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UE4 cars disappeared!


All of my cars that i designed in UE4 disappeared right after i updated the game! is there any way i can recover my designs?


Sadly not


The car designer update changed how cars are made, so anything done before it is no longer compatible. That’s a reality of early access games.


Wait, now again? :frowning:


Worst part is the NYIAS is coming up and some people probably lost their designs.


Only old default branch people have their cars lost due to the massive changes. Anyone running on the openbeta branch will still have all cars made during the open beta phase. This was mentioned in both this announcement and in the one over 3 months ago.


so if i switched over to the open beta, would i see my old designs?


No, because the Open Beta Branch is the same as the current release branch, unless you made all of your cars in the Open Beta