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[UE4] ASCAR - 1987 season. Race 5, Bristol!


The Car:

This is the 1987 Sinistra Senator. Powered by a longitudinally mounted 4 liter I6, turning the front wheels, this family sedan is a fairly common sight on highways, usually with three screaming kids in the back.

Team: Sinistra Racing
Driver: Luke Sinistra
Age: 60, but he looks 40.

Prior racing background: Ran at least three times in junkyard car runs under a different name in 2017 through 2018.

Luke Sinistra is the CEO and founding member of Sinistra Motors. His story is complicated, but the simple version is that he was built as a prototype combat drone in the year 2000, but funding cuts and a major malfunction led to the project being scrapped. As the only working prototype, he was transferred to Storm Automotive, where the (at the time) current CEO was owed a big favor. Taking the name Luke Light at the time, he quickly rose through the ranks, eventually taking the position of CEO. In 2020, he retired from Storm Automotive after a series of mechanical failures started to take their toll. Calling in a favor, he was granted the use of a modernized variant of the combat drone chassis, now outfitted with synthetic skin. Taking up the look of a middle-aged man, he finished his time machine project, went back to 1947, and started a new car company with the knowledge of the future.

The Car:

Sadly, the only thing this Sinistra Senator shares with the street version is the body panels. Instead of getting a 4 liter, 3v SOHC inline 6 and FWD, with fully independant rear suspension on a monocoque chassis, this one gets a 5.9 liter V8 with pushrods fired through the rear wheels, with a solid axle on coil springs and a spaceframe tube chassis.

The 5.9 liter V8 is an all custom job, heavily modifying the 5.2 liter V8 production engine from SOHC to OHV, and dramatically boring out the cylinders.

Rather than change the hood, Luke left the turbo bulge in there, paying his respects to the original powertrain the car should have.

Yeah, I decided to make a V8 after all. I couldn’t get the old 464 CI power plant to make the same power as the 5.9 I made to start with, not with the variant capacity limited to 5.9. Was almost 50 horsepower low (but then again, I don’t do much with OHV and there’s a reason for that) and couldn’t get that amount up. So I’ll run with my 418 horsepower 5.9 liter engine.

And yeah, I’m a little disappointed that I can’t enter a proper lore car, but I can work with this. Plus, I’m not so sure anyone would have enjoyed having a L-FWD SOHC I6 on the track.


Then you must enter a racing series that allows production cars with production engines, or at least cars and engines derived from those.

(N)ASCAR simply regulates all participants to use a V8 OHV with carburator. Even if this design is outdated in production cars - and for some brands already in the 80’s. Strictly from the ASCAR-rules I presume here you may at least choose 60° or 90° V8, or did I miss something there?


Oh, I know that, just that my whole company lore is based around pretty much the exact opposites of the challenge requirements. Hence the mild disappointment, but working with it anyway. Was still a fun challenge to build the car.



Shock news out as GBSC reveals a... boring, eco friendly passenger car?

“Do these magazines not read!?” An almost 75 year old Christopher Greenway, CEO of GBSC, slams his fist on the table. “Get Lawrence on the line, Jenny! We have an ASCAR to show off!”

A few minutes later, Christopher is on the Telephone.
“Lawrence, great to hear from you!”
“You too, Chris, you too.” came the voice from the other end. “What’s this call about?”
“Get your men off their asses, and show these ‘journalists’ the new V590.”
“In or out of livery?”
“In. Look, we need to show we’re not going ‘boring.’”
“Got it!” The phone line goes dead, and Christopher places the phone back down.

“Get that V8 in, now! Quick, quick, quick. The boss gave me explicit instructions to get her to Daytona for some practice!”

The Car:

Based off of the “economy” GBSC V590, the racing car is the specked up racing monster. Same V8, but modified to all hell, same GBSC spaceframe, Double Wishbone front, Solid Axle Coil rears, we think we’re good enough for a mid pack.

The Team:
GBSC-:b:epis Motorsport are the GBSC Factory team for this series. The Sponsorship with :b:epis was last minute, so sponsorship elsewhere is lax.

Danielle MacRoye.
Danielle has been driving with the GBSC family since the mid 70’s. She has a main background in Dirt Oval Racing, Rally, Rallycross, and the British Touring Car Championship. She’s a 2x BTCC Champion, and won her fair share of rally stages, too. She’s 42 years old, and hails from Belfast, Northern Ireland.


You’re scaring me with that thing.


And too wheelspinny


Wallys National Coupe (International, SOON :tm:)

Name: James Peech (from Texas)
Age: 45
Prior racing background: doing redneck things (rollcoaling to all the village). - It was working on his uncle workshop, and later, mechanic from the Wallys ASCAR team.
Background: Ninth child of 12, James was interested from an early age in the motor world.

At the age of 14, he began working in his uncle’s workshop, where he was taking mechanical notions. At age 16, he went with him to watch an ASCAR race in Daytona Beach, and became interested in the world of competition. I wanted to enter it.

At age 18, he obtained a driver’s license, and bought an old Wallys, which was modified in his uncle’s workshop, and began running races in his area, Texas.

His ambition to run in ASCAR was growing.

