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[UE4] ASCAR - 1987 season. Race 5, Bristol!


Interceptor, the company, was looking for a way to advertise their recently reviewed Japanese sportscar in the USA, but all previous attempts had been futile. Then a young marketing manager said: “What’s a better way to sell sportscars, than to win the races? after all; win on sunday sell on monday?” The company looked into american culture and determined the ASCAR audience matched their customer demographics best.

The problem? Interceptor only makes lunatic turbocharged cars aimed at eqaully lunatic customers. Which of course is not allowed by ASCAR regulation. “On second thought, ASCAR doesn’t match with any of our products!” So the marketing manger said.

The solution he came up with?; “We shall buy a 10 year old american landbarge and tune it up to race spec, we will slap our awesome colours and chrome rims on, and pray for a win. that way the car will probably still be recognized as our product, and we’ll sell our turbolicious model to ASCAR fans, after all, who doesnt want a car with ASCAR looks (and seating) on the street?”

Name: Mr. Burnout
Age: 48
Background: Factory Test Racer


Hey people, @ramthecowy has started an awesome compilation of Automationverse sponsors and logos, you can use any of them in your liveries if you want!

This is the thread, check it out!


Don Birmingham was the Senior Development Engineer for the US branch of Ios, and he was concerned.

For the last 10 years, sales in the USA had steadily dropped, even after releasing three new models specifically aimed at what they thought were guaranteed market segments. People hadn’t disliked any of them, but most professional reviews had all pointed towards a certain ‘blandness’ that the models had in common, and how Ios had strayed from its original premise of interesting and desirable cars.

Suddenly the phone rang.

“Hello, this is Don Birmingham speaking”

“Oh hello Sir, how may I help you today Sir”

“Yes I understand, I am concerned with the numbers too Sir”

“Yes Sir, I agree. I think that the lack of a halo car in the market over here is definitely hurting sales. I did have a few ideas, but I haven’t run them past the board here yet”

“Oh really? Well, if that’s…Yes Sir, I understand Sir”

“Well I know that we have just released the Dragoon in Europe, and from what I understand we were considering it for the US market as well, but we lacked a suitable engine to compete over here.”

“The one for the Italian Navy project? Well I guess it might be suitable with some refit and modifications.”

“Yes, those numbers sound about right. I’d have to check the regulations, we haven’t really looked at entering ASCAR since we didn’t have anything close to meeting the requirements, but if both the car and the engine line up I’m pretty sure that our Competitions team will be able to work their magic on it.”

“Yes Sir, at once Sir. Thank you Sir, I’ll let them know straight away Sir.”

Don put the phone down and exhaled slowly. It wasn’t everyday that you received a phone call directly from the company owner. It was even less often that you got given a “pet project” and the authority to hand out up to 50% bonuses for people involved if it ends up a success. There was still a lot of work to do, as he hadn’t even seen the engine that was already on a boat from Europe, let alone figured out how to make the whole package work both commercially and competitively. If he could pull it off, however… He might just be a shoe in for that engineering position on the senior council!

The Team: Ios Competition Division

The Driver
Name: Buddy O’Brien
Age: 26
Background: US born from Irish parents, Buddy started out racing motorbikes before being picked up by a spotter and moving into open-wheelers. Always praised for his determination, professionalism, and unstereotypical calm temperament, this will be his first foray into ASCAR.

The Car
Name: Ios Dragoon
Released in UK and Europe in January 1986, the Dragoon was the latest in Ios’ line-up of cars, and was a completely new model aimed at the sports coupe market. Refined but purposeful, it was aimed at people who wanted something more sporting than a Jaguar XKS, but more luxurious than a BMW M3. In 1987, Ios released a range-topping model named the Dragoon Americana, in which a 4L v8 was shoehorned in. In order to help raise awareness and desirability, a modified version was entered into ASCAR for the 1987 season. Ios didn’t have an engine in any of their cars that would suit the regulation, but took a risk by reengineering a 6.0L V8 marine engine for competition use.


