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[UE4] ASCAR - 1987 season. Race 5, Bristol!


Yeah, I am not sure his ASCAR car body legal, but in any case the production and race car are not obligatory the same body.

Actually, forget that, It looks like it’s the first allowed body.


At a quick glance, it looks legal. Dunno why this is being discussed, though. This is pointless clogging on a topic of minor importance.


the race car on is as i used the same one and passed inspection.
my concern is the production car body which has to be at least the same body style as the race version afaik…

@Private_Miros if it works it is okay for me… i just understood the rules differently

but in the end it is up to @Mr.Computah to decide wether this entry is allowed to race, so i will not bother with it anymore


When I mean resemblance I mean the race car has to have similar fixtures, not that the production car has to have the same body. As long as the race car has one of the allowed bodies it’s good to go, hence why @DoctorNarfy passed regulations


okay… did not know that… good to know for the 1988 season :smiley:
good luck to everyone


Ok… weird week, between the compact fail build and pc fail build, but now that my PC does burnouts and my Compact runs GTA in 60 FPS I might take a closer look at this…

The thing is - 'm very stuck on 410+, and considering some cars are pushing 440+. Also the laptime seems to be a problem for me. Im not sure if I should pursue this or pull out before the season starts.


I don’t think anyone is actually pushing more than about 425.


Want to join this competition. But can’t find proper car 80’s models in UE4. Only not in game and mod models. Could some one help me?


Found it! Just choose the '75 ‘el camino’ and change the trim body.


Please do not double post, thank you. Just edit your previous post with the relevant information.


Is out-sourcing engines legal?
Asking for a… friend.


As long as it is from one of your companies or a player’s companies with permission, sure. No real engines this time around though.


Actually I realized it’s friday, I got a whole day of work followed by a whole night of FD live in the bar… I’m out of ASCAR



Original Car: Takemi 280-GXR
A Japanese sports coupe from Takemi Motor Company. Featuring a turbocharged 2.0L inline-4 on the top trim level generating around 160 HP. When it was first released in 1985 in the US and Japan it wasn’t a particularly fast car; it wasn’t really supposed to be. It was lightweight, had a good suspension system/set-up and came with LSD standard. Fun to throw around corners and them touge hairpins, but not typically what one would associate with American stock car…

When Takemi decided to enter American stock car for the 1987 ASCAR season, they of course needed a car to base the stock car off of. Though the stockcar doesn’t look like it due to ASCAR chassis restrictions, the 280 was the best selling car Takemi had in the states, so they decided to make it somewhat resemble that with the power of
F A K E P O P U P S.


Driver Name: Kanta Takano
Age: 31
Prior racing background: One of the best drivers at Takemi Power. A not too unusual racer history, starting out with touge street racing before getting into the professional leagues and working up from there. Hopes to try and stretch his wings by deciding to be Takemi’s primary driver in ASCAR.

Team: Takemi Power USA; the US division of Takemi’s offical racing team/in-house tuning company Takemi Power


Your cars don’t look similar in any way, and seem very lazily designed.


Dude. I created that car for an earlier competition (The street legal original.) I really liked it, so I wanted to do it for this one. It’s a stock-car, it’s just not going to like exactly like the original. And my thing is a Japanese company, so I can’t do a malaise era boxy thing really like everyone else did.


Yes, but your Stockcar doesn’t look anything like the production model, and your production model looks like a lazy design.


Wow. Thanks. Seriously, what is your problem? I put effort into that production car btw. How does it look lazy? I have detail in the lights, detail in the rear leabelling, detail in the front with the lights below the pop-ups, etc.


Jesus fuck I don’t post in these competitions anymore often but plz both if you kindly

shut up

It doesn’t matter

I see you liking this, you’re part of the problem sir


@Vri404 I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you’re trying to help, but your comments aren’t constructive, instead they come across as aggressive and insulting.

I’m pretty sure the general etiquette is to give comment only if it was asked for or if there is an obvious error.