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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


HOW MUCH?!?!?!?

Dropped an excessively large engine into a car… some bad tuning later, I own an oil refinery.
GW Stamford - Interceptor RS Clone.car (25.1 KB)


It produces roughly five hundred eighty quadrillion barrels of oil per 100 km.


tool tip for rear rim offset gives the front tire tooltip.

Rim offset often gives NAN for material cost


I don’t know what to submit with this, but I recently designed a car equipped with a V10 VVT/VVL. I set the cam profiles at 75/90 and the octane was within the reasonable limits of the car. However, once I get to the end of the design process, I get a warning light that my engine is knocking, and my octane is over the limit. When I go back to cam profiles it has changed to 59/90. I adjust it, but it goes back whenever I attempt to wrap up the vehicle. Not sure if it’s supposed to do this, or if this is a bug. If it is supposed to do this, perhaps there should be a notification as to why it does.


I have the same problem too. But if you always set the primary cam profile at 55 or lower - which is where the threshold lies - there will be no such issues.


That could work. Or it could be better if the warning could somehow adjust to what we are making so it could be more appropriate i.e. high overdrive warning wouldn’t be so sensitive on a passenger car (since fuel economy and comfort is more prioritized), understeering warning wouldn’t be so sensitive on passenger/comfort oriented FWD cars, etc.

Edit: I also got warning on underpowered engine warning when I’m making a 1100 kgs basic hatchback (overweight) with 1.5L engine churning out 115 HP. I don’t think it’s that underpowered for economy cars.


That’s 5 hp more than the VW Golf GTI in the late 70’s, mind you, that one was only 900 kg.
Still, these warnings are VERY sensitive.


I don’t really see the point with the GTI comparison.

115hp with 1100kg is pretty much average when it comes to brand new USDM sub compacts.


Sometimes when clicking on the icon at the bottom bar it wants to start a new instance which locks up the game requiring a visit to the task manager to take them down.


It seems like every time I make a car the engine is too big. I made an offroad truck using the 2003 Pickup body, I fitted it with a 2.5L inline 6 turbo and got a warning that the engine bay fill factor was very high. I don’t really think that a 2.5L I6 is going to be all that big in that engine bay, and if it is then I’d like to see what dimensions it is that it’s being cramped because the old size arrows are not showing up at all for that engine in that body.


1975 not-911 body does not have the ability to adjust ride height. The only available height makes it look like a rally car.

On the plus side, it’s got decent off-road capability…


More troubles with overdrive…

When I gear a 9 speed advanced automatic so that it runs about 2000rpm at 75 it will never go into 9th, even though the engine should have more than enough power 125hp approx in the gearbox selector.

1.1m^2 off road tires, 4x4


Wait, so where’s the problem here? Because that sounds universally better.


Actually it’s not the world’s worst car, but it’s certainly weird/niche. I’m thinking of posting it in the Painful 80’s thread. (ok, I’m done threadjacking… sorry)


Usually the “Can’t adjust ride height, car is always high” problem happens if you choose front and rear suspension with wildly incompatable ride heights. You aren’t using a front solid axle are you?


… maaaybe


Engine size has gotten a revamp, and needs a bit tweaking. And is comprised in 2 parts.

One is just whether the physicality of the block and head choice fits. This allows us to use a simple look up table of engine sizes vs engine bays. Without having the combinatorial explosion of worrying about intake/turbo/exhaust choices. This is what the size arrows relate to. This also means the AI for the Tycoon game won’t have to cheat. The engines that it makes we can test fitment without having to load the 3D assets for.

Your other choices then increase the engines fill factor. We basically are saying, your Engineers will make this fit, just the more you fill the engine bay with large options, the more they have to work to squeeze it in. When an Engine is Turbo’d, it really eats up that fill factor, with finding room for the intercooler, piping, possible oil coolers. More powerful setups eating up volume faster. This is to try and make the Engineering/Design choices closer to real life, in a way we really can’t represent with 3D models.


Well, I mean, then you ARE making a full Dakar spec 911, soooo :stuck_out_tongue:


The car import feature is not working as of the current update. Any and every cars that I tried to get imported resulted in a fail. And this is not a problem that’s limited to my system either, some other have tried and got the same fail.

I’m not sure if this has been notified yet but having it on record is better, correct? :slight_smile:


I believe some of the bugs I discovered haven’t been mentioned yet, and I think it’s worth re-mentioning here (from the Discord) too.

  • Selecting “None” option at Entertainment will give a NaN material cost.
  • [needs further inspection] During the '60s (because I tested several cars on that decade), the cars need to have 3 seats in the front, lest they will also give a NaN.
  • It’s a minor bug, but the seat count at the “Design” tab stays at zero (e.g. “4 Doors / 0 Seats”) no matter how many seats the car actually has.