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[UE4] ASCAR - 1987 season. Race 5, Bristol!


Allendale Motors

Name: Luke “The Drifter” Roberts
Age: 35
Prior Racing Experience: “The Drifter” gained his nickname from the Hank Williams character, “Luke the Drifter” due to Roberts religious attitude in his early sprintcar career. After praying and then finally powering his way into the big time of Indycar, Roberts soon tired of the cut-throat nature of the open wheeler scene, only to find an equally bad scene in stockcars.

Tiriing of the scene he accepted a “last drive” with Allendale Motor’s team seven years ago and has never looked back, finding a wholesome family of mechanics that have given him faith in himself again

Team: Since 1965 Allendale Motors has been racing in America under various names to dodge creditors and lawyers, with their latest team, Pitney-Baker Autosport (named for the last two mechanics in the team not to have a team named after them!) being the ones to catch for mid-field NASCAR success, however, with the teams calm attitude suiting the bush league NASCAR rounds it’s yet to be seen how they’ll cope when they’re under the pressure of a full-on ASCAR season.

Car: The Allendale Barrier has been in production since 1966 and over the last 21 years the car has changed from a small muscle car to a big American barge, with the Barrier ASCAR being based upon the 422ci V8 “Roadhawk” (commonly used as a Taxi in upstate New York) and the 302ci Inline-6 Turbo “Skylighter” (commonly broken down)

The race car was built from the 1986 Allendale NASCAR with their 360ci V8 also taken from the same car, while the rules are similar, Allendale had to spend a considerable amount of time making the NASCAR, ASCAR ready.

The Skylighter

The Roadhawk

The Racecar


Thanks for the reference; I now know that I am half a second slower.


Transcript of the interview with Barry Bonkarenko of Team Right Turn Motorsports (by PMI) for the occasion of the introduction of Shrödinger’s Surprise as official sponsor:

Transcription by Julie F. Forsyth, secretary, Shrödinger’s Surprise Corp.

Interviewer: We are here with PMI-driver Barry Bonkarenko. Mr. Bonkarenko, how are you?
Bonkers: Great, Jimmy – I can call you Jimmy right?
Interviewer: Eh… ye…
Bonkers: Great! And I am fine thank you, finally some milk.
Interviewer: …
Bonkers: …
Interviewer: … Milk?
Bonkers: Yes! Finally! I had to ask my manager to insist at the hotel. Barry is a big boy, I like my bottle of milk in the morning. Next to the omelet, bacon, sausages, toast, and a cream cheese bagel.
Interviewer: … That’s great…
Bonkers: It is! Milk is great!
Interviewer: Anyway, let’s move on to the c…
Bonkers: And Potatoes!
Interviewer: … Sorry?
Bonkers: Potatoes. They are great. I love potatoes.
Interviewer: … Ok… Anyway! Let’s move on to the car!
Bonkers: Ah, the Interceptor.
Interviewer: Yes, yes, the Interceptor, how is it.
Bonkers: Slow.
Interviewer: …
Bonkers: …
Interviewer: So, it’s a bad car?
Bonkers: No, no! Not at all, it’s a great car. Easy to drive, reliable, fantastic noise. Just slow.
Interviewer: How slow?
Bonkers: Top speed; fairly sure we have the lowest horsepower rating of the field.
Interviewer: So, you’re not very hopeful for Daytona then?
Bonkers: I’m looking forward, see the guys in the paddock, smell the fuel and tires and oil; get on the track. But we’ll most like be last on the tri-oval. At least of those cars reliable enough to last until the end without major mishaps.
Interviewer: That doesn’t sound very positive…?
Bonkers: Turn Right insisted that they are actually good at turning right, so I am looking forward to the road courses. The car also feels good on the smaller ovals.
Interviewer: So, you’re happy with your choice for Team Right Turn Motorsports?
Bonkers: Mate! Jimmy! It’s ******* ASCAR. Of course I’m happy!
Interviewer: That’s an expressive ending to our interview. Thank you, Mr. Bonkarenko, for your time; and best of luck for the upcoming season.
Bonkers: It’s Barry. And Jimmy, we’ve got time, we’re here in the bar anyway. Let’s have a drink.
Interviewer: Ow, thank you, Mr. Bonk…
Bonkers: Barry.
Interviewer: Barry, I shouldn…
Bonkers: Honey! 2 scotch, double!
Unknown: Coming right up.

(Transcription note: tape recorder seems to switch on and off at sporadic, irregular intervals after this.)

Bonkers: …nd that’s when, you know, he just took it out and waved it at those nuns!
Interviewer: Hahahaha, oh god. Shhh, Barry, look at that group next to us, I think they only heard that last part.
Bonkers: Hey, you lot, come here. Come here! We drink, you drink. Let’s drink!

