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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


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Now just make the canal scene not crash or put cars partly underground



  1. the swoopy not-elantra sedan body has some bug in terms of morphing

  2. The step of turbo size slider has a step size of 0.5mm.

    However, when i max out the turbo component size, there will be a step size smaller than 0.5mm occasionally.

    Some time if i decrease the turbo size, for example, a 65.7mm compressor, it will go straight to 65.0mm instead of 65.5mm

    What i am asking is: Can we have a turbo size slider with a step size of 0.1mm instead of 0.5mm?

  3. Is turbo race intake not coming back?

  4. Is OHV’s VVT not coming back?



Man, spoilers are getting really in-depth.


The 2005 small coupe ( 10sCoupe02small ) body can not fit any size of transverse engine. The option for a transverse engine should be removed, McPherson strut front suspension option added, or the engine bay widened.

Edit: I accidentally hit the reply button. Sorry.


Well, ok, I’m just surprised because I’ve never needed bigger turbos, but rather smaller ones… Especially for V6s or I3s. So the exact opposite of your wish. I6s with turbos behaving like currently in V6s would be my Automation nightmare.


I am beating many of the scenarios that talk about building a v8 in the flavor text with inline 6 builds. Even the challenges where the flavor text says that “you” (the player) want to build a v8 despite your boss, marketing, etc. telling you to build something else. Maybe I am just a lot better at configuring i6 engines, but this seems a little misleading to the player.


I am currently working on this body. By the time I am finished you will be able to fit a transverse i4 with a max between 900-1100cc depending on your config.
Macpherson struts will also be enabled


First big kudos to devs. And then some more stuff:

  • There are no green/red numbers when it comes to track time and no previous attempt time
  • Gearbox weight is switched around, green in currently heavier box
  • Track audio does not change actual track volume

I have no clue how to build cars anymore


2007 pickup car body, <4m long, minimum 4 seats is more like a mid-sized suv convertible due to the removable top.

License Plates dont recess curved bodies (using above body) and wind up with part of the body overlapping it.

Picking an engine you already have designed is not intuitive.

If you wiggle on and off, or move the cursor quickly over a button the text only partly appears, it comes back when you move to another button then back.

Traction aids still come up only as traction aids 1,2 ,3…

Switch from test track while its running to another mode pauses the simulation, but the engine still roars at its last RPM


A few flaws I noticed today:

  1. I made a V10 engine with a performance intake and it correctly shows that in the engine editor:

The engine in the truck, however, is drawn with the race intake instead, but still displayes correctly in the engine editor:

  1. The headers of that same engine, and a couple others, will glow red at idle, but if given some throttle will go back to looking normal.

Also, the power needle at idle is showing way more power than it should.


Trying to fit any engine into the 2003 sedan (10s_swoopy) transverse is a no go (as in bore and stroke at minimum, still doesn’t fit). Longitudinal works fine, but I like options.

EDIT: Longitudinal makes the trans stick out of the rear bumper.
EDIT 2: Because it seems to think the front means behind the rear axle.
EDIT 3: Speedometer in 200km/h range tick marks are calibrated to Mph (6=100, 12=200), maybe not a biggie.


I wonder why my suspension bump test stats are so messed up

Now I know why…

Transmission plays a vital role on towing. But definitely not as a tow hitch!


I think you may have accidentally selected “make this a tractor”. That’s just a really long PTO.


Ive had a similar problem. Some of the front engined cars seem to think they are rear engined, which is why the driveability is so borked


As soon as you change the suspension settings in a FR car, the car becomes RR.


I am confused. Can you please explain what you mean by “FR car” and “RR car” ?


FR is Front Engine Rear wheel drive
RR is Rear Engine Rear wheel drive

Currently theres a bug in UE4 where all the bodies seem to think that the engine is at the rear powering the rear wheels. This breaks the game as all the driveability and sportiness calculations are broken


I actually have that bug when i change the drivetrain to AWD

  1. Also someone has broken my laboratory and kicked my car body :thinking:

  2. The chassis’ rear end still has some flickering glitches

  3. Freeroam mode is not loading any scenario


Yeah the bug occurs when the drive type is changed


Not an bug but its funny still. Plz dont fix