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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


Not a bug, but I think it’s good to let you guys know that this particular file was blocked by Avast when updating to RC1


The game won’t run without it, so you need to add it to exclusion list, and verify integrity of game files.


I found a bug where the material option on where the trim color would be gets overridden when it’s on a car that has a secondary body color.

Pictured below are the same fixture on a car without a second color and on a car that does.


But if I recall correctly, the bottom model doesn’t have a “trim” colour slot? So it’s not so much missing as simply absent, while the one above doesn’t have a secondary colour slot like the bottom one.


You’re right, there is no trim color. I do remember that before the bumpers were gone on the pictured body at the bottom, the trim used to be assigned to the lower lip at the front. But now it has changed into using bumper color.


Oh yeah, that makes sense. Would be great if we could get bumper colour as a fixture colour. Window trim as well. Both are choices that pretty well all bodies have even when they don’t have some of the other slots available for additional fixture colours.


Playing around with various suspension setups on 3 different body types (truck, wagon, hatch) from the 80’s, there’s a huge disparity in load capacity between suspensions.

Ex: Solid Axle Coil has about half the capacity of Double Wishbone, which has about half the capacity of Solid Axle Leaf. DW is supposed to have lower capacity, and I’m having difficulty getting ANY coil suspension to have a reasonable load capacity.


The demographic that is displayed on the Facelift screen is permanently locked on which ever liked it the most when it was first completed. Even between game restarts, it never updates to reflect design changes which change its best scoring demographic.

This is also the case in the editor itself. The top spot is persistently occupied by the top scoring demographic at original design completion and never swaps out for the new best scoring demographic on design changes. This sometimes even results in the same demographic being shown twice in the Top 4 slots.

The sedan below started off scoring best as a Commuter Premium but as you can see, I tweaked the design to achieve a highest score in Premium (what I was initially aiming for) and the top rated demographic doesn’t change.


That’s because you can choose the top one yourself to keep any demographic shown there even if it’s not the best scoring. Click on the demographic score in the trim overview window and you can choose whichever demographic you want. It defaults to the one that was the highest scoring when the car was first finished.


Okay apparently I wasn’t aware of this.

But then I resubmit my complaint on the pretense that it didn’t occur to me to click on something that wasn’t obviously a button. For anyone else who might be confused its this thing:


If you can click on it, you can choose the pinned and displayed demographic.

Also, why can’t we change the pinned demographic in the editor? That seems like a far more natural place to change it since if we are tweaking the design, we probably are concerned with how it might appeal to a variety of demographics and it is cumbersome to have to exit out of the editor every time to change the pinned demographic.

While I’m on about UI issues, it seems a bit superfluous to me to have to “Delete Contents” of the engine slot in the trim before being allowed to select a new trim. The process would be more streamlined and intuitive if the “New”, “Select”, “Clone” buttons were always present even if an engine was currently selected. I would at least recommend a change of of the tool tip and icon for the Delete button. “Delete” is a strong word and seems to suggest we are deleting the engine / variant itself rather than just removing it from this car trim.

Maybe something more like “Remove Engine From Car” instead of “Delete Contents”


I built a car with transverse front wheel drive, and a solid front axle. While I can think of a couple of ways to make it work I consider it a rather absurd and know of no actual examples in real life.

Front longitudinal front wheel drive with a solid axle would not be difficult, just the front transverse and solid is kind of silly to me.



I reloaded the car, and the bug persists.

I loaded the Urban MK1, and I loaded my new sedan, and that happened. Inmediately, the game crashed.

I reopened again the game, and the car bug stills.


Hi, It’s me again, I updated all the stuff you told me, and even uninstalled and installed the game again, and now it tells me that there’s a missing file, and I must activate de JIT, which I have done, but it doesn’t solve the problem


Check your Antivirus and Verify Files in Steam


I believe this is a bug but I’m not positive:

Currently, power distribution settings, as applied to AWD setups, affect the stats of 4x4 vehicles despite the setting being grayed out. In other words, two identical 4x4s may get different stats if the power distribution was adjusted at some point. I know it affects the Utility calculation at a minimum, but I assume it affects everything the distribution normally affects.

How to replicate:
Make a 4x4. Check the stats. Change to AWD. Change power distribution. Change back to 4x4. Stats will be different now.

I’m not sure if reloading the car fixes things but I’d assume it wouldn’t since the distribution would presumably be saved.


Dorito has mentioned something similar to this before but when you select a car using the circle button it loads the new vehicle with the trim of the previous vehicle you exited from. This only happens with the car button not the X button loads vehicles with their appropriate trim.

It does mean you can get some weird and funny looking cars but its still a pain when you forget that it does this.


Yeah I see what you mean.


Looks like Mad Max was running a meth lab there…


Both these tail lights still have the same GUID between variants, so reloading a car defaults them to the first variant.


Or like the first Automation replica of “The Homer” :stuck_out_tongue:


We need more info about that, not getting it here. What I tried is having a car open that has three trims, all have different fixture layouts, then I go via the little car button on top and load in a different car that has two trims, selecting trim two. That loads perfectly fine without issues. Just going between random cars using the little car button in the top bar I have not been able to see what you are talking about. Any further instructions (preferably from the starting point of loading the game fresh) would be appreciated a lot! We can’t fix what we cannot reproduce :frowning: