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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


Keaton of course


I finally sat down to play a little again and noticed that this body doesn’t seem to have a floor pan, or at least that it isn’t displayed correctly; it also doesn’t seem to have an engine size limit.

With 11L V8

With 16L V12


That’s not a bug, that’s a feature.


New version (RC3) is out! Plenty of very important fixes and changes. Better error tracking will help us figure out quite a few of the remaining crashes some experience. :slight_smile: More bodies and stuff, too! Dig in guys, try to break the game as hard as possible and submit all your error reports. Cheers!


This may sound picky but I’ll ask anyway.

Could we have a “Deselect all” button on the “Body Type” drop down please?


I like this sentence ^^


GTV body in model selection has no thumbnail.


I went to build a new car today and wanted to use an engine I had already built, after selecting the engine I found that it was too big to fit so I decided to make a new engine instead, but the crankshaft from the previous engine would not disappear and the game was telling me that the new engines were too big.


Suggestion - Can the “Brake Bias” widget be done in a similar fashion to “Power Distribution”?

I think that F & R would be a better representation that + & -.


Thanks for the report. This should be fixed in the coming or next update :slight_smile:


Yes, that is entirely doable. The slider goes from 50:50 to 75:25 (F/R)



A couple things I noticed today.

First, one of my models is missing the thumbnail for the first trim, but the thumbnail for the clone trim is there.

Second thing, another model has a “Clone Clone” that I made today with a Clone engine. I tested it at the track at x5 speed and walked away for about 5 minutes when I came back I found the game locked up completely, but the lap had finished.

Right before I finished this post the game closed itself and the error reporter came up, I summitted the report.


Using the public release, I’ve had two crashes thus far… but unfortunately the Crash Reporting Utility crashed as well during the process of sending the report. :sweat:

I have forgotten what I did for the second crash… but I remember the first in detail. I used the 2000 van body, high-roof variant. I placed E36 headlights on it, and proceeded to click through the variants multiple times. The headlights then stopped contouring to the body and became unclickable. I went back to the paint tab and started morphing the front back and forth, seeing if that would solve the problem. It didn’t change the contouring, but the headlights became clickable in the fixtures tab. When I clicked the red X to remove the headlight, the game crashed.

A small note; upon starting the game, I get a pop-up saying that there is a known incompatibility with the Nvidia driver I am using (340.52), and it recommends that I install version 375.70. I can not do that because the driver I am currently using, is the last that supports my 260GTX (216 core). I am able to click ok and the game loads fine though.

I’m not asking to change that or anything… just letting you guys know in case that information is of value to you.


The bar on the bottom does weird things if you drag it left and right on a touch screen. :slight_smile: It is not game breaking, but it is disorienting when you click one of the arrows and it snaps back to a different panel.

People go bonkers when they see lots of cargo capacity. They start thinking what they could do with all that space… Maybe store their entire Lego collection, install a hot tub bath, hold entire LAN parties on long car trips. :smile:

It has 1,354,390 desirability with no markup and will still sell well even with 100% markup. :stuck_out_tongue:

The overview tab seems to be the only one that does not work when scrolled over to with a touchscreen. The other panels seem surprisingly robust. :slight_smile:


Excuse me? 1 million desirability?


It is a bug with cargo space calculations :slight_smile: using the liters number instead of cubic meters :stuck_out_tongue: so it becomes 1000x too high.


That gave me a chuckle imagining a customer going “it has 960 cubic meters of cargo space? Wow that thing is way more spacious than it looks, take my money”


It must be a tardis then :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone noticed the 2010 Coupe body design has disappeared since the public release?

Because i still remember building a car based on the 2010 coupe body but i can’t find it now when i want to create a new model. I do however able to clone from the original 2010 body which i created prior to the public update.

I can select the 2010 convertible body and then select the 2010 coupe look but it looks different from the true coupe design.

I will post screenshot tonight to highlight the issue.

Thanks for the update and hard work