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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


On the boxer engines, It says single turbo (single life), instead biturbo.


it’s now kind of important to be able to set toe-in for the tyres, to reduce car float at speed in beamng

if you don’t want a ux setting, the exporter should at least have some sane default

also, it’d be useful to export all the trims into beamng vehicle variants to reduce clutter

another thing - seems brake force is too high in beamng? even weak brakes seems to lock up very easily


Noticed something in the engine designer. The game seems to think more production units is better in the info for these components: Crank, Pistons, VVT, Turbos, Fuel System + Configuration, and both mufflers.



It does actually change Toe settings on export based on various factors (this was set up by the BeamNG physics guys). But it’s possible those defaults aren’t perfect.


I think I encountered a weird bug on the photo scene mode.


LMC Miro - BRM100.car (22.7 KB)

I have a car here that I was testing out that had some buggy problems. It shakes aggressively under heavy braking. With the ABS turned off, it still shakes, but not as dramatically. It has a safety rating of 37.4 (standard 80’s safety equipped) If safey rating doesn’t matter, it is a pretty light car. I downloaded a car from the repository that uses the same small C4 body and it also shakes under braking, but not as bad as this.

The normal sized C4 body also seem to vibrate more than other bodies under braking too although its not nearly as extreme. Here’s a .car file for one of those. Gen 10 - Chickenbiscuit - LMC Maladus M150 TR.car (43.9 KB)

Couldn’t upload the gif from discord, but here’s a screenshot mid-wiggle.


I can’t seem to launch the game at all despite it working fine post-update… There’s no new window or icon on the taskbar, the game just runs without any way to get to it. I just uninstalled/reinstalled to try clearing it out a bit, so I’ll come back if it keeps refusing to actually launch.


Update: Nope, didn’t work. Is there a way to launch the game directly without having to go through Steam or the launcher?


AutomationGame.exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Automation\WindowsNoEditor


Seems like I’m getting no dice with that either. Maybe it’s a memory thing, I know I have that “system using 100% of my disk” BS going on right now.


Since my text editor is being dumb and refuses to let me open the logs, can someone try opening it on their machine and see what’s going on?
(using Google Drive because the ZIP is JUST slightly too big to send)


Sounds like the issues might be related to your computer and not the game.

Unrelated, but the Manual Locker tooltip has the Automatic Locker description:


After the update, previously locked fixtures can’t be unlocked & vice versa for unlocked fixtures.


Since today’s update, I can’t actually get in to Automation. It just sits at the LOADING screen and spins forever.

EDIT: Ok, it does eventually get into the game. But it took (not joking) 15 minutes to execute the game, whereas before it took 3 minutes, tops. This is after rebooting and validating files.


Turbocharged engines in exported care are now much more consistent with Automation in terms of power, however, I see that they now consistently produce three percent less power in Beam than they do in Automation.

Also, some of the bodies seem a lot more draggy in Beam than in Automation;

I have a few cars based on this body and this variant, and they all consistently have trouble reaching their top speeds as indicated in Automation, by a significant amount. For example, one variant has a drag-limited top speed of 188 km/h in Automation, but it cannot exceed 166 in Beam while testing on the infinite grid map. The other trims I have using this body seem to be fairly consistent with this shortfall.


Found a couple of major bugs in the patch:

  1. The fixture lock button is always greyed out, so we can’t lock fixtures or unlock previously locked fixtures.

  2. The game seems to have long load times with every subsequent launch. Not quite as long as when it’s first loaded, but significantly longer than the pretty much instant loading of subsequent launches it used to have.


Secondary paint colors are not exporting properly and only appear as flat white.

Paint looks much nicer with the shininess update, but many paints actually look too shiny compared to Automation.

Also, could you make it so grille textures are exported as matte black instead of shiny metallic?


2.2m 1955 cope convertible has suspension that falls through the chassis

car still drives mostly as normal, but drags along the ground which can cause issues (obviously)


That’s wierd. It makes it look like a gasser though


JHW - Lynx 1.9 TC (Series II).car (22.8 KB)

Here is the car for reference (or one variant based on that body)