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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


You wanted it low, it’s low. What’s the issue here? :innocent:


I just had an idea of something I’d like to see (eventually) in the photo studio: a beach scene. Something based on, for example, Malibu or Miami beach. Would work really well with SUVs and the like. Also include like a beach boulevard where you could place your eighties sports car and take the photo in the style of that last wallpaper post that I did on this thread. Just look at that last post and instead of a freight yard, imagine there’s like those Miami hotels with neon signs on one side and palm trees on the other. Corrr, I’m getting a stiffy.

But yeah, that’s just something that’d be nice eventually. Maybe let modders make their own photo scenes?


More photo scenes are of course coming, but not high on our list. This is definitely HIGHLY moddable, so we’d expect to provide people with a simple mod tool to incorporate their own scenes.


That means

Also, on UE4 feedback - you guys did a splendid job with this release, I’m also surprised how well you’ve managed to fix low end PC issues :smiley: I’ll wait however until UE4 will be more feature complete to be honest


Thanks for these!

You could say that I’m… exhausted :sunglasses:

You can also have side exhausts. Someone pimped this old car out and now it has both side and rear exhausts just because they could.


How did you manage to make them visible?




I have updated the OP with the recent RC1 update change log and the hotfix that was pushed out yesterday. Have a look if the exhaust heating model now works better, I think we now got it right across engine types and induction types!


And another update, we just released B170703 which is the RC2 version. I don’t think there are any major (game breaking) issues in it anymore, apart from the lack of content in general of course. :slight_smile:
Of course we’d like you to give it a final go before we push it to the public branch! I’ve updated the changelog in the OP.


I think my engine is on fire… because it’s not running, but there’s definitely something burning in cylinder 6.

And I worked out how I did it, too. Manual test mode, bring it off idle, then hit Auto test. When it completes, you should (well, shouldn’t, but…) have fire in one cylinder.


xD that is an elaborate way of getting a bug like this, but thanks for pointing it out along with the steps to recreate it! I doubt it will be high on the list of priority fixes, but anyway :wink: cheers!


I’ve reinstalled the game from scratch.

Still, when I finish to build an engine (starting from engine editor or car editor) it comes the spinning logo of death and I cannot test the engine nor finish the car.

Am I missing something?


You definitely need to make sure that there is no old database file in your Documents\My Games\Automation folder. That would cause such an issue.


That solved it. Thanks. Sorry.


Anyone else getting this? In the paint selector, this weird bug causes some cars to gradually start turning black.

The one pictured is supposed to be blue. This weird black strip just appeared and engulfed more of the body.


Not for me :confused:


I want bat wing shaped fins to be added once the UE4 version can be modded. And gas turbine inlets & exhausts.


2 minor issues:-

Fuel economy goes red as it gets better figures and green when it goes worse.

Modelled geometry for Solid Axle Leaf is incorrect and so the wheel is permanently in a raised position. Either the axle needs to be placed on the bottom of the spring or the spring’s curvature needs to be lowered.


I get the same thing.

Also another minor thing:

I was building an engine for an old school muscle car, and the tachometer it used during the automatic test superimposed itself over the regular 12k one. It’s amazing the little things you notice when you play a game so much.


Keaton, Clooney or Kilmer style?