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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs

  1. The rims are somewhat glitched when the tire is too wide, that it is having some flashy behavior at some camera angle.

  2. the rear chassis is also glitched and flashing in the same fashion as above situation.

  3. The above picture does not clearly reflect what the situation i have faced. I should have recorded it as a video. The problem is the game seems not compatible with the Amd Radeon Relive Software, hence i cannot recorded the glitch in video form. (My card is R9 270X. The driver version is Amd Radeon Crimson Relive Edition 17.6.1)

  4. There is also a visual bug where the model of the pushrod suspension in the front is not a pushrod suspension (i.e. model mismatch)


I have a suggestion, although this may not be a high priority: secondary paint slot for 40sRoadsterLarge (side bottom), 40sMPVLarge_Passenger (roof), 40sSedan (roof), 40sSedan02 (roof), 50sMaffcSaloon (roof, all sizes), 60sRoadster (side bottom), 60sSedan02 (roof, both Cadillac and Holden based bodies, except convertible) and 80sBoxyCompact_Shell (side bottom and full front bumper paint).


the power and torque figure is switched

update: while i tweaked the engine more, it seems that it happens when the text/point are too close together


I found a issue in the engine designer from the latest update. 3.0l inline 3 engine. max piston size and the rest in stroke. The rpm limit of low friction piston with 90mm was 6k RPM. now its only 2900rpm.


That’s because I3/I4 engines have been properly rebalanced to vibrate themselves to death when their displacement is too high.

There’s a reason I3s in real life are all small displacement. I believe 1.5L or so is now about the limit for an I3 to rev reasonably high.


I found another rebalance, which is not proper for me at all… All my high revving, naturally aspirated performance engines recreated in UE4 have roughly 10% less power, because the headers’ flow is limiting them (which isn’t a case in Kee).


I’ve got my best one yet! Maybe a bug, maybe just something to laugh at.
Doing an entry for comp, and I managed to get the speedo needle to spin like a prop! It happened when I raised the ride-height to fit the tyres under the arches (aesthetics, you know how it is).


Just wait for the proper engine calculation recoding/redesign, then nothing will be as before.


Some observations on the recent fixture additions now that textures aren’t horrendously mismatched and the layering works correctly. (Huge photo dump incoming)

I’m LOVING the brakelight selection now. The hard square, soft square, and circle designs allow me to finally create the millions of brakelight designs cars have without weird clipping and edge issues ruining things, and the texture choice is perfect for dramatically scaling the lights without it being obvious that the texture is stretched.

Likewise the badge update has allowed me to further enhance my designs, but not in the way as intended. The geometric chrome shapes of the most basic badges allows me to start detailing my cars again with chrome accents and such.

My point is, out of the hundred or whatever badges that were added, I’m getting the most mileage out of a rectangle; same with the lights, in which most of the unique designs available are mostly ignore in favor of combining the square and circle ones inside a vent. I’ve used that small bumper bulge in probably 50% of my lineup, in contrast the huge ones have yet to be used once. The modular fixtures are the ones people use, and I’m glad to see that you are starting to head more towards that direction.

Now on to some negatives. First, please stop stripping the side mirrors off of absolutely everything. The generic family cars and such are fine, but the stylized bodies need their unique mirrors. I’m tolerant of most of the design quirks in the game right now, but seriously, this is awful:

Also, we need the standard pain/plstic/chrome texture varients on everything. Not for recolored body pieces (which should bleed through to the fixture on the paint setting anyway), but more importantly for head and tailight trims. That rectangle badge mentioned before is getting so much mileage not only because it’s modular, but because its the only plain chrome body piece avaliable right now.

So my suggestion would be to continue to concentrate on basic, modular componenets in varied shapes and textures the over unique designs that may only be used a tenth of the time in comparison. In addition, I also suggest you copy what one of the more popular workshop mods does and give all the vent/grille fixtures a filled in version, as they are really helpful for light backdrops and rounding off the ends of various trim piece. Finish everything off with the trio of texture variants and it will be perfect.

Also bring back engine head covers please


Is the 10s Miata body a little too heavy?

250lb engine, alu panels and AHS steel monocoque with standard entertainment and seats as well as advanced safety and it’s almost 3000 lbs. For perspective, the actual Miata weighs 2300 lbs. Why is it so heavy?


Glad to see the new fixtures are paying off, your designs are looking great.

Mirrors are coming off to give you more control. They’ll be back in the form of new fixtures soon enough. Their morphing controls are on our TODO at the moment. Also this will mean you can mix & match mirrors finally. Sadly they had to be removed from the bodies before we had time to get the new mirrors in as fixtures due to varying workloads.

We haven’t made more fixture material variations because they’re going to be dynamically textured. The basic plan is to give fixtures paint slots, much like bodies. The slots will take car paint primary, secondary, carbon fiber, chrome etc. The player can then assign materials to those slots as they wish. Grill materials will also be able to be cycled. I’ll probably implement this for the next big update as we start to focus more on the car designer.


We would need to take a look at the car that does that to reproduce, so in case you can export it and send it in a state in which it does that we’d much appreciate it. You can send it to contact@camshaftsoftware.com, but please mention there what bug this relates to :stuck_out_tongue:

@randomone Also the mirrors need to come off for width calculation purposes, if they are part of the main car mesh then calculating the car’s actual width is more complicated.


Don’t know if it’s knowingly not there yet or a bug, but the Glued Aluminum chassis description is missing in the car designer when selected.


When I try to run automation in windowed mode, it defaults to full screen. I’ve tried everything I can but it’s still stuck in Fullscreen mode. I run Windows 7 and my graphics card is a GTX 960.

Another thing: The torque stress, Lady bug, and a few other challenges seem to be impossible to pass.


Few bugs I’ve noticed repeatedly - I don’t know if they are occurring on all engines and aspiration types and all bodies but I know it happens.

The first: phantom glowing

The second:

The third: design tab misprint?

(Also is it just me or is that body extremely heavy?)
That’s with 5 sports seats and standard safety. Engine is a full AlSi 2.5 turbo but such a small car shouldn’t be so damn heavy, I think…?


This body has some sort of fitment issues…

The old random huge RPM number bug just resurfaced with this car again too, after the random number I got “NaN” as my RPMs.


so apparently either it’s been nerfed to hell or it’s bugged. but tire quality BARELY effects track times now.


Pressing , and . changes the tyre width in the car designer.

Also the new numberplates dont work

and this body has no other variants and nor can i change the fixtures



  1. the wheels has stop flickering now. The chassis, not so much. The chassis is still flickering, so as the right rear suspension structure

  2. all the fixtures are self duplicated three times in the variant catalog of the fixtures.

  3. The mirrors drill holes on the car body

  4. There is a mismatch between the engine dyno graph. Looks like the one in the power and toque curve don’t round off while the power and efficiency curve does.