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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


Even with the update, I still unable to play the open beta. It does the same, it only show me this screen, and if I click in the crcled button, the window shut down and the game doesn’t start.


That’s just because an auto sucks… more power, drivetrain losses.


Have you opted into the Beta?

Otherwise, click play in steam and select UE4


I’ve already tried that, but it’s te same, it appears executing, then synchronizing, and then nothing


What are your computer specs and DX version?


It has an intel core i3 3.50GHz, 8GB on RAM, Intel® HD Graphics 4400, Direct X V. 11 and a 64 bits Windows 8.1


Something seems off with the bumper colour/texture of the 60s sedan model since beta R8. It also influences the texture for the mirror glass.


After this last update if I try to edit any car that existed before the update the game freeze.


Try to update your integrated graphics card’s drivers, maybe it is down to that. You should be able to run the game on low/medium settings. Best try to start the game in the UE4 safemode.


As with most things I post, maybe not a bug, but I can’t figure it out. The “cars” I make are… lacklustre on occasion, but even when I try a super-duper mega lux, I find comfort lower than it should (in my eyes) be. Even in 2018, with Hand Made interior and Luxury HUD at +15, I get a 1.5% penalty for “Entertainment Quality”. A Premium HUD cuts that to 0.5%. Shouldn’t there actually be a bonus somewhere there? Happy to be wrong if that’s what I am.


I just noticed that too. I have an engine that makes 185.7 HP. Then I put it into a FWD car, suddenly the power drops to the figures below depending on transmission:

159.4 HP - Automatic
162.9 HP - Adv. Auto
171.4 HP - Manual/Sequential/Dual Clutch

It didn’t happen before.


I think that’s the simulation of drive-line power losses.

The three ‘clutched’ transmissions, the manual, sequential, and sequential dual-clutch, they all share the same power rating at the wheels because the only real losses are through friction of driveline components.

Automatic should have the lowest At-Wheel-Horsepower because the torque converter and planetary gear arrangements are notorious for wasting power, and that’s on top of the friction from the rest of the driveline.

Advanced Automatic is there to be something like a more modern automatic, and so there are power losses from the torque converter and the friction, but less so from the gearing system itself.


Almost all modern automatics have full lockup on the torque converter, thereby no loss occur from that part.
Only when changing gears. And the friction losses are much less due to better design.


2009 big sedan bug: the front is not symmetrical.


Selecting a new car keeps the trim name of a previous car and the dates are all a bit wierd…


As I said, it makes complete sense, the change was just a bit out of the blue. Could have been more prominent in the patch notes. It’s a quite drastic gameplay change, even if completely realistic.


That is because it is a bug :stuck_out_tongue: we wanted to change only the gearing graphs power values to show power loss. The engine DYNO data should NOT have drivetrain losses, even if it makes some sense to display that… in an odd way. This is fixed for the next patch already.


So just to make sure, will there be an accurate way to tell what power is at the wheels? such as in the design tab in the final overview or hovering over the gearing graphs?


Yes, the gearing graph should always show you wheel power. It didn’t do that in the previous versions but was added in one of the last updates, including the bug we’re now talking about.


Ok, I’ll try it, thanks for your help! :smiley: