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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


The engine I have in a car doesn’t exist in the engine list.
I’ve made a car, complete with a 3.0 engine, and this one shows in the list. Then I cloned that only trim to make another with a completely new 2.4 engine, and the 2.4 doesn’t show at all in the list, whether I open it through the car or through the main menu.

Zavir test car - Sedan RWD 3.0e Clone.car (9.9 KB)
Zavir test car - Sedan RWD 3.0e.car (9.9 KB)
Here are both trims.


I have a similar problem, except I abandoned the cloned trim, and now when I build a new engine, the default name is family 2. I cannot find family 1, to delete it.


When using these sliders:

Reloading the car has the displayed value at 0, but the car still has the stats that it should have with the changed slider. Moving it around solves it, but it displays 0 again every time it’s reloaded.


Not sure if anyone else is getting a thing like this, but the top slot in my trims are gone as well as the passenger volume, material cost, production and engineering ratings. And the market slots won’t show anything as a result, likely because there are missing stats?


I don’t see which trim you have selected in that picture, @cyberkirby


Gah, my bad. Forgot to actually click the trim :sweat_smile:


Fun - Trim 2.car (17.1 KB)

So I decided to practice some of what I was learning from the videos, but couldn’t get the demographics to become that good with a reasonable setup. So I took things a bit sideways and it worked, then took it so sideways that the car scores well in so many categories even though it is total shit. It isn’t spine crushing, but it is deafening and you will get numb butt in a matter of minutes, and it wouldn’t actually be sell able in any country due to the pollution.

So yeah I took off the mufflers, and cat and it scored significantly better. Then cheeped out where I could.


Any chance in the next update, whenever it happens, we could get some more cars capable of holding rear engines? I’d love to be able to build through the years with a wide selection of rear-engined sedans, optimally, but I’d settle for a handful in various years.

Yes, I know they’re rare in real life, but half the fun of Automation is trying to make something like that work.


Seconded this. I was intending to make a thread about this but whatever, this is good. The one thing that has been bugging me is that the game has come so far and the game is unfolding in new unprecedented ways with the fantastic interior seat configuration and fleshed out safety and interior options and redone stats and all. In terms of gameplay we are reaching new heights, however, there is major one thing holding UE4 back. Bodies. Of course it isn’t possible to have all the bodies ever made nor am I saying the process of porting over from Kee to UE4 is easy and is should have been completed - no, not at all. In terms of design choices, we just don’t get enough room. Obviously bodies in-game are modeled off real life cars and often have the same engine placement. While that makes sense it doesn’t make it very interesting to play. What if I wanted to make a front engined Smart? Or a mid engined 911? Or a rear engined Starion? Or a rear engined BMW 1? Why should we not be able to? This is, in my opinion, a huge letdown, even from a campaign point of view because we are throwing away options that are worth trying. In real life even, no one told VW to stick the engine in the back of the Beetle (and same goes for the 911) yet still they did.

To conclude this large and rambling post, I think we’re giving up a vast amount of gameplay potential by overlooking a relatively simple thing. So my request to the devs and modders is to allow “unrestricted” engine placement options for a much more engaging and interesting experience.


The main issue with mid engine placement on a lot of cars is that there’s no way to have different seating configurations based on engine position without adding additional variants to allow for that configuration. With the 911 as example, a mid engine layout would make sense when looking at the body, but not so when you can give it a back seat. So unless there comes a way to have the engine configuration give an effect on possible seating configuration, it’s something that won’t work well.

But I do third the “more rear engined cars” thing! I want to make a regular car company all the way to 2020 with only rear engine offerings :smile:


Playing the latest UE4 open beta. I just noticed the “semi-spaceframe” option has, even in the present day, the “no mass production” flag checked, which seems a little confusing (if it was intentional) because I thought it was there to simulate mass-produced cars with a spaceframe-y body. Small issue, but one I noticed nonetheless.


Wasn’t entirely sure if this belonged here or in support.
I’ve SOMEHOW managed to set the trim before the model year, which is even more interesting when you consider it was a 47 chassis when I started (so technically, I set the model year later than the trim). Although I can’t change the model year directly, the workaround is simply deleting trims, at least, I THINK that’ll work.


I’ve noticed that the tooltip of ALL dual exhausts give a max HP of 513.


So any idea what might be causing the stats to vanish from the sandbox select screen?

It won’t display these four stats on this particular menu, but when you go into the editor…

…there they are. I’m just wondering if anyone else is getting anything like this.


Everyone gets that :slight_smile: not a biggie, just the stats not being filled into their data fields.


Ah, okay. Just wanted to make sure my device wasn’t busted, thank you!


The power to “weight” statistic does not seem correct. What are the units?
999.7 kg vehicle with 185.3 hp.
Automation says: 0.120

hp / kg = 0.185
ps / kg = 0.188
kW / kg = 0.137
hp / lb = 0.084
ps / lb = 0.085
kW / lb =0.062
kW / kN = 14.0

Side Note:
One seat in the front and a bench/ three seats in the second row (1,3) often out scores two and two seats (2,2) in the fun and fun budget categories. :smile: The outer rear seats get tons of leg room which must make up for the occasional fourth person who has to squeeze in the middle. :sunglasses: (I also tested this with a front transverse / fwd car)

1 and 3 vs 2 and 2


Have you considered drivetrain power losses? Look at the actual power-at-the-wheels figure displayed in the gearing graph and see if that fits. The figure is in [kW / kg] if I remember right.


The gearing graph tops out at 185.3 hp. The exact same as the 185.3 hp listed in the engine designer. Sequential gearbox, 2017. The power shown on the gearing graph does not change when I switch to an automatic or manual gearbox, only top speed.


Interesting! Thanks for pointing out, I’ll have a look at the gearing graph data.