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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


Tire width in the popup tool tip doesn’t match the width of the tire setting.

The max load of the tires can easily be lower than the max load rating plus the vehicles weight. Set to where it still has some drivability, select progressive or higher, preferably hydrodynamic.

With the cargo volume of the ute selected (10’s large sedan ute) I would have to fill it completely with stone, water of that volume would only take up half of the weight. Cargo volume does effect it, at a rate of about .5kg per liter, but at just over 3000L the load rating is over 5700kg

The frame type/material/quality doesn’t affect the max load.

My suggestion would be to have the load capacity set by the springs/spring type, but be capped by the tires/cargo volume/(frame type/quality/material)

edit: Heck if you tie utility more to the load capacity it would probably even give a better separation between heavy utility/delivery and the lower utility/delivery markets.


I think this isn’t supposed to bend like that :smiley:

Intercooler to intake piping on a small displacement 60° V8




I don’t see what the problem is…:rofl:


Delete your settings folder, use the game log button and move up one level.
that one. Then try again.


I don’t understand. You mean the folder named Config? What’s/where is the game log button?


The whole AutomationGame folder can be deleted. The launcher has the button.


Thanks, that worked. Sorry about the late reply.


Sorry about the double post, but it’s been almost a week.

These two variants of the same body from the newest update are listed as having different wheelbases when you hover over them but they actually do have the same wheelbase. The one I have selected has a wheelbase of 2.41m like the rest but the other is at 2.38m.


For avoiding duplicate fixtures and bodies, do I need to uinstall the mods that became vanilla?



If the mod and vanilla ones are in the same “family” your cars using them will not change when removing the mods. If they’re in separate families, then you will lose things by removing the mods.