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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


Okay, here’s the 1990 Levara in stable, and the engine does indeed fit. It’s a 2.3 liter inline 4.


As you can see, the engine fits snug as a bug in a rug, and doesn’t look absurdly shoehorned in either. If the car this is loosely based on (Mitsubishi Galant) can fit a 2 liter four-banger no biggie, an extra 300cc shouldn’t be a hassle.

I remember at one point you guys made engines appear a bit larger in engine bays–I don’t know if that was a long time ago, but it might be causing this in some way? Just a shot in the dark, probably wrong as I don’t think the engine’s visual size has anything to do with the engine bay filling calculations.


I think part of whats going on is it isn’t obvious that the engine bay arrows only indicate if the engine fits for FWD (or the most restrictive type) by default, even if you selected longitudinal front engine. It looks like the engine bays are way more restrictive than they actually are.

Some former mod bodies do change going vanilla though, usually for the better, but these had the firewall moved forward more than most bodies and lowered to where macphersons stick through the bonnet (they could just be disabled i guess).


70sUSCoupe_Small can only fit an 800cc I4 in mid transverse configuration (I’m expecting it to be able to carry a 2L I4 or similar), and no V-type engine will ever fit into its engine bay:

Meanwhile, the 90sMidCoupeLarge can’t be fitted with anything bigger than a 4.0L V8 longitudinally:

Also, 90sMR_Cor_Coupe can fit big V8s, up to around 5.7L capacity, but no V10s or V12s bigger than 4000cc:


I have writen this a view days ago that some engine bays in most coupes are too small.

A 3000ccm Line 6 is to big for the 1960 Limo.

I think a little finetuning in this area is absolutely nessesary after the LC3 release.


Do you have FWD unchecked when testing this, though?

If you don’t, try again and see where you get.

If you did, then be a bit more specific with the model’s actual name and maybe it’ll get another look

Hope that Helps


Make sure you can’t fit more in transverse, some body layouts are just not that great for longitudinally mounted engines. Always check both directions, especially for mid engined cars.


I re-checked the engine bay size of 70sUSCoupe_Small in mid-engined configuration (both transverse and longitudinal) and it turns out that absolutely nothing fits (except for really tiny inline threes and fours - 800cc to be exact - and even then only when mounted transversely). Front and rear engined is fine, though.

Also, in the open beta, the 10sSuper_Cor_coupe can’t fit any large engines with the mid longitudinal engine placement option selected.

In addition, both sizes of the 90MidCoupe are better suited to transversely mounted engines than longitudinally mounted ones.

Finally, the rear chassis of the 70sUSCoupe (the larger one) will protrude through the rear bumper morph if the latter is pushed too far forward:

I am, however, pleased to report that the larger version of the C7 body (with the longer wheelbase) no longer clips through the chassis if the glued aluminum monocoque is selected.


this body has some pretty small transverse engine bays. It struggles to fit a 3.4L NA 60 degree V6 without having the engine be stupidly undersquare

as you can see, the engine barely fits in. For a car this size, it should easily be able to fit in at least a larger engine


Here is a bug with the coupe body, it seem it don´t want a front engine


this body has the frame stick out of with when ladder frame is chosen


When i change the body from Van to Bus, it looks like this…


There is a little problem with the new 70s Coupe. Can´t change the color of the hood.


The '84 People Mover body or the Hiace body crashes when i’m finished building it in the game.


The 2010s Sports Conv. body is glitched and shows an incorrect wheelbase.


There’s a couple of body families that have duplicates:

4 door pickup and panel van on this one

All variants of these two


10s_Full_Cor_Sedan_BodyEditor_Thumb does not fit a 2.6 liter V6 transverse mounted.


60sCoupe_MV still has spiking issues


These bodies are doubled up in the selector.


What happened?


This body has a spike which only appears in the 4 door sedan

it doesnt appear in either the wagon or the coupe

Also the same 4 door variant has a bit of frame sticking out the rear


The same body can barely fit a 900cc i4 when trying to mount it LFWD