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[UE4] Garcia Peoples Car [Lore][Open To Entries]


(Disclaimer: The location and people used in this challenge are purely fictional, they are not intended to be offensive in any way at all)

1957 - Garcia - A small South American country

Our story starts at a large palace on the outskirts of Deminos, the capitol of Garcia. Inside busy with government officials rushing to do either something or nothing at all. In one of the many conference rooms a top secret meeting being held by the President himself and all the major automobile manufactures is held.

President Huan: Gentlemen, a moment please… Here in Garcia we have a very poor population, many still using horse and cart as transportation. The solution - a cheap to buy, run and repair automobile with plenty of room for the family and enough power to cruise on the highways. I have one other request - I will need you to create some sort of Propaganda to help sell the vehicle.

The Basic Rules

  • Cars must cost under $6500 (@ 0% Markup)
  • Cars must seat at least 5
  • Cars must have a minimum top speed of 50 Mph
  • There will be no hard limit on PU/ET however, keep it sensible - the car needs to be easy to produce
  • Cars must run on standard leaded fuel
  • Safety is not a worry and is not a requirement
    Please Give Feedback On Rule Additions or Changes

Judging Criteria

  • Drivability - most citizens have no driving experience, so the car needs to be easy to drive and pretty fool proof
  • Price - the cheaper the car, the more accessible it is
  • Service Costs - the car will be ran on a low budget so the cheaper to run it is the better
  • Fuel Economy - again the car will be ran on a tight budget so the less fuel it needs the better
  • Reliability - the citizens will be dependant on the vehicle so it needs to be reliable
  • Practicality - the more the citizens can do with their car the better

Final Note

All cars need to be entered with an advert, the advert will not be a major part of the entry, However it may be used to settle a tie.
Cars must be entered using the following Naming Convention

Model: GPC - username
Trim: Car Name
Family: GPC - username
Variant: Engine Name

Deadline Wednesday 10th October 14:00 BST


So this is a New World Order car?

High top speed.
No need to worry about safety.

A car designed to cull the Earth’s population!


since when was 75mph fast?
Its practically highway speed


Good note, May lower the speed to 50 and safety isn’t to be worried about… At all, The President Huan cares enough to provide his citizens with a car, but not enough for it to protect them if they crash it…


75 mph is VW Beetle territory…nobody ever blamed it for being too fast! :stuck_out_tongue:


Keep it 75 mph! It’s normal! Also, it could be a requeriment to run on low quality fuel, since it’s what is usually avaliable in this kinds of countries.


It was certainly fast by 1957 People’s Car standards outside of America. Most countries were more than happy with 40hp.


The requirement is to run standard leaded, in most parts of the world this was used until the 1970’s.

The limit is set at 50 now, means you can get away with a smaller and cheaper engine now.


What would be a average fuel consumption from the cars on this situation?


From my 3 test cars I got an average of about 23 Mpg (UK), but this may be higher if you use a smaller engine in a car with much less drag.

Also Entries are now open - Though I’m sat playing Forza Horizon 4 so I may get a little distracted.


The all new Meijer Assen Oost is here for the people.

The Assen Oost was designed for the farmers of the east part of the Netherlands. It gets anywhere, even with the narrowest of paths. It’s durable, to withstand the heavy and intense use. But most importantly it’s cheap, it can be yours for only $4564(0% mark up in-game) so even the poorest of people can buy it.


'57 Proletariat “Garcia” Prototype


Seats five, reaches 100Km/h and uses less than 10L per every 100Km travelled.

All materials selected in the cars production are readily available locally should the U.N. ever feel the need to impose sanctions against Garcia,


Drives safely on tarmac and also drives well off-road should Garcia, inadvertantly, run out of money to pave the nation’s roads and is easy to live with day to day.

And all for the affordable sum of $4,935 AMU’s per car produced!

