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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


This body seems a little too heavy for its size (10sSedanSmall).
Granted, my car is on a galvanized steel monocoque with treated steel panels, but even then, it shouldn’t be weighing 4309 lbs. Even with partial alu panels, it’s still above 2 tons. I’d expect this body to weigh somewhere around 3500 lbs at most.


Boxer 4


Adding to this, the same thing happens to the Boxer-6; except that they’re always triple-barrel DCOEs no matter what you select. Stats do change though.


And a double post because I found one more issue with carbs.

Count the pipes :stuck_out_tongue:


6 ÷ 5 = what the hell did you do that for?


Just found out the hard way there is no confirmation when saving a photo preset with the same name. I just accidentally overwrote one of my presets with the garbage random crap that comes up when you switch from one car to another…

Can we get an overwrite confirm on that in the future por favor?