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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


@szafirowy01 The word you’re looking for is balance shafts. Unsurprisingly that isn’t a thing implemented as of yet. I too would love more advanced design options across the board such as individual crank throws for V6s or inboard brakes, but I understand why they are not a thing.

Speaking of UE4, my latest attempt at playing has broken Steam (again). Only thing I can do is describe how it happened.
The UE4 beta tends to crash a lot on my end. Usually everytime I move from one section of the car designer to another. A Quick restart did the trick. Now during my last session the game got stuck while in the fuel system tab of the engine designer. Literally nothing I could do. Even the “Game has stopped working” alert didn’t want to appear. So I did what everyone would do and tried restarting the game, however the tab remained open no matter what I did. Restarting Steam didn’t do s**t either, leaving me effectively stuck with a new screensaver. Following this defeat I restarted my PC, and lo and behold I can’t boot up Steam anymore. Next step reinstall Everything.


I am not certain if this has been mentioned, but the 1965 coupe (the Pantera body) is somehow front engined only.


I know about the balance shafts, I miss these too. I don’t know how I didn’t mention them in my post :slight_smile: I could say that I know why they aren’t present, but the argumentation behind that that I remember doesn’t convince me.

@squidhead Yup, mentioned. But it better be fixed, so mentioning it again might only help :slight_smile:


While it’s weird that the ratio of how undersquare we can go has increased (Preperation for diesel one day, maybe?), I’m just appreciative of the fact we can go a little more oversquare.


Seems to be a texture missing on the left there…


It took me a while to figure out what texture you were talking about because I was distracted by the awesome looking car.


Latest update (B171006 Third Patch and Modding Update) makes my game crash even more.

I got crash to desktop while loading cars and adjusting paint color. No error messages, but I sent the crash log via error reporter.

Does the latest update change market competitiveness calculation? My car now has lower market competitiveness.

Edit: Every time I load the car, the market competitiveness score changes… Here’s a video:


I had a crash in photo mode switching from 80s Showroom to Canal-Dry


Then stop doing dry-canal heheh.

That was a bad joke though…

The game crashes way more after this update… Load this crash, load that crash. Maybe should delete my cars and engines and start new like usual.


Started fresh, had more than 5 crashes in 30 minutes. I was playing with paint; adjusting colors, flake, shine, etc. and the game always crashes. I was cloning an engine and car variant, when I open them, they crash. Error report sent whenever bug reporter pops up. Some of the crashes are just black screen (waited for 2-3 minutes and the game stays blank)


Didn’t found any screenshots thread so I guess I’ll post mine here…

I really like the fixtures update, cars look more cooler and realistic now if done right, great stuff! Now I wish for more fixtures and car bodies (but I guess that’ll come with the ue4 workshop support). Also, I think shadow beneath the body is missing, looks a bit out of place from some angles.
Here’s my 1989 “stallion” with NA 4.6 V6 (324hp, 4.9 to 100kmh) under the hood I tested the updated fixtures system on >_>


A thing that I’ve just noticed now - should the mechanical injection unlock in 1978? I don’t think so…


Bug. engine can output negative power and run with a 0.00% efficiency, with only a -4% reliability penalty. The rpm dial spins slowly and continuously around counter clockwise when trying to test the engine in both manual and automatic mode.


Why is this wheel upside-down?


Shoddy mechanics! :laughing:


Actually, I would blame the four bolt stud pattern… i.e. shoddy design.


may or may not be a bug. but i tried to make a kei car in 1956. so 360cc engine
(and only after than i realised it was too damn big. no body small enough for kei car that era yet)
top speed 83km/h as seen

that last one. supposed to be the 120km test one. INFINITE ENERGY!!!

no. but i’m just here to ask.
i tried to do it manually.
am i doing something wrong here. because i got a wildly different result

1 more thing.

this car was made before the fixture recoloring update

no color’texture option for this specific handle.


Yes, you are doing it wrong. And no surprise, since that fuel eco format is difficult to handle in such calculations:

1 / ( 0.2/32.4 + 0.3/23.6 + 0.2/14.6 + 0.3/9.9 ) = 15.9

That’s because this format is “inverted”, so for calculating an average it has to be inverted twice. I can’t explain it more clearly :stuck_out_tongue:


Bad emissions = because racecar


Bad emissions = because leaded, this has been the case since Kee


I know, but 9999?