Proletariat Motors: Something for Everyone


-A car pulls up the mansion-

-A man with a big winter head gets put the vehicle-

“AHHHHHH Coooomrade! I heard you had problem that you need cheap car for many people! So here i got you russian best car, the Popas Rushba. Comes with 1.7L 74hp engine. If it can survive hard russian winter it should be fine here. Also we fitted car with best russian carpet! No not the seats cyka,those got some cloth, put the floor has carpet! Comes even in diffrent styles! Also every Rushba is fitted with radio so everybody can hear voice of glourious leader! And because you are a real good comrade, i will throw in the manifesto into each glovebox of these! So? We got deal?”


Hello from Bozchia, your ally under the same iron curtain, you may recognize us, Velkolepy, from the ultra luxury vehicles we made as coach-building company but all that bourgeoise decadence is gone. We purpose to you your very own Velkolepy design! The 430 Garcia-special, the classic Velkolepy 430 but with modifications for the Garcia market!

  • We heard that you had dirt roads and didn’t want the cars to go too fast? That’s okay, this thing does 70.41 kph on the dot and can do more if that dirt road is down a hill.
  • Fuel economy? 7.8l/100kms, If your nation gets blockaded by American pigs, you won’t have to worry about running out of oil.
  • Safety? Since we tuned the top speed down to 50 mph, we felt that seatbelts would cost too much to add and there is no point of it, that’s money saved!
  • Easiest car to drive on the market, most of our engineers turned out to be class traitors, however, we kept most people the suspension tuning department, and you’ll see the amazing suspension this has once it arrives and drives!
  • We added a column-shifter so we could add double bench seats, take the entire family in this 430!
  • It won’t break down! But, if it does, it will be simple to fix, perfect car!

What are you waiting for buy production rights already! My life depends on it


A tall sedan is delivered to the mansion on the back of a similar-looking truck.

The vehicle is presented as the first generation of Fuji Clarity - a strong, durable, utilitarian product almost closer to a truck than a car. One of Fuji’s first models, it was designed to be usable in the reconstruction of Japan - and, it turns out, driving over rubble makes a perfect anecdote to driving over rocks and unpaved terrain. With a four-wheel drive option, 1.0 liter pushrod engine producing 41.2 hp. While the vehicle does weigh 2050 lbs, it’s carrying capacity is only limited by its engine - although a stronger 1.5 liter unit is being produced in Japan.

Front and Rear Solid Axle, Coil / Leaf
1.0l 4 cylinder - 41.2 hp @ 4600 RPM
17.1 MPG US
Safety features are standard
Easy to handle because of its good weight distribution and RWD design
Available front bench seat, wagon trim, 1.5 liter engine
92 Octane Leaded Gasoline
Simple, reliable design
4WD Practicality 55.4, Reliability 63.8, Drivability 35.7, Economy 15.3 MPG, Service $382, $7349
4WD 1.5 Liter HP: 71.4, Torque: 89 Lb-Ft
2WD Sedan Practicality 53.7, Reliability 64.2, Drivability 36.8, Economy 17.1 MPG, Serv. $336, $6022
2WD 1.0 Liter HP: 41.2, Torque: 53 Lb-Ft

Sedan DL


i thonk the grille design is rather quite ahead for it’s time


Is off-road capability a concern for the people of Garcia? I’m asking this question because I’m expecting many of the roads there to be paved with dirt and gravel instead of tarmac and concrete.


It’s not the biggest of concerns, but could be looked at during judging


A decision has been made that the winner of this round will get to host round 2, they will get to decide what will happen to Garcia 5 years after this round, so this will be 1962 - I will add this to the op eventually


A office boy enters the president’s office and hands him a neatly closed letter from japan. It was from Mr. Shimichanga Dinka himself! Mr. Huan opens it to find a prototype ad, signed by hand. This could be the start of a great partnership. He puts the ad on his suitcase before going back to his business.

Funny random fact. While everybody sees this body as a mini cooper, I’ve aways sought it as this car. I had to make it sometime.