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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


Morphs Fixed on the source files for the 10sCoupeSmall.
Release in due course


Nope. I have all my hidden folders shown.

I’ve found another couple of issues. The thumbnail image isn’t updating, for me.

Actual car is [Final results!] The Car Shopping Round 66: A car for a hero

And finally, after using photomode ( I then use snipping tool) you can’t select any other scene and the whole thing goes dreadfully slow and clunky.


I’ve noticed these as well. The thumbnail doesn’t update after I go into photo mode from the designer, back to photo mode where it does not display the vehicle at all after. Once I back out to the vehicle list then back into edit-> save-> and then exit the thumbnail updates.


A) Thumbnail update fix: cycle through all tabs. Learned that one last week.
2) A while back, my screenshots were all being saved in my onedrive, try looking there.
Last) Ignore point 1.


I don’t know how to explain this bug. I was making modifications to one of my cars I am building. I closed that model, and went to work on a different model (a truck). When I opened the truck, the vehicle displayed was still the car I had been working on. I exited out of the designer, closed the program, re-opened it, and when I went to work on the truck, it was again a truck, but all the design elements of the car that was once there stayed on it. Needless to say, these did not work with this body style.


I’ve seen that too. It seems to retain the previous car settings. And for some reason it always starts in 2012!


I had the same thing happen. I now have one model, with 8 trims (a few just playing around) using 2 different bodies…not variants, bodies (small 60s sedan and the 40’s (?) coupe), it even changed the thumbnail. Quitting then restarting the game doesn’t automatically fix it, but opening similar trims sequentially will fix the glitch.


When you test track a car and then close the car without stopping the test, wind sound continuously playing until you edit another car.

I4 engine sound doesn’t play on test track.


Test the engine, then go and take the car to the test track. I’ve had that happen with I6’s, V8’s, I4’s, and I3’s (pretty much the common engines I use) and I’d assume it happens with V6’s, V10’s and V12’s.


When using the paint screen: If I have a car that I’ve changed the color of certain parts (ex: bumpers) then exited the car, when I go back in, the paint color settings have saved for the specific part, but the selections for the individual paint slots (trim, body 2, bumpers, wheels, etc.) are grayed out, leaving only the top level options available.

However, if you select the top level option then select a color, it resets everything under that to the new color, and then un-grays the option.

(basically, if you screw up your paint or change your mind and want to edit it, and back out, you can’t fix it unless you undo at least one type of paint slot to the top level)


I bought the game on steam and downloaded everything for playing the beta, but when I click on Play Open beta, the game doesn’t start, does someone know why? Please, help!


I love the new fixture features and photo scene but damn did the game just get like twice as unstable? Crashing when changing menus (photo scene, car manager, main menu, options) is super common now

EDIT: Also, forgot to say, some cars let you use the trim material for fixtures and some of them don’t.
EDIT 2: And it uses almost 2 GB of RAM while doing nothing.


Does it give you any error message? How far into loading the game do you get before it doesn’t work? Are you on a decent gaming system or a weaker computer / laptop?


that’s a typo

and i’ve sent some error report just a few hours ago about the photo scene crashing. and i’ve found it consistently repeatable.

when i pick a car, from the sandbox car list, go into the photo scene without loading the car first. pick one of the 2 green screen background. take a screenshot. get out.

pick another car, go into the photo scene again, this time it still loads the last scene i loaded (new feature?), take a pic, get out. it’s when i get out of the photo scene on this 2nd time that the game crashes on the loading screen.

and it crashes and freezes at the same time. it says it crashes, but after it crashes, the game doesn’t auto close. it just froze until i close it with the task manager.

i don’t know if this also happens with the other scene or not

YE FUCK THAT. i’m crashing every 2nd time i get out of the photo mode


No, it doesn’t give me any erro message, if I click on the other play button it starts, but if I click on Play the open beta, th window disappear and it doesn’t start, I’ve already try to skip the menu and go directly to the beta, but it doesn’t work. Well, my computer is quite decent, with an intel core i3 3.50GHz, 8GB on RAM, Intel® HD Graphics 4400, Direct X V. 11 and a 64 bits Windows 8.1


Found another bug

So you know how you can access all your cars by pressing this button?
Well it fucks up morphs if you do so.

Alright so as we can see, this is what this car should look like. Keep this in mind.

I open this car from the sandbox menu and open up the car list from the button at the top

Then I access the initial car using this method, and lo and behold, I get this

Yes, that car is supposed to be the same as this the car I first showed. But wait, it gets better. Because if I close and reopen, I get this.

Trim & fixtures saving issue

Yeah, ummm, you broke the game, peeps! There was mention before for a patch about correctly displaying the power at the wheels, that’s now the figure you get in the engine dyno as well. The engine I was playing with went from 157Kw down to 139Kw in one car, and 131 in another.

Here’s another engine I tested to see what happened. Max Torque is unaffected.


For some reason, don’t know if it’s a bug or if I did something wrong, the chrome texture has disappeared from the parts that are using it as the default texture. Sure, on most parts I can change to the chrome texture again, but on things like the glass in the mirrors or the badges it is a bigger problem…


I’ve noticed that as well. For me it happened immediately after the patch that was downloaded last night.


All my existing engines have changed in the same way in the dyno. but all in different ways.
For example, my standard 88HP, inline 4 budget city car with manual transmission has 81HP on the dyno. The automatic version, identical for the rest, has 77HP.

I presume they just added gross vs net horsepower without clearly telling us…