That body is banned from the competition. Check the OP to see which bodies can be used



I swear I saw it above… sigh

back to ye olde drawinge boarde
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#86 - Leeroy Racing Bogliq Maverick

Founded mid '86 to build, prepare and campaign an '87 spec Maverick ASCAR for Bogliq USA. Leeroy Racing is looking for consistent results and clean racing to ensure buyers learn to respect and love Bogliq Automotive and, in particular, the Maverick large car…

Name: Vlad Bolovic
Age: 32
Prior racing background: Has raced at a grass-roots level in Moldova for many years.
Background: Given the seat because he won an internal Bogliq Europe competition to find a driver on the cheap who had racing experience with large V8’s


Glad to see Bogliq entering!


Yup, especially if you want to come first! :crazy_face:


Number 32 C.A.I.A Genova

The Team:

C.A.I.A Hershey’s Motorsport

The Car:

In Europe sold as the Ceder Ciervo in America marketed as the C.A.I.A Genova, the entire underpinnings of the car have been removed no more longitudinal front wheel drive and no more independent rear suspension. In place of the fuel injected V6 engine is a full roar and big bore twin carburetorred OHV 5.9 litre V8.

Only the body panels and doors are shared with that of the standard Genova sedan and are placed atop a galvanized spaceframe chassis. All the leather and overly complex electronics of the standard car have been removed and in their place is the just bare bones of the car, role cage and a single racing seat.

The Driver:

Morgan Campbell
Age: 23

Why did they enter:

C.A.I.A needed to boost popularity for the Genova and what other way to do it other than with the nations favourite motorsport. Entering a new discipline caused for a new driver Morgan was recruited and has become known by the team for his understanding of the way a car behaves on steep cambered corners and his lust to win and generally positive outlook was a welcome addition.


Not sure if I’ll actually enter this yet, but building test cars I noticed that flatplane crankshafts are apparently allowed - maybe you’d want to ban these to make sure all cars bellow and none shriek, @Mr.Computah?


About flatplane crankshafts, I decided to allow them as they come bundled with a reliability hit.


Yeah… about that… mine shrieks :flushed:

It makes 3 more HP though, at only one rel. point less :speak_no_evil:


Mine bellows, and it’s insanely loud.


Bramble Bromine

Due to the lower than expected sales of the new Bromine, the decision was made to branch out into ASCAR for the first time. Lacking any knowledge in ASCAR, Bramble are using this season to gather data for potential wins next year. However, they left it a bit late, and required assistance from a certain sportscar company to even get the car ready on time, not to mention sponsorships were…a bit lacking. However, the 425hp ‘Yorkshire Rose’ should provide the grid with a plucky Brit to do battle with the Americans, even if, like all plucky Brits, it ends badly. Possibly on fire.

Stock Bromine is Stock

The Bromine ASCAR, before sponsorship was added

Due to said time problems, Bramble has had to use their fastest (only) test driver, William ‘Bill’ Moore, the 44-year-old son of co-founder Samuel. Despite his age, Bill has never driven in motorsport with other competitors, instead preferring time trials and rallies. Bill lives by the motto ‘Assume all other drivers are idiots’, resulting in a conservative driving style when off track. It will be interesting to see how he copes with such a change in pace over the coming season.

Moore will be driving his lucky #13 Yorkshire Rose under the official Bramble Motors Team, White Rose Racing (WRR). We at Bramble wish all drivers good luck in the coming season.


Mood room.

Hey people, you can find an ASCAR mood room here to get you hyped up. Special thanks to @accent for the awesome PIT ambience! You can propose more stuff for me to add to the mood room as well :wink:

ASCAR PIT ambience:

Hans Zimmer - Car Building (from Days of Thunder):

Race to win from Project Bug Cars 2:

Let’s go away from Daytona Championship USA 3:


60% wheelspin in second gear is just part of the charm, right?


One of us is doing something extremely wrong, cause I’m burning the clutch till like … 60kph and then it’s plain grip


Screaming tire-fire in first (56.5% wheelspin) up to a little shy of 60 MPH, then no spin in 2, 3, or 4.

So, not sure, but looks like we’ve got three different strategies here for gearing.


i have managed to squeeze a 55.34 out of my car at daytona


Maybe better to keep that a secret