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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


Minor bug I’ve found: It’s impossible to set the year before 1946.


Do any of the bodies even unlock before 1946?


Two unlock in 1945. The kee version sandbox has bodies that unlock in 1940, so I guess we’ll just have to see when those unlock once they get converted for UE4.


I couldn’t get the framerate counter to work on my old computer but the game does run, 1680x1050
epic settings under the in game menu.

AMD athlon II X2 260 3.2ghz
8 gig ram
AMD radeon HD 6800 1 gig video ram

Takes about 12 seconds to process the track.


Did you try the Steam in-game FPS counter?


Frame Rate Comparison and Car Designer Bug.
Although the game was supposed to run better on UE4, compared to the old Kee/Lua engine. However, its results are not up to the expectation. (FPS Counter on bottom left, with estimated frame rates and image for comparison)

Estimated FPS: 25-40 FPS
Estimated FPS: 7-25 FPS, note that I have benchmarked it on High Settings, but the FPS are between 1-10, and there is a bug that I cannot test the car on Test Track, even I selected or designed the engine (engine model are shown in the menu, unlike the car model) (may related to the car model bug).

There is also the car model bug as well (by steps: select body - then chassis configuration, variant and repeated again - after that, I pressed save button, but the model doesn’t show in the menu below - Model 1 in this case)


I finished a car then returned to main menu. Selected Edit car and went through the tabs. Engine refused to finish calculating because… the transmission had disappeared. Another thing I’ve spotted is that the footprint stat seems to empty itself, while all other stats remain.


Yep, just wouldn’t show up.


The exhaust heat glow kicks in way to early, sometimes it even happens while idling.


Ok, so after the hotfix it runs for me (yay!), so here are my bugs:

  • (not sure if bug) 90 degree V6s have exactly the same stats as 60 degree ones, while for the V8s there’s a slight difference in performance, weight, few other things and a big one in smoothness
  • in the photo mode I’m inside the car and can’t really get out, no matter if I scroll the mouse wheel, click “fix” or “teleport to car”
  • freezing the game (and even the whole computer) while placing fixtures
  • crash after I tried to choose the drivetrain :frowning:

So that’s it for now. BTW, will the engine placement for longitudinal FWD stay as it is right now? Or will it be changed back to what we have in the Kee version? (huge yay if it stays, because it’s not so absurdly limiting as it was - even too liberal, I’d say)


use w, a, s, d, space, c keys to move around.


Can barley see what car I’m picking. Same goes with fixtures.


Unable to select drive type. Unable to save vehicle.


Is the engine actually fitting into the car? All options are removed when that is the case.


Hey Rob! It did when I switched cars and kept the same engine (the 1985 coupe body). :+1: However, that still didn’t solve the saving issue.


Yeah, the lower settings right now don’t change as much as they should.

Am doing a bunch of work with that now, and have it running at 35+ FPS on an Intel 4600 integrated chip.


DX10 not supported???

I want my money back!!!


Ok so I have been testing the new update for a few hours. The new game engine looks really neat and feels way better then the old one. While only running on 1 thread, I don’t seem to have any waiting times at all. Gongratz for achieving this important milestone. I do want to help you find and resolve the occuring bugs and issues that come to mind when playing the UE4 version.

My pc specs:
Intel i7-6700
16Gb DDR4 @ 2133Mhz RAM
MSI B150 GAMING M3 mobo
Automation installed on HDD.

The major and minor issues that came along when testing it:

Car designer:
-Choosing an other engine for a new car trim was tricky and I found out I had to do it with choosing the “edit” function in the engine variant menu. Maybe just add a button to choose an engine?
-When an other engine was chosen, all old specs of the old engine remain until you press the drive-type again.
-Manipulation UI moving when placing fixtures. Most of the times when trying to resize the fixture, the manipulation UI jumps to an other point on the car and from then it isnt possible to manipulate anymore.
-Placing fixtures. When trying to place symmetric fixtures, a lot of times the fixtures both jump to the middle on the front bumper, even when trying to place them on the back. This happens only once per fixture though, and mostly when the fixture was first added to the car.
-No exhaust fixtures
-Badge fixture not working.
-It is possible to accidentally select the front fixtures through the back of the car, most of the times resulting in ruining your front design.
-Visual tire width is not always updating. Especially when editing existing cars or clones.
-Visual ride height is not updated when selecting different suspension configurations, only when sliding the ride height bar.
-Sometimes it is possible to get a non fitting engine inside a fully complete car(when changing the engine afterwards). In this case all calculations will take forever to load until you select the right drive-type or fitting engine. There won’t be any warning in the trim designer, and it took me a while to figure out what wrong.

  • When choosing the L/100kmh for economics and the car uses more then 10.0L/100kmh, it will result in only seeing the last two digits of the economics in the trim overview section.

Engine designer:
-No turbo sounds at any engine.
-Inline 3 (probably even more engines) economic turbo’s glow bright red when reving. Should not be the case with a economic one.
-The turbo pressure slider increments with around 0.10 bar, this is makes it difficult to finetune a setup.
-The V10 with direct throttle per cylinder injection with turbo has a non working air tube to the intake (could be with a different injection setup too but should be found quickly).
-V6 engines sound way different in terms of volume and rawness when dampened and not dampened compared to the other engines (sounds not balanced).

Photo session:
-Car is not loading in, though the world itself does load.

These are the current issues that come to mind. If I find or remember more of them, I will post them as soon as I can. I hope to help you with these reports.


Hello, first of all this port is amazing, i love the graphics and everything works fine for me except these few things i’ve noticed:
-Fixtures snap to the middle of the front bumper sometimes.
-Headlights get extremely elongated and then i have to delete them and replace them.
-The huge problem i have, is the constant LAG, CRASHES, SPIKES and FREEZES. I completely understand this is very new and you’re working on it, just wanted to point it out.

Great job guys, keep it up!

P.S: im pretty sure it doesnt lag because of my specs because i can run gta 5 in high graphics so…


I have the same issue… :frowning: can’t play it yet