Bonkers (?): Heeyyupp.

Unknown: Oh my ******* god, that was a whole bleeping bottle!

Unknown, possibly Bonkers: POTATOOOO! Patato? PATATOOOO!

Unknown (Jimmy?): Uuuuuurrgggghhhh… Oh, ****… Beuuuuuurrrrkkkk… Pwwwusssssshhhh.

Interviewer: Hue!!? Oh ****. **** my ******* head. Wha…? Oh **** my plane. I have to get the **** up. ******* Bonkers, that’s why they ******* give you that ******* name, no? Whre the **** are my pants? Oh ****, they’re not here. I swear they are going ******* fire the **** out of me, what the **** does it matter whether or not I’m ******* wearing pants while they do it. Oooh, my head.


The Eezeemove Racing Division rolls up to the grid in their heavily modified 1987 Eezeemove CFTM!

George Eezee will be sitting in the drivers seat for this season and volunteered to introduce himself to us.

Name: George Eezee
Age: 26

Prior Racing Background: George had little to do with competitive racing for years but his overwhelming knowledge of vehicular motion made him frequently watch older ASCAR races live. The best he could do at age 24 was ride a bicycle as he did not hav any drivers licence. His father, Jeremiah Eezee, knew George loved ASCAR and made him get a drivers licence. After passing the test, he quickly was introduced as the least experienced but potenially most talented ASCAR driver.

Background: there is little to show here… George keeps his private life a secret (except for the drivers licence thing above)

I hope nobody is severe injured during the season… best of luck to hwoever is there.

  • George Eezee

Team: Eezeemove Racing Division
Team Background: The Eezeemove Racing Division (or EZR, for short) is a new team founded in early 1984. Initially, EZR had problems organizing itself and had difficulties in choosing the racing series to enter.
The first Formula series was not an option as they branched off of Eezemove Automotive, who were unable to engineer open-wheeled cars with sufficient aerodynamic capabilities. Then the focus shifted to ASCAR, proving easy enough to design and build a car meeting the regulations. As a driver the founder of t Eezeemove talked in his son. Why? Nobody knows, but things are how they are.
Having no problems with funding, EZR does not heavily rely on sponshorship contracts plastering their logos all over the car. The only external sponsoring contract (the other one being internal and unofficoal) signed was with Trembo Brakes, providing free brakes for the race car in the hopes of successful racing.

Car: Eezeemove CFTM
Car Number: #38
little info here…
it will be released with the start of the first ASCAR race


Bramble’s Test Track, 1 Week Before Entries Close for ASCAR '87

Transcript of television interview 02/04/1987 by Harry Hull, Trainee journalist

  • We have just heard that the number Bramble’s test driver was expecting to use in the upcoming ASCAR season was already taken - a very embarrassing situation for the British company to be in. Mr Moore! What’s your opinion on another team using your lucky number?

  • …WHAT?!

  • Mr Moore! ASCAR is asking for your number, failure to provide one could disqualify you!

  • Oh God… Erm…

  • Mr Moore?

  • …Did you do Chemistry, Mr…

  • Hull, Sir. I did enough, although it’s a bit rusty.

  • Right… Tell me, what was Bromine’s number?

  • The element? It has 35 mass, and…

  • There you go! #35 it is! That’s what we’ll run! Excuse me, I’ve got some calls to make.

  • Of course. You heard it here first folks! WRR is going to run the #35 for the coming season of ASCAR. Good luck WRR! I have been Harry Hull, from Bramble’s Test Track. Now, back to the studio!


Is that 2 lips in the front and one in the back I see?


It’s one mirrored. Just thought it looked better, and, to the best of my knowledge, doesn’t provide any excess downforce :sweat_smile:. Although if you feel like it’s against the rules, then I can change it.


I tested it myself, it doesn’t provide any extra downforce and hell, looks good on some cars, so :sweat_smile:


And here I thought somebody was Yunick’ing this thing.


i tried to, but i was poo-poo’d


hi i joined the forums not too long ago and would like to enter into ascar my new car fresh from hruck motors.


All you need to do is follow the instructions in the opening post.


just wondering how do you submit cars i read the opening post and searched the forums
but im not sure how to send the car ?


Press on their profile pic and press message


You press the save icon in-game next to your car trim in the sandbox overview menu. The exported file will then appear in your Automation documents folder. The game should tell you where, but this should be [User]\Documents\My Games\Automation\CarSaveExport.

Your screenshots taken with the in-game photoshoot option are also to be found here.


thank you.


a) don’t double post
b) There’s a recommended entry style in the rules.
c) your picture didn’t upload.


sorry about that i was having all kinds of problems .


You’re both doing standing starts I presume, in which case, it means absolutely nothing and is rubbish for reference.


A standing start will usually give you a minute+ lap time. Those are flying times