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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


Yeah it’s mostly because the car shape around the seats is generic. Doesn’t consider lenght of a car, just front, back and third seating row and for that reason I think even a sports car with a long hood should start seating at the front row, not the middle like a family van.


it could be argued that since the options for the 1st row and 3rd row are greyed out and unselectable they do not exist and therefore the middle row, being the only row, is the 1st row.

it would probably be better to hide the non options altogether instead of greying the buttons out which would result in it looking like this


Not sure if this has been reported yet:
10sSport_Cor_Wagon gets convertible maluses to Comfort and Safety, and a bonus to Prestige, while being a very obviously nonconvertible wagon body.


fixed, pending release


This morph isn’t the same across both variants of the body. The 5 door version allows it to move downward, but not forward and back, while the 3 door version only allows it to move forward and back, not downward. Allowing both options on both variants would be good.

Edit: There also seems to be a weight issue. Using partial alu/AHS steel, 5 seats with standard interior/basic infotainment and advanced 00s safety gets me to over 1300 kg. I’d expect at least a two or three hundred kg less from that combination, considering this body is the size of a subcompact/B segment car.


The rear bumper has spikes when you morph it on 90sMidCoupe

Also that indicator you see tends to have its edges sink into bodies. It is fairly mild on this specimen… but it can look significantly worse.

A broken body

This variant can’t have anything centered in the rear


This is still an issue in this build of the game

RR Fender morph on 10s_Sedan_large isn’t smmetrical with rear left.


the 1955 Coupe Large body has had the wheelbase lengthened from 2.61m to 2.63m, so now when i load up any previous builds, i have this


the image seems to have a borked centreline.

placiing centred fixtures at the rear is impossible
the front centreline acts like a seam between panels

centred fixtures are possible if you place them on the panel van version

issue can be negated by moving the fixture ever so slightly off the center


2003 coupe has this issue


Dang. Your coupe got Forrest Whitaker eye. that’s bad.


Anything you try to put on the lower part of the rear makes this


Uhh… it’s a mod :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh right didn’t pay attention :o


Fixed 10sSedanLarge family (asymmetry) for next release



Can you send me your .car file? I can’t replicate this:


Assuming I’m not losing my mind… a headlight seems to have gone missing in the last patch.
There used to be a third variant that was just the main unit without the indicator.


Hi, here is the issue of this vanila boxy body. (80sBoxyCompact)

The original wheel arches can be enlarged as wish but it it still can’t use bigger tire size for the front, even I’ve stretched to the maximum. While the rear is able to use the maximum tire width of 225 without any stretching the wheel arches.

Also another things to be noticed (in same body type)
I’ve tried putting fixtures on the center location of the hood, but it will not allow. As it showed in red fixture.

And perhaps this is the main cause of front tire size limit. (it should be able to wear more than 185) As the spindle location is too outward when compared to the rear.
(I’m using as 185 mm tire only and this is the result)

S15 body is broken

I just checked on one of my cars and the taillights on all of the trims of my car look like this. Moving them around doesn’t fix the issue