At age 24, he has already achieved a significant number of achievements in his area, and thanks to his uncle, who served as an intermediary, he obtained a position as a mechanic for the official team Wallys, at ASCAR. It started from below.

4 years later, Wallys was looking for a new driver, and seeing the track record that James had, in the local races, and his desire to run, they decided to do tests with him, to see if it was the pilot they were looking for, and so on. It was.


-P-M-I- joins ASCAR

Team: Right Turn Motorsports (by -P-M-I-)

Name: Barry ‘Bonkers’ Bonkarenko

Age: 30

Prior racing background: USAC Stock Car (4 wins), ARCA Racing Series (no podiums), Winston Cup Series (twice second at the Pocono 400, in 1983 and in 1985).

Background: Barry was born in Moscow. Moscow, PA. Son of George and Marie, second generation Ukranian immigrants. Barry fell in love with racing when he witnessed the inauguration of the nearby Pocono International Raceway as a 13 year old. He was allowed to start driving in local dirt short track races when he was 16 and quickly gained a repuation for his aggressive driving, leading to the nickname derived from his family name: Barry ‘Bonkers’. Regardless, the boy had talent and was invited to drive for a garage/family team in the USAC Stock Car series where he celebrated some successes.

ARCA gaining increased popularity over USAC, Barry switched to entertain the audiences there. However, his reputation preceded him and he had trouble finding a good team, as they all wanted to play safe. Thus, Barry moved to the Winston Cup, were he was a solid midpack racer, winning two podium places on the track where his racing ambitions started. Though occasionally entertaining the audience with a half-suicide dive on turn-in, and being a pleasantly crazy personality in the paddock, popular with the other drivers, he no longer displays his youthful recklessness.

Right Turn Motorsports, a new but ambitious team, sponsored by -P-M-I-, therefore has given him the opportunity to debut in the ASCAR competition. The goal is to yet again be at least a reliable mid-pack contender and have the occasional shot to surprise the favorites.

The Car: '87 -P-M-I- Usurper #28 ‘The Interceptor’


What would a “tolerable” driveability be?


“Look Cannonball…” the ASCAR official said with a sigh, “we know you’re upset about failing out of tech inspection, but the rules are the rules! We can’t just let you or anyone else go and violate them just for the hell of it! If we let everyone sneak somethin’ in here and somethin’ else in there, all of a sudden, ASCAR would be too expensive for guys like you to come out and race.”

“Hogwash!” Cannonball bellowed, his corncob pipe nearly falling out of the corner of his mouth, he was so upset. “You and yer little band a’ Yankee pinheads come down here with your big aahdeas and big-city sensibilities, and y’alls forget that it’s boys like me what made this here sport so big’n the first place!” he said, taking his pipe out of his mouth and pointing the mouthpiece at the officals for dramatic effect, starting them down as an uncomfortable silence settled on the discussion.

“Are you finished, George?” the head official said, rolling his eyes. “Here’s the list of discrepancies we’ve found with your entry so far; there are twelve items in total that you need to address before we can let you race.” The head official turned to the techs, who just finished draining the Cannonball Special’s fuel cell on the inspection stand, measuring the total volume to make sure the car met the specification. “Tell me that’s at least legal, gentlemen?” He asked them, an edge of frustration in his voice.

“Twenty-two gallons exactly!” the lead tech exclaimed.

“Well George, it looks like it’s just the twelve things we discussed.” The head official quipped.

“Is that a fact?” Cannonball replied, snatching the report from the officials hands, taking a couple of long draws on his pipe as he read the list. Folding the paper and tucking it into his shirt pocket, Cannonball jumped into the Special and fired the engine up…with what should have been an empty fuel tank. “Y’all better add a thirteenth item, then!” he huffed, slotting the Special into gear and driving back to his paddock.


For people talking about lore problems:

None of the manufacturers racing in Nascar had a V8 OHV engine with 5.9L at their production cars, Buick LeSabre (base car for Buick’s Nascar car) didn’t even had a V8, it had only three options of V6 engines from 3.0L to 3.8L.

Shape apart, your racing car has nothing to do with your production car, keep that in mind.


I’m pretty sure that ain’t twin 4 barrel carbs in it.


Pretty sure it’s also using more than seven points of quality in a slider.


No, that engine followed all quality rules, the engine was posted to scare @Mr.Computah (and others) It was built using Quad DCOE’s

Think of it as physiological warfare. My entry will have 423hp though.


what appp is that to build or desighn a car


Erm. The game?


you mean to tell me that… you come in to a forum based on a game, and you’re asking what are we using to make our car???

i have a question… where did you find this forum then?


i found it online and im actually im designing a car right now before i take myt peronall car to ther paint shot


are you typing on mobile or something???

and what are you designing ‘something’ on if you don’t even know the game until just like… 30 mins ago?

edit: and yes you found it online… we’re all online if we’re here. where specifically? facebook? twitter? some other forum? if i may ask



Is anybody having problems with the sellability?I know it doesn’t matter but…

Since you’re using leaded fuel, which is illegal in all regions, you will get 0 sellability. If you want to see how it sells, make a clone, set it up with a cat and super unleaded: You will lose about 15 horsepower, but you can see who would buy your car if you could sell it.