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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


Not sure if this has already been reported yet, but this body and all its variants could use a check on its exhaust pipe.


Absolutely, it basically scrapes on the ground even though it was perfectly fine just a while back


Not sure if this counts as a body issue or not, but the “pillar” paint slot is labelled as “body secondary”


When stretching the rear cabin/roof morph backward, the roof gets strangely distorted the further back the morph goes. This issue is not present on the similar variant with the headlight cutouts.

Edit: This body also has a second row of seats available, not sure where those would go :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, it has an abnormally high drag coefficient - a body this sleek does not deserve the aerodynamics of a barn door.


I know previously this kind of body would’ve been called “sedans” and all, but the type of body affects the market, and having this classified as sedan reduces the score it gets from certain markets, even though it has the same amount of doors as other bodies.


Having a similar issue with the 1985 sport coupe above, when front longitudinal monocoque + McPhersons are used.

Body is 10sSport_Cor_coupe


The body type tag doesn’t actually affect markets, it’s entirely based on the stats you get in the end. The only exception to that is those flagged as a hard or soft top convertible, which will affect stats and some market values.


I am fairly certain the 2010s Edge sedan has its “Body Secondary” and “Trim” paint slots reversed:

The window trim is black but the body is red, contrary to what most would probably expect given the names of these slots.


This body variant has a body morph issue where morphing the rear bumper also affects the front bumper

No other variants of that body appear to have this issue.


Front wheels are not centered in the arch.