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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


This happens on basically every other body too, mostly around the bottom of doors and on bumpers. Reducing flake makes it less visible to a point.


Every variant of the 80’sBoxyCompact apart from the one below can only get max 185 fronts and 205 rears. There’s no point in having extended arches if I can’t fit big wheels in them.

^^ 205F/225R max on the Sedan variant.


There is something way more broken with that body



I feel like the standard weight of the Ace/Cobra body, even with fibreglass body panels, hovering around a metric ton in 1955 is way, way too heavy for that kind of car. Especially considering it’s not considerably bigger or wider than the also-1955 Mini body which can go under 650 kilograms comfortably.

Even for the other 1946-1955 roadster bodies it is just unreasonably heavy and wouldn’t be able to compete with those in the campaign, which is sad because it’s a beautiful body. Maybe the current base weight values should be transferred to a second, longer version of the Ace/Cobra body, and this current one made considerably lighter for creating similar-looking superlite cars of the day?

I also do not detect why the excessive width is being pointed to as the cause for its weight, especially with big, rounded, hollow fenders being at the cause for it. In comparison to real-life counterparts, it weighs as much without engine as an AC Ace did, with. I would love to use it, but it’s impossible to get around how fat and weighed down it is.

Comparisons with the other small roadster of 1955, and the big roadster of 1946, both of which weigh 77kg and 61kg less respectively in an extreme example (quality spam, tiniest engine possible, etc.)

Without quality spam, the results can spread out into the hundreds of kilograms, where the comparatively gigantic 1946 roadster still pulls ahead of the Ace/Cobra body by leagues.


These are some of the bodies I have found to have issues with the morphs resetting when reopened or cloned in the open beta.


That list is longer. Any car I clone resets morphs.


Uhh, no it doesn’t, I just tried that. How do you get the game to do that? It doesn’t seem as straight forward as you put it.


Well regarding the bodies I’ve listed the issue is most clearly seen with changing the default morphs especially on doors/roof and wheel arches that reset once the trim is cloned but in some cases once the trim is reopened.


Yeah, it does. “How?” you ask?
Open a car.
Go back to sandbox selection.
Clone a different car (not the one opened before)
Edit cloned car.

That’s what I did to replicate. Can’t find my computer camera, and my phone is full, or I’d send video


Yeah, doesn’t happen here. I tried what you wrote plus a few more clones and edits, and they all stuck with the morphs I originally set. Does it have something to do with fixtures maybe? I only tired on fixtureless cars.


I’ve done some more testing and I wonder if this has anything related to mod fixtures? Because I’ve also just had the issue of none of mods loading up with the game but testing the bodies listed here with and without fixtures, new and cloned seems to have no issues.


It seem it the same problem i have with the fixtures. They are gone on the original without saving. and saving means to go out of the campain and open the campain again, but that does´t mean that it works then…


I’ve had the same problem, the positioning of door and wheel arch morphs will seemingly change at random when exiting then playing the game again.

You might not of noticed because you weren’t using fixtures, they’re the reason I usually realize.

Doesn’t matter how many times I change this to how it should be, Automation will decide it liked it better this way.


Automation…where a smaller car can fit LFWD but a bigger car cant

Note. please dont make the mini engine bay any smaller, just make the 60s 2.7m sedan have an engine bay that can fit a decently sized engine in the LFWD layout


Is there an easy way of replicating that? For instance “make new car, morph door position, place door handle for reference, save and exit, then load the car and observe the morph has changed”?


That would be the way I would try, but actual replication is a different story, there doesn’t seem to be a set pattern to it changing.


I found a bit of a mess in the rear fender flares in the 70s Coupe body:

Things are fine on the left side, but the right side has a couple of errant bits of bodywork:


09 2.6m wheelbase sedan


The 10sSedanSmall_H5 can have elven ears!


Like reality…