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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


Oh, so you’ve basically made a car with a CVT?


Is %NaN% wheelspin a bug?

EDIT: If we can now see individual ratios, can someone tell me how to set any one of them to be direct (1:1)



What’s the difference between +3 and 3 seating (highlighted in red) and total seating of 2/3* and 5 (highlighted in blue)? With real world equivalent perhaps?

I’m reworking a FWD midsize sedan that’s has this following specs:
4.85 meters long, 2.5L I4 + 6 Modern AT, 5 seats premium Interior + premium SatNav + standard 10s safety, 215/55/R17 hard long life front and rear. Brakes are 330 vent disc front, 310 solid disc rear, pads 50, brake distribution is 65F/35R, monocoque+AHS light+partial aluminum panel, Struts front + multilink rear.

What I notice at first time is that driveability is now really high, it used to be around 55-60 driveability using similar setup while comfort takes a great hit as I usually achieve similar number using standard interior + standard entertainment.

For this current open beta, what is now an acceptable number of comfort for your average passenger midsize sedan like a Camry, Accord, Malibu, Mazda6, etc? 35-40? 40-45?

I also have a question regarding ride height: I compared real life cars ride height spec of midsize sedans, they are 155mm-160mm (Camry, Accord, Malibu, 5 series, E series, etc). How does Automation’s ride height slider compare to real world stats? I can’t seem to make mine as low as real world equivalent without bottoming out, getting load capacity warning, or get really high hit on comfort.


The +3 allows the car to be marketed as both a 2 seater and a 5 seater. The markets have specific ranges for how many seats they prefer and if you’re out of that range you get a base reduction in desirability. With this you could have 1 car fill multiple categories since it can fulfill markets that desire 2 seats as well as markets that prefer 5 seats, though you may lose desirability due to the differences in stats.


What real life cars are like this? Is it something like those sport cars/muscle cars with tiny 3 seater in the back?


Extended cab trucks use that, as do some crossovers and MPVs (though usually as the third row).

Coupes tend to be 2+2 and I can’t think of a coupe to be a 2+3, but hey, your company can be the first one to do it.


I didn’t think of that! Makes sense if you take it on compact SUV/MPV/Crossover or second row of crew cab pickups context where the seat will fit 3 but is actually only feasible to seat 2 comfortably. Is there any regular sedan that uses +3 on the second row?

Anyway AHS light is missing name and description


When I redesigned my Morton Kestrel in the latest open beta, its competitiveness (without markups) for some demographics in Fruinia ended up being greatly inflated:

What is causing this bug? I hope it ends up being fixed in due course.


I found out when playing with suspension settings, the stats would sometimes jump greatly but when you up/down it a notch and go back where you were previously, it will return to normal.

For example: damper stiffness 1.2 to 1.4 will make driveability jump from 50 to 60, but when I move it to let’s say 1.2 again then go back to 1.4, it will show the proper stats again.

I can’t seem to replicate this exactly but it happens very often.


When I try and take a picture in photomode the PC appears to do something but nothing appears in the Automation\Screenshots folder.

Is this a “me” bug or is anyone else having issues?


I believe this has to do with the way demographics are calculated for the present moment, the competitiveness is rated against the other cars in your sandbox


Engine generator doesn’t work anymore, game would crash to desktop. BugSplat error report sent.


GG no re


I get a warning for high overdrive, even when in high gear the economy detailed stats says the engine is turning 3900 rpm

Brake balance slider is counter intuitive.

IRL a solid front axle can have camber, steering axle has a U-Joint mine uses a shim to fine tune it…

Running top speed too high causes a NAN% error for wheel spin

Tool tips for Chassis type and chassis material don’t work properly

1985 large truck when switching from truck to suv or back messes up the rear wheel arches until they are manually adjusted.


1974 104.3" Wheelbase hatchback body has a ridiculously high weight, thus causing the tires to blow. Fully built car is @7000 pounds, even with just a standard interior/safety. I can’t find any engineering decision that has caused it to be this high (built it as a 5L V8/3 speed auto).


1975 pickup el-camino body has troubles centering grills on the front.

Edit, much of the area counts as off limits for some reason.


The interior volume is absurdly high. Something like the internal volume of an articulated lorry trailer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Interior volume is designed to fit your average Gasmean™

The high overdrive, understeer, and low cargo capacity warning are annoying. I need to run short overdrive, putting extreme cambers (or bigger front tyre), or make my sedans SUV ride height/truck like stiff springs to make warnings disappear.


Checking the design tab in the overview reveals that the number of seats always defaults to zero when it should be the same number as indicated in the interior tab. What is to blame for all this?


A checkbox in the corner of each warning to “only show this warning in the summary tab” would be nice for warnings I want to ignore.