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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


Fixed split bumpers for next hotfix :smile:


BodyEditor_80sLargePickup_Thumb has red box, does not change with paint.


Fixed for the next hotfix :slightly_smiling_face:


This body:

Caused me to have this (problem circled in red!):

Its too heavy!


I am now quite mad because of this. I uninstalled the game again and it still has this problem. No quality points used on any tab except +5 on the top end part of the engine and +1 on the fuel system.

Oh and another thing:

Why does it say Text Block when I hover to the icon on the very right. This applies both in the engine screen and the car screen?



Are you getting this on the open beta build? As far as I am aware this does not occur on the current stable release.


Clear your game cache (via the launcher), that gets rid of the text block issue.
The weight issue with that body was fixed in the dev build a few days ago, so it won’t be a problem in the next patch.


can you DM me a .car file? I can’t seem to reproduce this on my end.


One of the car bodies have a low scrapping exhaust pipes bug (For front and mid engine). Tried it in BeamNG.Drive game and this type of low exhaust pipe bug damaged my car.


This body has the same low exhaust bug as well. Please fix it while you can. TQ.


So I don’t waste any more of your time; I went to create a new vehicle using that body and it appears to be fine now… so the issues in my screenshots must have just happened because I loaded the truck I built on that body on a previous version.

Do you still need the .car file for it, since that’s the case?


ah, yes it is possible that the morphs have been updated with the recent update, which could mess with a saved car you have with that body. You could try touching the morphs again to see if it ‘snaps’ back in to place, or you’re just going to have to re-do the car if you want it to be symmetrical, sorry :sweat_smile:


You could also try to re-select the same trim body, that could work.


I did try that actually, and the other pick-up truck variants of that body as well, but it had no effect on fixing the weirdness. Neither did jiggling the morphs. That’s what made me think that it was a body issue… it usually gets fixed the way you two suggested.

Sorry for the confusion; I should have tried a new vehicle from the start to test that more conclusively.

I’ll just make the vehicle anew… at least I can still look at the old one in case I forget what I did.


Not sure if it belongs on here, nor if it has been mentioned before, but the 2009 small sedan has an impossibly tiny passenger volume, significantly hurting comfort scores.


These are both for the 10sSupercar01Small.

Firstly there is an issue with the front and rear wheel alignments.


Secondly, there is “tearing” when you lower the wing transformation.


Thanks guys and keep up the great work!


90sCoupe01Large_ConvS has this issue with the rear morphs (when they’re maxed out)
(Also has weird centreline reflections and a lowpoly mesh in general, but that’s excusable)


the odd morph issue has been fixed for a future patch


You can morph the big SUV to do this, which you cant do on the other variants


The front fender on this car doesn’t fully attach to the car body, as seen in the picture.


This body keeps resetting itself and I’m not sure why.