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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


Is there a notable difference between fixtures?

I know back in kee, some mod fixtures caused even my i5-2500 to slowdown quite a bit due to a poorly optimised uvw map.


It’s definitely different depending on the fixture, but I never recall having any issues with Kee.

@Daffyflyer, I noticed that moving grilles and spoilers (but not wings) behaves differently than other fixtures. These fixtures don’t form directly to the car as they’re moved! They flip at 90 degree angles at most. Once they’re finally placed, then they form to the car body. Could this be implemented for other fixture types as part of a graphics setting? I think that would make a big improvement.


The headlights and tail lights do that too. It’s because they’re fixtures that should be facing a clear direction. Having everything do the same will end up with the issues the kee version had, where you’re limited in where you can place fixtures. That’s why vents, indicators, handles, and some other fixtures make sense to change angles based on the body shape.


No, once a grille is placed it changes angle just like a vent or handle etc. It just doesn’t update the angle while you’re dragging it. It waits until you’re done moving it.


Yeah, Grilles do it too. It’s an option that can be set on any fixture when you’re making it, but It’s only set on the ones that it makes sense for. It gives poor results on some other kinds of fixture in my experience, so it’s set on the ones where it works well.


Forgive me if I’m totally blind here, but how do I swap engines or clone trims in the car designer? I know in the Kee engine, it was easy to do, but I can’t figure it out here, and it’s starting to bug me. Mostly because I’m tired of going back to the car selection menu to clone a trim, only to still not know how to change the engine’s variant so I can make a turbocharged version, or a higher horsepower variant of the same car. In the Kee engine, I just had to go clone the trim and variant right next to the naming fields, so I was hoping it’d be as easy here.


A thought for photo mode: I think it would be nice to be able to turn the wheels of the car so you can set it up to show its stronk shoulder and challengingly stare at the spectator with its front wheel, just as proper car photography etiquette demands.


You click the car or engine button on top which brings you to the manager view, there you create the clones of the trim / variant you want and choose to edit it. It is the same amount of clicks needed as in the old system, but a bit more robust and versatile as it uses the proper manager overview which has more features.


Thank you! Hadn’t realized those were actually buttons. I’ll have to try that the next time I fire up the UE4 engine.


We’re adding that to the list, we do have the wheel morph needed for that already, it “just” needs to be driven and hooked up to UI. So maybe in the next big update.


Can You add symmetrical switch for fixtures? Making exhaust tips or side bars would be much easier, and one side lamp or vents could be very interesting too.


That’s already there, when you move the fixture around there’s the UI where you can resize and spin it around and stuff, there’s this triangle thingy which toggles mirroring on/off.

(Sorry if I was a bit unclear, I don’t have any screenshots of it. A smart guy like you will understand, right? :wink:)


Could the list of saved vehicle builds please be sortable by stats listed at the top or by categories like vehicle body choices? I have so many builds and it is tedious to find a specific one.

Could a random vehicle name suggestion button please be added?


Damn, You are right! I am just blind :frowning:


Yes, added the sorting to our list, that definitely needs to be in.
Regarding the naming: Not yet, but as soon as the AI builds companies we need that feature and can give it to players also.


Not sure if this has been mentioned or not, but the thumbnail pictures are cutting the wheel spokes out of painted wheels.

Carbon fiber, Plastic, Chrome, and Steel colored wheels seem to be working fine:

However, all the painted wheels look like this:


Maglev rims! Fully sick!!


More like an extremely deep dish in my view…


If you need a comprehensive list of quality random names for AI cars or car companies, I would suggest contacting the maker of fantasynamegenerators.com and ask to use/ license their name lists.
Contact page:


Is it just me or is their domain for sale?