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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


ah ha a fan of the carlos Fandango super wide wheels


This update is great! On my shit PC this game works better than ever. It’s performance is very similar to Kee, maybe slightly better. :smiley: Don’t make that worse :slight_smile: seriously.

I’m also happy with all the new content, I’ve even adapted a badge for my company before modding will actually happen.


I agree with you on that one. The extra content has opened up plenty of possibilities that were hitherto unavailable in UE4. There are still many bodies, fixtures etc. which haven’t been ported over yet, though.


Does the car have an unrealistically large amount of passenger volume? I have noticed suspiciously large passenger volumes adding mass to several of my vehicles.


Do you have any examples of those?

Their body bounding boxes might be improperly set, which would result in the behavior you are describing.


Tried to make a car in the newest version, worked really good. (still waiting for twin turbo I6):persevere:
But, the economy calculations seems right, exept,
all the speeds are 0 km/h and the weightning(?) is all at 0%.


I got a System_Service_Exception BSOD when playing the game for too long…
When I fiddle with the engine designer for a long while, the screen start to have some weird graphic glitches. Then the game stop working, and then the computer BSODed.
I don’t know if the game has overloaded my ram or my video card… (16G Ram, R9 270x, I5 4690K)

Unfortunately, I cannot provide any dump files since the computer haven’t save it after BSOD :confused:


Twin turbo I6? Why?


That could be GPU artifacting, which could either be an overheating or dying video card. I’ve experienced similar in the past.


Try to limit your FPS to 30 and lower your settings a little. If it is an overheating problem that will fix it. Your card should not crash no matter what though, I’m using the same type of card.


Buggy Cargo Volume and related things.

The van only has 2 seats, but most of the vehicle is passenger space, not cargo.

  • When I move the A pillar forward, the passenger volume increases as expected.
  • When I make the rear cargo area longer, the passenger volume increases, but the cargo volume does not.

Most of the other van bodies have a similar issue.

The rear of this suv is just wacky. I got negative 4,775,808 km braking distances. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Shorter rear overhang.

Longer rear overhang.

This time cargo volume and passenger volume increased. Vehicle mass is 18.4 metric tons.

The cargo volume has shrunk from the “normal” size.

The cargo and passenger volumes are both “normal” size, despite the bump.

Longer rear overhang.

Shorter rear overhang.




The smaller version of the 12C body now has a much larger engine bay, enough to house bigger engines longitudinally, even V8s. As such, it can finally be used for building proper supercars (as seen here), whereas in Kee the engine compartment was a lot smaller.

However, the larger version of the 12C body, with its longer wheelbase, hasn’t been converted yet - I expected it to already be available in UE4 by now.

On a more positive note, the i30 body now comes in wagon and mini-MPV body styles, which wasn’t the case in Kee. I am expecting it to be used much more often as a result, especially when practicality is a major priority.


Thank you for your unnecessary input.


Wait, what’s the bug here?


Not a bug, but an observation. For far too long, I had been wishing I could put larger longitudinally mounted engines (such as the 4.0L flatplane V8 in the test build shown above - in fact I was able to squeeze in a 5.0L V8, but only just) in the smaller version of the 12C body, but the small engine bay in Kee made it impossible, or at least very difficult. With the latest UE4 build I can now show or hide certain parts of the car (in this case, the body) to have a clearer look at any of its other components.


Ohh, right, sorry, was thinking there was something in the screenshot :slight_smile:


I’ve had similar issues before with Automation before it had been optimized enough, it was my GPU overheating.


That is what happened before BSOD.

Anyway, from now on, I have decided to stop using the epic-everything setting until the game has further optimization, otherwise I might melt my gpu…


Nissan Skyline GTR, Toyota Supra, BMW 3 liter engines in several models has twin turbo.

So, why NOT turbo I6.

Besides, isn’t the turbo maximum size still based on 1 cylinder?
So large enough for 3-4 cyl inline, also v6-v8. But too small when it’s 5,6 or 8 cylinders feeding one turbo.

Therefore, i want twin turbo I6.