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UE4 lap time splits


I only noticed it this morning, but the track segments show 3 timing values, with the third being a negative. I may well be dense, but, can someone shed some light on this for me?


There have always been 3 splits, even in KEE. All three splits are supposed to add up to the correct time, but when I tested this just now I noticed that they don’t.


0.02 seconds difference. So, do I assume that it’s just:
Total - (seg1 + seg2) = seg3 (+/-)x%

EDIT: (Seg1 + Seg2) - Total = Seg3 (+/-)x%


I feel the difference is likely due to the game calculating to the thousandth but only showing hundreths so there is a bit of rounding on the displayed times.


Yeah, but why is it NEGATIVE?


The split times could have been rounded down


that would explain the difference in the decimal, but the third segment has an errant negative sign.


yes, the sign error will be fixed, it is the third sector time *(-1)