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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


The Hyundai Elantra body in all of its versions (BodyEditor_10sSwoopySedan) can’t fit tires of the same size of the model it’s based on.

The 2011 Hyundai Elantra GLS has 195mm wide tires.


Source : https://www.automobile-catalog.com/tire/2011/1605065/hyundai_elantra_gls_automatic.html


195s are only the base tire width too, since 205s and 215s were also offered (example, my dad’s '13 Elantra Limited has 215s). That issue is specific the the rear axle


1987 2.9m Sedan has a problem.

There is a reflection problem on the BodyEditor_90sSedan03Huge_Sedan_Preview.
It appears to be related to the bumper morphing.


2005 2.6m Hatchback

Trim color of the stripe is not individually selectable to color. It is changable through all trim paint option however.


There is a problem on the body ‘BodyEditor_80s190_M_18_Preview’ where it resets the morphs everytime the car is re-opened.


That front wheel is significantly uncentered as well


On the passenger version of the 90s American minivan body, the top part of the rear hatch seam is transparent/missing.


The LaFerrari body (10sSupercar02) needs to have a lower possible ride height.

Here’s the body ingame with wheels & tyres as close to the real thing as I could get them (P265/35R19) and they just look plain incorrect, especially at the rear.

Also notice the really high offset numbers I had to use to make the wheels look even slightly sensible, as they’re way too set in by default. I’m also using pushrods all around and I’ve already tried wishbones to see if the minimum is any lower (it isn’t.)


Also also, here is what 100 and 125 offset looks like on 10sCoupeLarge. Abnormal to say the least, not mentioning its own ride height issues.
To make the rear wheel fitment look good on 10sCoupeLarge, you’d be sacrificing the front wheels to the arch-rubbing gods, and making the fronts look good would expose way too much empty air on the rears. It’s a lose-lose situation.

The front wheel’s also not centered.


The 1946 Porsche Coupe doesn’t have a cargo volume when in mid-engine configuration.


we are aware of the laferrarish’s ride height, however it is currently as low as the game allows without the chassis poking through the top of the body.
There is a desire to amend the chassis setups to accommodate thinner / lower cars


I think the Ferrari’s arches are actually too big, maybe make them smaller to kinda mask it? Not sure if I’m eyeballing it wrong or something


Both variants of this body have completely broken morphs again. Pickup looks like this while the SUV has the morphs seemingly misassigned (grabbing the windshield moves the hood, grabbing the hood moves the rear arches, etc) and they just snap back into place once touched.


I’ve compiled a small list of bugged older bodies that no longer have morphs, or have broken morphs as of the most recent open beta.

The '71 PyrlixFiesta has no morphs except for a bad morph inside the rear window of the Sedan, otherwise all morphs are gone.

The '74 2.3m BL10_18 wagon and all it’s underlying trims have no morphs.

The '05 2.8m wheelbase Coupe, Coupe_Cor_coupe throws NaNs when being used, but the convertible and wagon are fine.

I’m still working out more, and I’ll report back with more as I find them.


This is a massive issue with 90% of the cars in the game it seems.


I want to try out all the open beta has to offer, but I’m scared of losing half my builds lol


I’ve got a weird one. The 80s GPV models with the soft tops. The truck doesn’t have any morphs unless you morph the SUV trims beforehand, then they’re working fine.


There are spikes that protrude out of the front bumper when morphing the nose length of the BodyEditor_90sSedan03Huge_Sedan_Preview

This issue also extends to the wagon variant as well


I would like to also point out that, if you look at the wheels, there’re spikes protruding the wheel arch.



serious issues with the Fiesta Body, ive found anyway… idk if this is just a thing on my computer or not but i thought this should be brought up


Deafult camera is… weird