pipe that he still carries with him in the race car, much to the chagrin of ASCAR officials…the only group of people on God’s green Earth that George doesn’t greet with a big smile, firm handshake and loud “how y’all doin’ this fine day?”


Question: For lore purposes, I don’t have a V8 that technically meets 5.9 liters. I do have one that is greater than 5.9 liters, however. If I use the Variant Capacity to limit the engine size to 5.9 (or slightly lower, perhaps), can I run with it?


So long as the final displacement is 5900cc or less, I cannot see this being an issue in any shape or form. Though I am not the final word to give on this.