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[UE4 Car Designer Revamp Beta] Need clarification about seat folding


How do the seats at the 2nd row and onward to be considered foldable (i.e. practicality bonus)?
Are the seats can only be folded in the hatchback bodies (including SUVs and MPVs)?
Are the seats can only be folded if they are temporary seats (+2 or +3 seats)?


They are not so much folding seats, as quality of seat and therefore might be folding.

The +2/+3 seats, and treated along the lines of either the +2 seats in the back of a coupe (e.g. Porsche 911). Or the folding/fold flat seats in the back for an SUV/Wagon.

The game treats them as a smaller row than a normal row. Which then feeds into the passenger space/cargo space calculations.