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UE4 Automation Project couldn't be generated


Hello. I am trying to make some fixtures for my cars, but this is stopping me:
AutomationGame could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually.
How do I fix this and how do I get around it? Help will be appreciated.


You did download Unreal Engine 4.21, not 4.22 right?


Well, I did download UE4.22, but now UE4.21 Is downloading in the background, so i’ll try it if it’s done downloading. My guess is that UE4.22 doesn’t accept the older files that were MEANT for UE4.21, and it’s incompatible.


Ahh, yes, you do need to be using 4.21


Unable to open this project, as it was made with a newer version of the Unreal Engine.
What does it mean? I’ve downgraded to UE4.21 and it still tells me that the .uproject is incompatable.